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Josie's journal [Golemus Golemicarum]


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Golemus Golemicarum

It was day 15 Year 14 when I turned 60 days, I fulfilled an achievement and got a wishpoint.. it seemed a bit hollow to me. I had a plan for what I wanted to do, to travel and to research. The mysteries of the realm lie before me and so far I had done nothing.

So, I checked my backpack and took the boots at the Necrovion Gates, quickly speeding the road to the Golemus Gate. Stepping through, I was excited about what adventures await me there, but more importantly, what secrets lay hidden within each place I would visit.

As it was already late for me, I made my camp at the Bridge of Ages when I landed in GG.

I awoke feeling eager to get exploring. Ungod, who had seen my announcement in the realm status list, came to ask if I would like him to accompany me on my walk. I of course said yes, he is very nice company and a very engaging to talk to.

We began at the mill, where Menhir was awaiting to gather some water. I had seen Menhir once or twice but had never spoken to him. After talking to Menhir for only quite a short time, I found him to be somewhat of a kindred spirit in terms of how we view the realm. I am very much looking forward to talking to him again.

Ungod and I discussed the mill and the interesting points in what we saw before us, and the next days became a blur of discussion and ideas as Ungod accompanied me through each place.

There are some things which I found immensely intriguing and am looking forward to publishing research notes on our realm forum to prompt discussion and ideas.

Then.. the day that changed all, I stepped into the Drachorn lair and was speechless. Before me I saw a mighty drachorn, bound and controlled in place by tiny men. I immediately knew that this place was calling to me, my empathy for the poor beast was apparent.

I took to sleeping there every night, and have been ever since. I call him Bernard for this is a name which is special to my guide in the other realm, and also because I cannot pronounce his true name as he would say it in his mother tongue.

Over subsequent day, Ungod and I travelled through the rest of Golemus Golemicarum, to all places accessible to us. We spoke at length about the meanings and connotations of the various aspects visible in each scene.

I found Ungod to be terribly good company and a good friend, and I hope that he will remain so for the rest of my time in this realm.

There were days when my time awake here was limited, and others where I would simply walk around and think on the wonders of the island. I was disappointed that the tiny men and empty aramors that wander around almost as we do were not present. The island seemed eerily silent without them.

Gradually I became more settled, more at home, and the sensation I had had in MDA paled in comparison. The island I had thought to simply explore had become my home.

I was present at the Gate of Ages when Chewett came to attach the crown to the new King of Golemus Golemicarum, Miq. At that same moment, Sunfire became of mind power seven also. A momentous day indeed.

Fang Archbane had begun holding training spots in and around the island, which meant that more people came to the island. I idled quite a few days away, not attending my research but becoming more aware of the simple fact that something on this island was calling to me.

Then it happened, the day I knew that though I would go to explore all the other lands, that this was my home. I spoke to Miq about how I could petition for citizenship, and he told me he would make me a citizen there and then.

On day 33 year 14 I became a citizen of Golemus Golemicarum. I swore an oath before Miq, which was witnessed by Fang, that I would earn this honour.. and I will.

I am planning now to explore other lands, though the difference in that case is that I will be leaving behind my home to do so and will miss it. The next exploration will be in a few weeks as I have much to do with the potential research I have garnered from this island.

The first subject of which I am planning to publish soon after this journal on the realm’s forum.

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