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Golemus Totius [New Creature]


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To make the first level.

At a special creation spot atop Mount Kelle'tha, combine the following:

50 Clay

50 Water

1000 Heat


1 liquid fire*


* Recommended new resource. Meant to be VERY rare.


Special aura, symbolising the epiphany or inspiration that comes from self knowledge:

First level:

[Inspiration] the glob oozes heat and energy, which boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 10%

Second level:

[Inspiration] the emerging figure emanates further energy, which boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 25%

Third level:

[Inspiration] now complete, Golemus boosts the power and initiative of the holder by 50%


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from this alone the skill description is not something that can easily be commented on.  does the aura affect only itself, or the team? what does this creature itself do, and des it do anything that actually can make use of its power? all of these will need questions to judge the balance of such an aura

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It is connected to some of the conclusions I came to from my research thread, please feel free to read through that, especially my last post there. It might make it easier to understand.

The aura is to boost the power and initiative of the holder. By the holder, I mean the character who possesses the creature.

I wrote this entirely with the creature itself in mind, and what it means symbolically to me.

Having been told that creatures are not implemented anymore as it messes up the fight system, I had no delusions of seeing it being made. I am of the belief that ideas should be shared so that they might inspire others.

I am not that interested in fight mechanics, so if this doesn't fit in with the system or mechanics, then please by all means do not take the time to judge it.

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