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A Necronomicon in Necrovion

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For a week or so, I will read a Necronomicon spellbook I downloaded from the appstore (it was by accident, I was looking for books; I am a sucker for artwork and this one had cool screenshots) inside Necrovion. A jumplink will be created to a nice quiet place. I'll start it this evening.

This is not a quest, so there are no rewards or anything, it is just me reading from it (I've never read such a thing, it should be interesting) and, in case there are people around that are interested, sharing opinions and discussing.


For those who want to download the app, it is called a Necronomicon spellbook, has an intro, 7 'steps', the 50 names of Marduk (whoever that is) and an afterword. Its icon is a red pentagram (well, there are a bunch of pentagrams there, of different sizes).


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Erm, it's done. I thought it'd be a long read, but since I didn't actually bother to check the number of words...Anyway, it has been interesting and I think there's no reason to not post the transcript of the 'reading evening'.


[16/04/19 19:22] Muratus del Mur:fixed
[16/04/19 19:23] Muratus del Mur:you need to set a25ready on and isflash off for new scenes
[16/04/19 19:23] Muratus del Mur:all others that i missed too
[16/04/19 19:23] Azull:Nice
[16/04/19 19:23] Azull:ok
[16/04/19 19:23] Muratus del Mur:progressive clicky art is editable now
[16/04/19 19:23] Azull:Also nice
[16/04/19 19:24] Azull:There is another issue with questkey give/reset. Still collecting data on that one though
[16/04/19 19:24] Muratus del Mur:step = the image number, its calculated based on how much pregress is completed from the total number of images
[16/04/19 19:24] Muratus del Mur:and preogress is percentage
[16/04/19 19:25] Muratus del Mur:also progress can be set from item edit
[16/04/19 19:25] Muratus del Mur:before it was not working right
[16/04/19 19:25] Azull:Nice
[16/04/19 19:27] Azull:The scene and clickies do seem to move abit with the conversion.
[16/04/19 19:28] Azull:The door clickie below here as to be realigned :)
[16/04/19 19:28] Azull:brb
[16/04/19 19:42] :[Spell] ad locum istum *syrian*, ungod
[16/04/19 20:58] Ungod:hey, thanks!
[16/04/19 20:59] Ungod:i think i\'ll wait for a bit before starting
[16/04/19 21:37] :[Spell] necronomicon
[16/04/19 21:37] Ungod:oops, i messed up
[16/04/19 21:37] :[Spell] necronomicon Overlook
[16/04/19 21:38] Ungod:eh, it\'ll fade away, eventually
[16/04/19 21:38] :Ungod chuckles at his mistake
[16/04/19 21:39] :Ungod sips some tea and takes out the dusty book he found here.
[16/04/19 21:40] *Lintara*:Party craaash!
[16/04/19 21:40] Ailith:ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh *gasps*
[16/04/19 21:41] Ungod:i was about to write it\'s nice and quiet here
[16/04/19 21:41] Fang Archbane:What... the hell. Is this inside the top of the capitol?..
[16/04/19 21:41] Vicious Chaossword:This place is spooky as all heck for sure!
[16/04/19 21:41] Ungod:i didnt know you havent been here, fang
[16/04/19 21:41] *Syrian*:its the top of deathmarrow, yes
[16/04/19 21:41] *Syrian*:i suggested that ungod hold his reading here
[16/04/19 21:41] Ailith:It\'s the perfect place
[16/04/19 21:41] Fang Archbane:I didnt feel the need to thus far. Where the hell are we in Necro?... the top of the Capitol?..
[16/04/19 21:41] *Syrian*:yes, fang
[16/04/19 21:42] Ailith:And we will be quiet and listen *nods*
[16/04/19 21:42] Fang Archbane: *gasps and leans out Ailiths sleeve as he points with a miniwing* I CAN SEE MY HOUSE FROM HERE
[16/04/19 21:42] *Lintara*: *whispers* Normally you would need a group to get here
[16/04/19 21:42] Ungod:you don\'t have to be quiet. in fact, you should be loud
[16/04/19 21:42] :Aeoshattr silently emerges from Syrian\'s shadow
[16/04/19 21:42] *Syrian*:there is one more scene below this one, but be careful, one scene below that one mwill return you to the bottom, with only the jumplink to return
[16/04/19 21:42] Ailith: *giggles quietly* It is beautiful even from afar is it not?
[16/04/19 21:43] :Fang Archbane wonders if he can keep losing heat or if thats a nono... and curses the fact they cant supress these darn red blots so he can train without being a bother
[16/04/19 21:43] Vicious Chaossword:Do you need a group to get here with all those shoes hanging around...?
[16/04/19 21:43] Ailith:Aeoshattr!
[16/04/19 21:43] Ungod:yes
[16/04/19 21:43] Aeoshattr:Ailith, it is always a pleasure to see you. Greetings, all.
[16/04/19 21:43] Ungod:you need at least 3 peeps
[16/04/19 21:43] Ungod:hi, aeo
[16/04/19 21:43] Vicious Chaossword:I should explore while I can then...
[16/04/19 21:43] :Ailith smiles warmly to Aeshattr
[16/04/19 21:43] *Syrian*:hello again aeo
[16/04/19 21:44] *Lintara*:Evening Aeo!
[16/04/19 21:44] *Syrian*:for those that havnt seen this place yet, it is a recent addition
[16/04/19 21:44] Aeoshattr:Hello, Sy, Lin.
[16/04/19 21:44] *Syrian*:as well as the scene below
[16/04/19 21:45] :Ungod failed to cast a spell
[16/04/19 21:46] Ungod:then, i shall begin. feel free to intrerupt, as it is my first encounter
[16/04/19 21:46] Aeoshattr:Hm.
[16/04/19 21:46] Ungod:i\'ll start with the introduction, even though i\'m unsure of its value...
[16/04/19 21:46] :Ungod clears throat
[16/04/19 21:47] Ungod:The Church where it all began no longer exists. Like so much else in this bizarre case which has been making history in the last four years it has receded
[16/04/19 21:47] Ungod:silently into the mist of memory. Simon had been a monk, a priest, later an abbot and finally a consecrated bishop of this Eastern Church, becoming ordained even before graduating high school
[16/04/19 21:48] :*Syrian* enchanted a Memory stone into a Acousticremains stone
[16/04/19 21:48] :Fang Archbane realizes this place is a sanctuary... and quietly listens from inside Ailiths sleeve
[16/04/19 21:48] :*Syrian* passed Acousticremains stone to Ungod
[16/04/19 21:48] Ungod:umm, thanks, but i\'ve never used one of those, i\'m sure to waste a cast haha
[16/04/19 21:49] Ungod:Ok, so this mysterious SImon - probably the author - was a bishop before graduating high school. Doesn\'t sound like a very serious church.
[16/04/19 21:49] *Syrian*:it\'s just for the peace of mind, for you to be able to read freely and recount it later
[16/04/19 21:50] Ungod:Coming from a slavic background (his grandparents fled the austro-hungarian empire) , he acquired a broad knowledge of several foreign languages, including French, Spanish, Italiaan, Slavonic, Greek,
[16/04/19 21:51] Ungod:Latin, and even Mandarin Chinese. This ability enables him to communicate with people from many races and nationalities.
[16/04/19 21:51] :Ungod pauses
[16/04/19 21:52] Ungod:well, those languages are european (apart from chinese) , so actually they enabled him to communicate with people from 2 races lol
[16/04/19 21:52] Ungod:not to mention that the austro-hungarian empire is not slavic, and slavonic is not a language
[16/04/19 21:53] :Ungod resumes reading, doubt seeping into his mind
[16/04/19 21:54] Ungod:As a young priest, he found himself called upon to perform exorcisms among poor ehtnic families in the sometimes seedy and dangerous New York City neighbourhoods that were his parish
[16/04/19 21:55] Ungod:He had faced evil many times in his life and battled with the devil himself in his many guises. Yet, he was not prepared for the sudden appearance of the Necronomic on that overcast afternoon of 1972.
[16/04/19 21:55] :Ungod pauses again
[16/04/19 21:56] Ungod:I have to skip a lot, but this SImon guy is basically the one who deciphered the manuscript that dates back to 9th century AD
[16/04/19 21:57] Ungod:and then, it says:
[16/04/19 21:58] Ungod:A reviewer for Fate magazine warned against possible misuse of the Book as it mihgt involve serious hazards to one\'s health and much of its legend does refer to the invocation of dark powers from
[16/04/19 21:59] Ungod:beyond the veil of the stars. However,m these same forces are in actuality nothing more than the long-forgotten psychic abilities of humanity. These forces are the remnants of ancient gods worshipped
[16/04/19 22:00] Ungod:by the earliest recorded WEstern civilization: the Summerians, a race that disappeared myseteriously from the face of the earth over 4000 years ago.
[16/04/19 22:00] Ungod: (erm, skipping some more rubbish)
[16/04/19 22:01] Ungod:The Editor of this Book hopes to present a short guide to the use of the spells of the Book that would enable anyone to simply pick it up and use without fear or risk.
[16/04/19 22:01] Lazarus:Ah, a dream realized...
[16/04/19 22:01] :Lazarus looks around
[16/04/19 22:03] Fang Archbane:Power without knowledge... interesting *mutters from inside Ailiths sleeve*
[16/04/19 22:03] Ungod:Ok, i skipped a lot of text, but it\'s really useless to paste walls of text with no purpose other than convincing you these spells are real.
[16/04/19 22:03] *Syrian*:risk is such a relative term...
[16/04/19 22:03] Ungod:to me, the author is kinda dabbling in history
[16/04/19 22:04] Ungod:but, ok, maybe the introduction sucks, but these 6000 old spells are real, huh?
[16/04/19 22:04] *Lintara*: (Lovecraft does tend to weave in history into his fiction)
[16/04/19 22:04] Ungod: (lovecraft is scary, i read two short stories and got the gist of his writing)
[16/04/19 22:05] Ungod: (i banned him and all horror movies)
[16/04/19 22:05] Aeoshattr:It would perhaps be wise to not make use of the magic within.
[16/04/19 22:05] Vicious Chaossword:Maybe if he\'d just learnt English he wouldn\'t have to learn those other languages and could have taken a class on concise articulation...
[16/04/19 22:06] Ungod:+1 vicious
[16/04/19 22:06] Ungod:and yay, plushies
[16/04/19 22:06] *Lintara*: (did you remember to read the Colour out of Space or At the Mountains of Madness too? ^^)
[16/04/19 22:06] Ungod: (i dont wanna read anything by him)
[16/04/19 22:07] :Ungod flips pages from his book
[16/04/19 22:07] Ungod:Ah...Step One.
[16/04/19 22:07] Ungod:Once you have found the spell you wish to use, make a copy of the seal on fresh clean paper with black ink.
[16/04/19 22:07] Ungod:Keep it in a safe place and NEVER let another person look at it before or after you use it.
[16/04/19 22:08] Ungod:paper, ink, secrecy
[16/04/19 22:09] :Ungod flips to the next page, hoping it would tell more
[16/04/19 22:09] Ungod:Choose a quiet evening and a place where you will not be disturbed for your ritual. The best time is about three in the morning, when distractions are at their lowest intensity.
[16/04/19 22:10] :Fang Archbane slowly hands out paper, ink, and mouth zippers to everyone present before hiding back in Ailiths sleeve
[16/04/19 22:10] Ungod:if i have to stay awake for 3 am...oh, man
[16/04/19 22:10] Ungod:Have your seal ready in front of you. Light two white candles and place them at either side of the seal on a table or desk.
[16/04/19 22:11] Ungod:If you care to , light a stick of incense. Pine or sandalwood is best, or cedar.
[16/04/19 22:11] Ungod:The Moon should be waxing, but in times of emergency is shouldnt matter.
[16/04/19 22:11] Aeoshattr: (afk)
[16/04/19 22:12] Ungod:When all this has been arranged, sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the goal you want to achieve.
[16/04/19 22:12] Ungod:mmm...candles, incense, the waxing moon
[16/04/19 22:13] :Ungod flips the page
[16/04/19 22:14] Ungod:While looking intently at the seal you made, take three deep breaths, slowly. COncentrate at the same time on your goal, seeing it as a picture if possible. A picture of yourself sitting on a pile of
[16/04/19 22:14] Ungod:cash (lol) , or with your arms around a loved one, or within a protective circle. Then slowly raise your eyes and say slowly and clearly:
[16/04/19 22:14] Ungod:ZI KIA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:14] Ungod:ZI ANNA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:14] Ungod:ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:15] Ungod:ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:15] *Syrian*:it just roles off the tongue doesnt it?
[16/04/19 22:15] *Syrian*: (rolls*)
[16/04/19 22:15] Ungod:Hear me, o thou (name of the spirit) , Come to me by the powers of the Word (insert the word) and answer my urgent prayer!
[16/04/19 22:15] :Ailith chuckles quietly
[16/04/19 22:15] Ungod:ZI KIA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:16] Ungod:ZI ANNA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:16] Ungod:Phew, that is Step Three
[16/04/19 22:16] Ungod:all this magic business is difficult
[16/04/19 22:16] Vicious Chaossword: *writes down some notes.* Paper... Ink... Never to be seen by another. Chant like a madman. Talk about spirits and words and moons and... Waxing?
[16/04/19 22:16] Ungod:waxing moon...it\'s about thephases of the moon
[16/04/19 22:16] Lazarus: (Are you summoning the power Rangers?)
[16/04/19 22:16] *Lintara*: *nods* You\'ll need a lot of candles
[16/04/19 22:17] Ungod: (it\'s a necronomico n i\'ve found on googleapps heh)
[16/04/19 22:17] *Lintara*: ( *gasp* I thought this was a meeting to summon Santa!)
[16/04/19 22:17] Lazarus: (Necronomicon you mean?)
[16/04/19 22:18] Ungod:I wonder if people did such things centuries ago
[16/04/19 22:18] Ungod: (yea. i\'ve named my spell like that, so i can\'t write it fully)
[16/04/19 22:18] Vicious Chaossword:What, waxing?
[16/04/19 22:19] Ungod:waxing moon and waning moon
[16/04/19 22:19] Ungod:no, i meant the rituals
[16/04/19 22:19] *Lintara*:I think they did. The hour of 3 am isn\'t called the witching hour just for jokes.
[16/04/19 22:20] Ungod:ZI ANNA KANPA; ZI ANNA KANPA; i want gold!
[16/04/19 22:20] :Fang Archbane coughs slightly, and hides deeper in Ailiths sleeve
[16/04/19 22:20] Lazarus: (That\'s where Yog-Sothoth originated I think)
[16/04/19 22:20] Vicious Chaossword:Do we have a moon?
[16/04/19 22:21] *Lintara*: (maybe, I\'ll need to refresh memory on that one)
[16/04/19 22:21] :Ailith pats the chikun gently and whispers "don\'t fret"
[16/04/19 22:21] Ungod: *abbreviates step four* if you feel odd sensations, do not break your concentration
[16/04/19 22:21] Ungod:They are simply weak attempts of uneveolved psychic entities trying to disrupt your ritual (sic!) . They are not worthy of your attention.
[16/04/19 22:22] *Lintara*: (as for reading Lovecraft loudly... it\'s all fun and games until someone turns out to be Nyarlathotep :D)
[16/04/19 22:22] Ungod:Step five
[16/04/19 22:23] Ungod:When you ahve passed a few moments this way, and you feel your concentration beginning to wane (no wonder, it\'s 3 am) , close the ritual with the following prayer:
[16/04/19 22:23] Ungod:ZI DINGIR KIA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:23] Ungod:ZI DINGIR ANNA KANPA
[16/04/19 22:23] Ungod:SPirit of the Earth, remember!
[16/04/19 22:24] Ungod:Spirit of the SKy, remember!
[16/04/19 22:24] Ungod:Take three more deep breaths, then stand up and walk a few steps around the room looking at all the objects that are there, touching a few.
[16/04/19 22:24] :Fang Archbane shivers at the thought of the last time he forgot to close the portal after a ritualistic spell and crawls up to Ailiths shoulder to hide
[16/04/19 22:24] :*Lintara* pokes a column
[16/04/19 22:25] :*Syrian* pokes lin suddenly
[16/04/19 22:25] Ungod:This helps solidify the astral body if the preceding ritual has caused it to become overly sensitive to passing vibrations
[16/04/19 22:25] :*Lintara* \'s tail suddenly puffs out
[16/04/19 22:25] Ungod:it also distracts the conscious mind from the unconscious process that the ritual ahs just begun.
[16/04/19 22:26] :Ailith chuckles and pats Fang comfortingly
[16/04/19 22:26] Ungod:Basically, don\'t go too far with your trance, you might lose it for good.
[16/04/19 22:27] Ungod:that was my note
[16/04/19 22:27] Ungod:eh...i see you\'re making fun of my book, but it really has cool artwork
[16/04/19 22:28] *Syrian*:artwork is usually quite interesting for these things
[16/04/19 22:28] Fang Archbane: *is shivering less, but peeks out of Ailiths collar* Not poking fun... ive been on the bad end of the repercusions...
[16/04/19 22:28] Ungod:you\'ve been cursed?
[16/04/19 22:29] Fang Archbane:Not cursed per se... more like... ive gained unwanted followers here and there...
[16/04/19 22:29] Ungod:hmm
[16/04/19 22:29] Fang Archbane:I can not express how important it is to close that damn door when youre done. let this be a warning to all. What Ungods found is nothing short of pretty much spot on.
[16/04/19 22:29] :Fang Archbane slowly retreats back into her collar
[16/04/19 22:29] :*Lintara* smiles and waves to Esmaralda
[16/04/19 22:30] Ungod:close the door? let\'s see what page six says
[16/04/19 22:30] Ungod:Take the seal you have made and rutn it over or put it away. The seal has been charged in a subtle way and now can be no longer used for any other purpose except what was consecrated in your ritual.
[16/04/19 22:31] Ungod:It is best to not repeat it for more than three consecutive nights for reasons it would be too complicated to explain here.
[16/04/19 22:31] Ungod:Extinguish the candles; they can be used again for any kind of rituals, but not for simply lighting the room.
[16/04/19 22:32] Ungod:You must take these rituals seriously, and treat the tools you use in a ritual with the same respect a priest has for the Bible.
[16/04/19 22:32] :Ungod pauses
[16/04/19 22:33] :Esmaralda waves happily at Lintara
[16/04/19 22:33] :Esmaralda passed Glass of white wine to Lintara
[16/04/19 22:34] :Fang Archbane peeks out of the collar at Esma and waves
[16/04/19 22:34] Ungod:Aand Step Seven explains a little about MArduk, the one who defeated the Ancient Ones - Tiamat, Kingu, Azah-Thoth.
[16/04/19 22:34] *Lintara*:Oh! *nods in gratitude and takes a sip*
[16/04/19 22:35] Ungod:Ok, folks, this is serious business, you know now how the rituals must be conducted. It\'s not click \'more\', attack for loyalty, set up creatures and bind ritual
[16/04/19 22:35] Ungod:paper, ink, candles, incense, waxing moon, secrecy, 3 am and the invocation formula
[16/04/19 22:36] *Lintara*: Oi, d\'ont go miixng up Lvcarfeot wtih MiaeguDcl
[16/04/19 22:36] Ungod:drunk people shouldn\'t speak:p
[16/04/19 22:36] *Syrian*:is it loveduel or magiccraft, then?
[16/04/19 22:36] :Esmaralda passed Bottled Loyalty to Lintara
[16/04/19 22:36] *Syrian*:love duel sounds like something else entirely, maybe we wont go with that one
[16/04/19 22:36] :Fang Archbane peeks out of Ailiths collar with a small sign that reads "MagicLove"
[16/04/19 22:36] Ungod:Hear me (name) , Come to me by the powers of the ( Word) and answer my prayer!
[16/04/19 22:37] Ungod:oh eya, you also have to imagine your goal
[16/04/19 22:37] *Lintara*: Drtfauecl, mybae?
[16/04/19 22:37] Ungod:craftduel?
[16/04/19 22:37] *Lintara*: Oh, tnhak you Eadlsrmaa!
[16/04/19 22:37] Fang Archbane:DuelCraft sounds too eccentric Linny >.>; *hides back in the collar*
[16/04/19 22:38] :Esmaralda curtsies to Lintara
[16/04/19 22:38] Ungod:I have a question - did Lovecraft mix SUmmerians in this or is this a later addition?
[16/04/19 22:39] :Ungod failed to cast a spell
[16/04/19 22:39] *Lintara*: He wulod ...hic ... mix in einrhyevtg
[16/04/19 22:39] :Fang Archbane peeks back out the collar and tries to summon Cthulhu
[16/04/19 22:39] :Ailith whispers to Fang "no! Bad chikun!
[16/04/19 22:40] Ungod:Well, I have been reading a bit on the nomadic Kets and surprisingly, the shamans used drums just like amerindians
[16/04/19 22:40] Ungod:and the shaman was usually mad
[16/04/19 22:40] :Fang Archbane grumbles and goes back into the collar as he shifty eyes
[16/04/19 22:40] Ungod:like, the weirdest kid of the village would be picked up by the shaman and initiated in the way
[16/04/19 22:41] Ungod:it was the same for dervish, now that i think about it...
[16/04/19 22:41] *Lintara*: (rbb)
[16/04/19 22:41] *Syrian*: ( [Video link] )
[16/04/19 22:41] *Syrian*: (from lin)
[16/04/19 22:41] Ungod:so this whole deal with seals and getting into a trance was pretty much the way to do magic
[16/04/19 22:43] Ungod: (lol that vid)
[16/04/19 22:44] *Lintara*: (kcb!a)
[16/04/19 22:46] Ungod: (great video, Lin)
[16/04/19 22:46] *Lintara*: (!tnhksa)
[16/04/19 22:46] :[Spell] getthemallhere Overlook
[16/04/19 22:47] Ungod:what\'s that spell?
[16/04/19 22:47] :Fang Archbane grumbles from inside Ailiths collar, wondering why Lin can serenade Cthulu but he cant summon him by clubbing a baby seal
[16/04/19 22:47] Ailith:I put a linky up as it had fallen off
[16/04/19 22:47] Fang Archbane:. *peeks out* . Makes jumplinks . *rehides* .
[16/04/19 22:48] Ungod:oh
[16/04/19 22:48] *Syrian*: (summons up a congregation of shopping stores)
[16/04/19 22:48] Ungod:i didnt know you also had it :)
[16/04/19 22:48] Ungod:The First Name is MARDUK. The Lord of Lords, Master of Magicians. His name should not be called except when no other will do, and it is the most terrible responsibility to do so.
[16/04/19 22:49] Ungod:The word of his calling is DUGGA. This, the first name of MARDUK, should only be used when life is threatened.
[16/04/19 22:50] Ungod:And the seal...it\'s a weird symbol inside of a circle.
[16/04/19 22:50] *Lintara*: (seY! Tehy got the ...hic ... mall hre!e)
[16/04/19 22:51] Ungod:i found something on a page ... https://shirleytwofeathers.com/The_Blog/sigils-symbols-signs/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2017/03/MARDUK-sigil.jpg
[16/04/19 22:51] *Lintara*: (olkos lkie aa weitld frewol)
[16/04/19 22:52] :Fang Archbane coulda sworn he heard Lin call it a lewd waffle
[16/04/19 22:52] Ungod:So one would have to draw this seal on a paper, recite the invocation at 3 am with lit candles and burning incense, whiel imagining the result, then put the spell away.
[16/04/19 22:52] Fang Archbane: *peeks out the collar* and close the DOOR
[16/04/19 22:53] Ungod:You know folks, you might be used to this, but I\'ll tell you this, sicne I never ever believe in magic:
[16/04/19 22:53] *Lintara*: (hodor)
[16/04/19 22:53] Ungod:this is the first time I hear about how a magic ritual is done.
[16/04/19 22:53] Ungod: (believed*)
[16/04/19 22:54] Fang Archbane: *nods* sorry, not trying to tell you up from down, just a friendly reminder that not severing the connection when its done is bad news bears...
[16/04/19 22:54] :Fang Archbane rehides in the collar
[16/04/19 22:54] Ungod:Haha, i won\'t try this anyway, because I sleep at 3 am
[16/04/19 22:55] Ungod:Just for the record, a seal is basically the transfer of energy/power into an object (in theory) , right?
[16/04/19 22:56] *Lintara*:Kind of like mem stones, I think
[16/04/19 22:56] Fang Archbane: *peaks out* A seal, from personal experience, is the solidification of your intent into physical form.
[16/04/19 22:56] *Lintara*:I\'m sober! Woo!
[16/04/19 22:57] Fang Archbane:It doesnt even have to be the same seal every time. As long as you make a seal with specific intent in the mind it will do. things only get tricky when you dabble in summoning
[16/04/19 22:57] Ungod:@fang, ok, but you\'re invoking the power of some \'god\'
[16/04/19 22:57] Fang Archbane:At that point, names and words hold vast amounts of power, and knowing the right ones from the wrong ones could be the difference between winning or losing that bet.
[16/04/19 22:58] Fang Archbane:theres names, then theres true names. using a name is akin to asking for aid. using a true name is akin to making a demand. *rehides in the collar*
[16/04/19 22:59] Ungod:so you are basically involking the power of a god
[16/04/19 22:59] Ungod:call is jesus, allah, buddha, marduk etc
[16/04/19 23:00] Fang Archbane: *peeks out* Via asking or demanding, depending on method used.
[16/04/19 23:00] *Lintara*: *yawns* I am not sure if that would work here in MD.
[16/04/19 23:00] Ungod:does anyone know what the seal that appears when you load the magicduel page refer to?
[16/04/19 23:01] Ungod:it\'s somewhat familiar, but since it loads so fast, i can\'t read it
[16/04/19 23:02] *Syrian*: (give me a few minutes ad i\'ll get a picture of it)
[16/04/19 23:03] Ungod: (hurray for slow internet)
[16/04/19 23:03] Fang Archbane:https://i.imgur.com/eRA0qMu.png
[16/04/19 23:04] *Syrian*: (https://gyazo.com/3c7bc2a7c1f0891a5afbf644341a0a5e just slightly slower, oh well, here was mine :P)
[16/04/19 23:05] Fang Archbane: (Yours is crisper tbh)
[16/04/19 23:05] Ailith: *curtsies to Miq* Greetings your highness
[16/04/19 23:05] *Lintara*:Hey Miq
[16/04/19 23:05] *Miq*: *nods* Ave
[16/04/19 23:05] :Fang Archbane waves from inside Ailiths collar
[16/04/19 23:06] Ungod:what do you think it seals?
[16/04/19 23:06] :*Miq* failed to cast a spell
[16/04/19 23:07] Fang Archbane:A seal doesnt necessarily need to seal. It could be a Summon. In fact, i think its what summons Us to this Place.
[16/04/19 23:07] Ungod:it has some cardinal points
[16/04/19 23:07] Ungod:ah, it\'s a summon
[16/04/19 23:08] Fang Archbane:What i do find intriguing, is how i can see all cardinal points save the East, also known as the Land of God, the Dominion of Mur.
[16/04/19 23:08] Fang Archbane:Its almost as if its summoned us here, but it limits us to what we can see, what were allowed to see. rules are meant to be bent, Mur knows this, but its clearly there.
[16/04/19 23:09] Ungod:does anyone know what the symbolism might represent - a square surrounded by four stars?
[16/04/19 23:09] *Miq*:you just are to lazy to turn your head
[16/04/19 23:11] Ungod:i remember Mur saying something about a four-fold balance
[16/04/19 23:11] Ungod:but i don\'t know what that means
[16/04/19 23:12] *Lintara*:Ask him? I think he\'s at the checker\'s Hall past Jester\'s Door
[16/04/19 23:12] Fang Archbane:Truth vs Perspective.
[16/04/19 23:14] Ungod:Ok, then, time to close this session. I thought this would be a long read, but I suppose it becomes so only if you want to learn all the Names and Words.
[16/04/19 23:15] Ungod:I suppose I can call it interesting...so I take it you experimented a bit, eh, Fang?
[16/04/19 23:15] :Fang Archbane smiles a slanted smile as he hops out Ailiths collar and sits on her shoulder
[16/04/19 23:16] Fang Archbane:Yeah, you could say that. Just a few key notes if i may.
[16/04/19 23:16] Ungod:So what names did you use? xD
[16/04/19 23:16] Fang Archbane:first, always close the door when youre done. i cant stress that enough. second, never make a pact without using such strict and specific language that you might as well be a lawyer. lastly,
[16/04/19 23:17] *Miq*:So why are we gathering in the tower of old stuff?
[16/04/19 23:17] Fang Archbane:You should ask deities for aid, politely, id only use true names and demand anything against what we consider basic spirits and even then, only to have some level of control over the situation.
[16/04/19 23:18] Fang Archbane:As for names and words, i translate what i want to say into Latin. The age of the language lends some minor aid in the power needed to get anything done. but only for key words. *dusts himself off*
[16/04/19 23:18] Fang Archbane: *bows* It was a pleasure Ungod. I rather enjoyed this. Now then, if nobody minds, lm going back to the Bar to continue fighting and throwing chairs.
[16/04/19 23:19] Vicious Chaossword:I think we need some coloured paper and ink from somewhere, or someone...
[16/04/19 23:19] Ungod:Okie, have fun, Fang
[16/04/19 23:19] :Fang Archbane gives Ungod the eyebrow thing and poofs
[16/04/19 23:19] Ungod:Personally, I think the magic is in the very things we do. Speaking/spelling is not something we were born with
[16/04/19 23:20] Ungod:Reading the words of someone long gone is magic in itself.
[16/04/19 23:20] Ungod:As for imagination and its power, i think it\'s not only creative, but also destructive - you can end up living in your imaginary world.
[16/04/19 23:22] Ungod:Rituals are also sets of actions we developed in order to achieve a goal. I suppose they are magical in that they soemtimes support a belief, which is, well...not \'real\'.
[16/04/19 23:23] :Aia del Mana sits beside her friends and listens quietly to Ungod
[16/04/19 23:23] Ungod:The book I skimmed through is, imo, a fake. But it\'s also a belief, for some.
[16/04/19 23:24] Ungod:Fake, as in the power of the names invoked.
[16/04/19 23:25] Ungod:If I had to separate magical objects, i\'d have amulets, charms and talismans. Amulets protect (working againtst fear) .
[16/04/19 23:26] Ungod:Charms help you get things (we\'re talking about desire) . Talismans are similar, but they invoke the power/experience of someone/something and that\'s why they use a seal - there is a method to go by.
[16/04/19 23:26] Ungod:All this is about our emotions, our desires and magic is what we call when we don\'t understand the method, the properties of an item etc
[16/04/19 23:27] Ungod:Once can see the very world as magical or boring, but every new thing we learn is exciting, to become boring afterwards.
[16/04/19 23:28] Ungod:While we live, we keep adding to our knowledge, acquiring \'magic\' and at the same time \'dispelling it\', since we learn the methods and get results by a (now boring) method.
[16/04/19 23:29] Ungod:I would define life as a fight, but because of this acquisition of knowledge, i think it can also be defined as a journey.
[16/04/19 23:30] Ungod:So, whatever you don\'t yet know, it\'s magic, and you have to uncover it, and you keep doing it.
[16/04/19 23:30] Ungod:Thanks for being here, folks, and I\'ll listen to what your thoughts on this, if you have any.
[16/04/19 23:31] *Lintara*:I\'ll head back to rest now. *waves* Goodnight all!
[16/04/19 23:31] Ungod:Good night!
[16/04/19 23:34] Ailith:I must also rest now.. Thank you Ungod for an interesting evening
[16/04/19 23:34] Ailith:Goodnight all
[16/04/19 23:34] Ungod:Good night!
[16/04/19 23:37] Sunfire:Whoa, this is cool
[16/04/19 23:37] Sunfire:Never been here before
[16/04/19 23:38] :Ungod tries to remember who he\'s been here with
[16/04/19 23:38] *Miq*:Raul
[16/04/19 23:38] Ungod:I could\'ve sworn last time I was here, either fang or sunfire were with me...
[16/04/19 23:40] Vicious Chaossword:Fangy went to throw chairs.
[16/04/19 23:41] Sunfire:Can you get here normally?
[16/04/19 23:41] Ungod:yup
[16/04/19 23:41] Ungod:with a party, not by yourself
[16/04/19 23:42] :Ungod used the Acousticremains stone to temporarily learn the Acousticremains spell
[16/04/19 23:42] Sunfire:Ahh, will need to work out how
[16/04/19 23:43] :[Spell] counter-seal


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And here's a little sequel to that, because you might be interested:




Acoustic Remains log

[18/04/19 21:43] Aelis:...or Rhaegar is too good.
[18/04/19 21:43] Aelis:Ops, Jubaris!
[18/04/19 21:43] Fang Archbane:Aw, bye lin ;3;
[18/04/19 21:43] Fang Archbane:Wait... Aelis... you didnt lose to Juba... did ya o.O?
[18/04/19 21:44] Aelis:I just did...
[18/04/19 21:44] Fang Archbane: *gasps* Im sorry to hear that mate. At least now hell beat Ledah appropriately.
[18/04/19 21:44] Fang Archbane:You though, you didnt deserve that >.>
[18/04/19 21:44] Aelis:Ledah will kick his behind!
[18/04/19 21:45] :Fang Archbane routed Esmaralda
[18/04/19 21:45] :Fang Archbane thrashed Aelis
[18/04/19 21:45] Fang Archbane:Well, that depends on how lucky Ledah gets.
[18/04/19 21:45] :Fang Archbane hammered Jubaris
[18/04/19 21:46] Fang Archbane:Jubas not a pushover. Besides, hes crafty that Dreamweaver.
[18/04/19 21:47] :Hemicar fought Fang Archbane
[18/04/19 21:47] Aelis:He\'s pretty badass, I\'m just kidding.
[18/04/19 21:47] Jubaris:Darn straight!
[18/04/19 21:47] Ailith:It should be a good match then, maybe? *smiles*
[18/04/19 21:47] Ailith:Hey Jubaris!
[18/04/19 21:47] Jubaris:Hi there :)
[18/04/19 21:47] Ledah:Exactly Aelis!
[18/04/19 21:47] Aelis:He\'s a tournament addict!
[18/04/19 21:47] Aelis: *chants* Le-dah! Le-dah!
[18/04/19 21:48] Ailith:How are you today? apart from victorious?
[18/04/19 21:48] :Ledah basks
[18/04/19 21:48] Aelis: (like in super smash bros when your character is owning and the crowd chants)
[18/04/19 21:48] Ailith: *double takes at Ledah* TEAM BRIT!
[18/04/19 21:48] Ledah:I must find that Alyon first... then.... VICTORY
[18/04/19 21:48] Fang Archbane:GGs gonna take this tourney either way. If we for some reason dont, im rooting for MB.
[18/04/19 21:48] Ledah:TEAM BRIT!
[18/04/19 21:48] Jubaris:Not bad, not baaad at all!
[18/04/19 21:48] Fang Archbane:But GG is gonna take it, so its all the same D;
[18/04/19 21:48] Jubaris:Darn it, LoTR fans, Team brit fans...
[18/04/19 21:48] Jubaris:I need some support!
[18/04/19 21:49] Jubaris:LoTE*
[18/04/19 21:49] Aelis:You were our asoiaf fan, but you changed.
[18/04/19 21:49] Aelis:Oh
[18/04/19 21:49] Aelis:LotE!
[18/04/19 21:49] Aelis:TEAM EAST
[18/04/19 21:49] Ailith:The East! *claps*
[18/04/19 21:49] :Aelis clapclapclaps
[18/04/19 21:49] Vicious Chaossword:I\'m a Brit, my flag is just broken...
[18/04/19 21:49] :Vicious Chaossword pouts.
[18/04/19 21:49] Mallos:East!
[18/04/19 21:50] :Fang Archbane fails to defeat Ledah
[18/04/19 21:50] *Syrian*:necrovion will always be at the top
[18/04/19 21:50] :Fang Archbane sliced Mallos
[18/04/19 21:50] :Ailith waves her "GG for lief" flag
[18/04/19 21:50] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 21:50] :Fang Archbane overcame Jubaris
[18/04/19 21:50] Ledah:PSch, a good start Fang
[18/04/19 21:51] Ledah:You must keep that up if we ever meet in the tourney
[18/04/19 21:51] Jubaris:Wow half contestants are from the east
[18/04/19 21:51] Jubaris:interesting
[18/04/19 21:51] Aelis:Half of the active people in the realm are from the East*
[18/04/19 21:51] Jubaris: *nods in appreciation* Impressive
[18/04/19 21:51] *Syrian*:i\'m a witch, not a fighter
[18/04/19 21:51] Aelis:We\'re awesome
[18/04/19 21:51] Ailith:They\'re muito aggressive in the east
[18/04/19 21:51] Ledah:BEst land
[18/04/19 21:51] Jubaris:Well you may have a point :D
[18/04/19 21:51] Fang Archbane:Oh, you want me to actually try and break that without using my training ritual?
[18/04/19 21:52] :Fang Archbane smirks
[18/04/19 21:52] :Ailith giggles at the cute baby chikun smirk
[18/04/19 21:52] Fang Archbane:Agressive behbeh chikun best behbeh chikun -3-
[18/04/19 21:53] Aelis:Ailith I know you have a soft spot for the East!
[18/04/19 21:53] Aelis:I have ~visual proof~!
[18/04/19 21:53] Fang Archbane:Right... that must be why shes a Golemian.
[18/04/19 21:53] Fang Archbane: (Ungod, mind setting popes for me? ❤️)
[18/04/19 21:53] Ungod: (why the gazebo of chaos?)
[18/04/19 21:53] Aelis:She was the leader of SoS once!
[18/04/19 21:53] Ungod: (sec, fang)
[18/04/19 21:54] Ailith:You and your visual proof *chuckles*
[18/04/19 21:54] Fang Archbane:And i was the leader of the Treasure Keepers once.
[18/04/19 21:54] Ailith:Ugh don\'t remind me
[18/04/19 21:54] Aelis: (because Syrian can\'t send me here if we\'re already here!)
[18/04/19 21:54] :Fang Archbane slashed Ledah
[18/04/19 21:54] Aelis: (isn\'t that right, oldie?)
[18/04/19 21:54] *Syrian*:i was in the GG alliance once, whats that count for?
[18/04/19 21:54] Ailith:I still haven\'t had enough showers...
[18/04/19 21:54] Jubaris:Finally, some further Marind Bell flavor
[18/04/19 21:54] :Fang Archbane finished Mallos
[18/04/19 21:54] *Syrian*: (you shut your face!)
[18/04/19 21:54] Jubaris:now that another is awake, I can rest!
[18/04/19 21:54] Aelis: (!!!!!)
[18/04/19 21:54] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 21:54] Ailith: (LOL you two XD)
[18/04/19 21:54] Jubaris:Be ware of those easternes Ungod, they\'re everywhere
[18/04/19 21:55] :Fang Archbane overcame Jubaris
[18/04/19 21:55] Ailith:Ungod!!! *cheers*
[18/04/19 21:55] Ledah:EVERYWHERE
[18/04/19 21:55] Aelis:Syrian, that might explain your item stash.
[18/04/19 21:55] Aelis:That\'s totally Golemian!
[18/04/19 21:55] *Syrian*:no it\'s not!
[18/04/19 21:56] Vicious Chaossword: *.nosd* I\'m gonig to be diong smoe liokong auodr.n.. ...hic ...
[18/04/19 21:56] Ailith:That\'s totally most peoplian!
[18/04/19 21:56] Vicious Chaossword: See you all in aa sohrt wheil.
[18/04/19 21:56] Fang Archbane:Juba actually left... there goes my 700 daily wins. argh.
[18/04/19 21:57] Aelis:That\'s the Greedo school!
[18/04/19 21:57] :Ailith chuckles
[18/04/19 21:57] Ungod: (lost connection, sry)
[18/04/19 21:57] Ailith: (Grido ❤️)
[18/04/19 21:57] Ailith: (wb!)
[18/04/19 21:57] Fang Archbane: (Youre fine lol, im a patient chikun)
[18/04/19 21:58] Fang Archbane:#ForeverAnAdeptOfGrido
[18/04/19 21:58] *Syrian*:i was hoarding *coughs* sorry, collecting, items long before i was in that alliance. and it was for less than an hour!
[18/04/19 21:59] Aelis: (back in 10 min or so)
[18/04/19 22:00] :Fang Archbane eradicated Ledah
[18/04/19 22:00] :Fang Archbane destroyed Mallos
[18/04/19 22:00] Ailith:I should tell you the story of why I am so thankful for Grido one day, Fang
[18/04/19 22:00] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:01] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:01] Fang Archbane:Oh? We share that gratitude then.
[18/04/19 22:01] Fang Archbane: *chuckles* Ledah left once i started beating him, as per usual.
[18/04/19 22:01] :Ailith nods and smiles
[18/04/19 22:03] *Syrian*:i never got to speak to grido much, but he did pass his blanket on to me
[18/04/19 22:04] *Syrian*:i wish i had more chance to talk to him though, the times i managed to he was quite the interesting person
[18/04/19 22:04] Ailith:Oh I hadn\'t noticed! wow.. you are honoured to have inherited his comfort blanky
[18/04/19 22:05] :Fang Archbane routed Mallos
[18/04/19 22:05] Ailith:He is kindness and friendship personified, I wish I had told him more way back when
[18/04/19 22:05] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:05] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:07] *Syrian*:sounds like you need to organise nightly grido summoning rituals
[18/04/19 22:08] Fang Archbane:Id so partake.
[18/04/19 22:08] :Fang Archbane throws another chair into the abyss
[18/04/19 22:08] Ailith: *chuckles* I wish I could summon him
[18/04/19 22:08] Ungod:Let\'s do one right now :)
[18/04/19 22:08] :Ailith mourns the chair
[18/04/19 22:08] Ungod: (cant set up combat rituals, anyone else have this problem?)
[18/04/19 22:09] Fang Archbane: (nope o.o)
[18/04/19 22:09] Fang Archbane: (Chromebook op)
[18/04/19 22:09] :Fang Archbane mutilated Mallos
[18/04/19 22:09] *Syrian*: (chrome *hiss* )
[18/04/19 22:09] :Fang Archbane cut in pieces Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:09] *Syrian*: (i moved on to firefox because chrome annoyed me too much)
[18/04/19 22:10] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:10] Ungod: (lol, i\'m on edge...yea, i know)
[18/04/19 22:10] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:10] Ailith: (I\'m always on edge, man...)
[18/04/19 22:10] Ungod: (i bought this laptop with windows 10 installed so i didnt change much)
[18/04/19 22:10] *Syrian*: (AILITH)
[18/04/19 22:10] Ailith: (same)
[18/04/19 22:10] *Syrian*: (oh wait nvm you probably meant a different context)
[18/04/19 22:11] *Syrian*: (carry on...)
[18/04/19 22:11] Ailith: (XD Syrian... I meant nervous)
[18/04/19 22:11] Ailith: (silly)
[18/04/19 22:11] *Syrian*: (yes i understood after i shouted... >_<)
[18/04/19 22:11] Ungod: (i have firefox as backup tho)
[18/04/19 22:12] *Syrian*: (i use firefox since chrome decided tto always sign me in to the browser whine i was logged in to my google account)
[18/04/19 22:12] *Syrian*: (i\'m not having that, google can go right off with that nonsense)
[18/04/19 22:12] Ailith: (google is the start of the robot revolution, i tells ya)
[18/04/19 22:13] Ungod: (idk about that, but what im sure of is that google knows everything - like, about you)
[18/04/19 22:13] Ailith: (poor google!)
[18/04/19 22:14] Sunfire:Evening
[18/04/19 22:14] Fang Archbane: (Google just makes life easy, and its the fastest browser soooooo)
[18/04/19 22:14] :Fang Archbane battered Mallos
[18/04/19 22:14] Ailith:Evening Sunfire!
[18/04/19 22:14] :Fang Archbane sliced Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:15] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:15] *Syrian*: (i\'m sure theres more lightweight browsers than chrome, chrome is a nuisance and sucks so much memory)
[18/04/19 22:15] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:15] Ungod:I\'m feeling bad.
[18/04/19 22:15] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:15] Ungod:Jubaris left when I jumped here.
[18/04/19 22:15] Ungod:He did the same thing at the Overlook.
[18/04/19 22:15] Ungod:Is he avoiding me?!
[18/04/19 22:15] Fang Archbane: *chuckles* I guess he just wants to spread the Marindian way.
[18/04/19 22:16] Sunfire:We all know you are Juba richy
[18/04/19 22:16] Ailith:Did you insult him at all?
[18/04/19 22:16] Ungod:why would i insult Juba, lol
[18/04/19 22:16] Ungod:we\'re pals
[18/04/19 22:16] Ailith:I was kidding *chuckles*
[18/04/19 22:16] Sunfire:Then thats the reason
[18/04/19 22:17] Sunfire:You need to show dominance
[18/04/19 22:17] Ungod:eh?
[18/04/19 22:17] Ailith: (I was hoing to say did you say his butt looks big, but my sense of humour is weird)
[18/04/19 22:17] *Syrian*:insults bring male bonding, or so i\'m led to believe, maybe you need to insult each other more to connect on a personal level
[18/04/19 22:18] Ungod:mm...ok
[18/04/19 22:18] Sunfire:Syrian knows the game
[18/04/19 22:18] Ungod:i was thinking he might be running away because i\'d ask him about the quest he started working on :))
[18/04/19 22:19] Ailith:That might be more likely!
[18/04/19 22:19] Ungod:and never finished, because...well, it\'s the marindian way of doing things
[18/04/19 22:19] Sunfire:That reminds me i need to pester Le duh
[18/04/19 22:19] Fang Archbane:Tell him his wings make his but look big *smirks as he hides his minibunz in Ailiths shoulder*
[18/04/19 22:20] :Fang Archbane crushed Mallos
[18/04/19 22:20] :Ailith giggles at the tineh chikun
[18/04/19 22:20] *Syrian*:do you think his wings extend down that far? or just come out of his shoulders?
[18/04/19 22:20] :Fang Archbane sliced Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:20] *Syrian*:asking the important questions
[18/04/19 22:20] Ungod:lol
[18/04/19 22:20] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:20] Ailith: *points at Syrian* you has five heads!
[18/04/19 22:20] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:20] *Syrian*:only on tuesdays
[18/04/19 22:21] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:21] *Syrian*:oh, you meant from the heads contest, wel,l thats different, yes i do
[18/04/19 22:21] Ailith: *laughs loudly* (XD)
[18/04/19 22:21] Ungod: (anyone interested in a talk on entropy? what i mentioned yesterday and shall stop mentioning after today)
[18/04/19 22:22] *Syrian*:mallos passed them to me and i\'m not attackable, so they just stayed with me
[18/04/19 22:22] Ailith: (I am XD)
[18/04/19 22:22] Aelis: (we are/were!)
[18/04/19 22:22] Ailith: (i was and am *nods at Aelis* )
[18/04/19 22:22] Ungod: (cool)
[18/04/19 22:22] *Syrian*:i\'m not sure where he got them from
[18/04/19 22:23] Sunfire:What do you do on tuesdays Sy?
[18/04/19 22:23] *Syrian*:it\'s a mystery, even to myself
[18/04/19 22:23] :Ailith giggles
[18/04/19 22:23] Ungod:I\'m going to read from a paper written by a controversial guy, the title is \'entropy\' and we have that in MD, so...
[18/04/19 22:24] :Ungod clears throat.
[18/04/19 22:24] :Fang Archbane beat Mallos
[18/04/19 22:25] Ungod:Entropy is one of those scientific words, along with \'relativity\', \'infinity\' and \'field\' that has acquired an extraordinary amount of baggage since its initial defining.
[18/04/19 22:25] :Fang Archbane clubbered Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:25] :Ailith cuddles teh tineh chikun and listens
[18/04/19 22:25] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:25] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:25] Ungod:In the beginning, entropy was just defined as a relation between heat and temperature, using the equation dE=dQ/T. That is, it was mainly a measurement of heat change.
[18/04/19 22:25] :Fang Archbane crushed Ungod
[18/04/19 22:26] Ungod:It is a fancy was of saying that heat always dissipates or moves from a hot region to a cold region.
[18/04/19 22:26] Ungod:On the molecular level, this is just to say that motion tends to dissipate, since heat is molecular motion. This is, in turn, a fancy way of saying that molecules tend to move from where they are to
[18/04/19 22:27] Ungod:where they aren\'t. Not a deeply philosophical issue. Molecules move into cooler areas because cooler areas have more space.
[18/04/19 22:27] :Ungod pauses
[18/04/19 22:28] Ungod:I\'m going to need your help on this, sicne just reading is boring.
[18/04/19 22:28] :Fang Archbane throws a chair into the abyss to fill the pause
[18/04/19 22:28] Aelis:Hmm
[18/04/19 22:29] :Fang Archbane cuddle Ailiths cheek as he tries to seem innocent
[18/04/19 22:30] :Aelis is trying to picture dQ/dT
[18/04/19 22:30] Aelis:Ohoh
[18/04/19 22:30] Ungod:This is just the beginning, but what the guy is basically saying is that entropy started just as a measurement for heat or molecular motion.
[18/04/19 22:31] Aelis:T = dE/dQ then?
[18/04/19 22:31] Ungod:yea
[18/04/19 22:31] Ailith: *blinks* bless you
[18/04/19 22:32] Ungod:well, ok, things mihght get better as he writes some more. I\'ll resume reading.
[18/04/19 22:32] Ungod:Think of it like this. You are parked in fron of your garage, with the garage door open. You are blindfolded.
[18/04/19 22:32] *Syrian*: (do i picture the ankiety as well?)
[18/04/19 22:33] *Syrian*: (anxiety*)
[18/04/19 22:33] *Syrian*: (because being blindfolded sounds horrible)
[18/04/19 22:33] Ungod:You don\'t know whether the car is in drive or reverse. You don\'t know if the car is pointed in or out. You also don\'t know if the steering wheel is straight or if it has been turned one way or another
[18/04/19 22:34] Ungod:You are asked to calculate the odds for two events. Event one, you go into the garage. Event two, you go everywhere else.
[18/04/19 22:35] Ungod:Obviosuly the odds or going into the garage are much less. This being so, it is no surprise to find out that entropy always incerases.
[18/04/19 22:35] :Ungod pauses
[18/04/19 22:35] :Fang Archbane overmatched Mallos
[18/04/19 22:35] :Fang Archbane beat Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:35] Aelis:Odds make sense in my head.
[18/04/19 22:35] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:36] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:36] Ungod:so, let\'s see...entropy is a measurement for heat dissipation or molecular motion. Since heat will always dissipate (because molecules move) , entropy will always increase.
[18/04/19 22:36] :Fang Archbane finished Ungod
[18/04/19 22:36] :Ailith nods and listens
[18/04/19 22:36] Ungod:Is that what you understood as well?
[18/04/19 22:36] Ailith:Yes
[18/04/19 22:37] Aelis:Yeah. On a chaotic level, it\'s much more likely that they\'ll go around crazily than fitting in place. Is that it?
[18/04/19 22:37] Ungod:yep
[18/04/19 22:37] Ungod:or, i think this is what he\'s saying
[18/04/19 22:37] Ungod:but let\'s see how things are in MD
[18/04/19 22:37] *Syrian*:the universe really doesn\'t like order. it takes energy to make order
[18/04/19 22:37] Aelis:So the blindfold is a certain level of heat, right?
[18/04/19 22:37] Aelis:Like a really high level
[18/04/19 22:38] Ungod:@syrian yes @aelis i don\'t think the blidnfold is important here
[18/04/19 22:38] Ungod:but, since you both talk about order and chaos, here\'s the next bit:
[18/04/19 22:38] Aelis:Because if you had any knowledge of the surroundings, the odds of garage would increase a bit.
[18/04/19 22:38] Aelis:I kinda picture that as the entropy level?
[18/04/19 22:38] Aelis:Or heat level? Dunno
[18/04/19 22:39] Ungod:true, but the car could also be pointed out, the steering wrong etc
[18/04/19 22:39] *Syrian*:i think it depends if you count entropy as a product of time, MD has signs of entropy but it doesnt experience it as an active process
[18/04/19 22:39] Ungod:and you\'d still not get into the garage
[18/04/19 22:39] Ailith:I think the temptation of the unknown creates more influence than that of the order in which we are ushered to go into
[18/04/19 22:39] Ungod:i think time is a measurement and entropy is another measurement
[18/04/19 22:39] Ailith:I like this, it\'s interesting
[18/04/19 22:40] Ungod:in MD, you have a heat cap, but heat dissipates (1 per sec,,rigth?)
[18/04/19 22:40] *Syrian*: (something arbitrary, i dont think it matters for the sake of the concept)
[18/04/19 22:40] :Aelis nods
[18/04/19 22:40] Ungod: (it does, but i think the author is not getting into \'time\' as well because it would make the paper too complicated)
[18/04/19 22:41] Ungod:so, why 4400? does anyone know?
[18/04/19 22:41] Ailith:is it Mur\'s real birth year?
[18/04/19 22:41] Ungod:now, it makes sense to ahev a heat cap because the heat tolerance of each object is different
[18/04/19 22:41] *Syrian*:the extra 400 may just be as a buffer for allowing extra duration of being mechanically capped
[18/04/19 22:41] Ungod:@ailith: well, it could be. 4400 BC
[18/04/19 22:42] :Ailith gasps
[18/04/19 22:42] *Syrian*:i remember the time we had no heat cap, that was a fun experience
[18/04/19 22:42] Ungod:@sy: it could be, since principles are also capped at 4000
[18/04/19 22:42] Ailith:all joking asidethat number is familiar
[18/04/19 22:42] *Syrian*:i give soemone 1mil VE by accident
[18/04/19 22:42] Fang Archbane:No heat cap was op. i loved it.
[18/04/19 22:43] :Fang Archbane crushed Mallos
[18/04/19 22:43] :Fang Archbane slashed Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:43] Aelis:4 is around in many places around the realm. But I fail to see a relation with heat.
[18/04/19 22:43] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:43] *Syrian*:lost all my heat in the process, and never recovered, but having 1mil heat was fun to see
[18/04/19 22:43] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:43] Ungod:I have no exaplanation for the 4k number, but it does seem that is the heat tolerance for a character.
[18/04/19 22:44] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:44] Ungod:i wonder if an empty aramor has the same heat tolerance
[18/04/19 22:44] Aelis:I\'m trying to relate the heat cap to a cube.
[18/04/19 22:44] Ungod:hmmm
[18/04/19 22:44] :[Spell] Dere \'ma The Gazebo of Chaos
[18/04/19 22:45] *Syrian*: (no more mall? :()
[18/04/19 22:45] Aelis:Four diagonals?
[18/04/19 22:45] Ailith: (No mall for you!)
[18/04/19 22:45] *Syrian*: (sad, it amused me every time)
[18/04/19 22:45] Ungod:hmm...you\'d have infinity on a circle
[18/04/19 22:45] Ailith:i don\'t think it would
[18/04/19 22:46] Ailith:because their movement is severely inhibited
[18/04/19 22:46] Ungod:on a square, you can \'walk\' it four times only before reacing the starting point
[18/04/19 22:46] :Ailith builds Syrian a mall
[18/04/19 22:46] Ungod:i\'m also making things up, just an idea
[18/04/19 22:46] :Fang Archbane throws a chair inside said mall
[18/04/19 22:47] Ungod:entropy is supposed to increase infinitely, since molecules keep moving
[18/04/19 22:47] Ailith:we are the molecules of MD! *runs around excitedly*
[18/04/19 22:47] Aelis:If you consider the diagonals and isolate the spaces they form, you get 4 pyramids...
[18/04/19 22:48] Aelis:Ugh, no idea.
[18/04/19 22:48] :Fang Archbane routed Mallos
[18/04/19 22:48] :Fang Archbane routed Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:49] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:49] Ailith: *stops running and sits, cuddling the chikun again* ahem, pardon me, please carry on
[18/04/19 22:49] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:49] Aelis:No, you get 6.
[18/04/19 22:49] Aelis:Nevermind :P
[18/04/19 22:49] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:50] :Fang Archbane purrs like a good chikun
[18/04/19 22:50] Ungod: (lost connection again)
[18/04/19 22:50] : *Syrian* draws a card and gets: Jack of black diamonds
[18/04/19 22:50] Ungod:i was saying, entropy keeps increasing to infinity, but in an enclosed space, you have movement ocnfined to a certain degree
[18/04/19 22:51] Ungod:so in a cube, you\'d have ...an entropy cap?
[18/04/19 22:51] Ungod:and things would move only with the addition of new players or something :)
[18/04/19 22:51] Ungod:well, it\'s a wild guess. we are the molecules of MD, as Ailith says.
[18/04/19 22:52] Ailith:it makes sense to me, Ungod
[18/04/19 22:52] Ungod:anyway, the heat cap, the entropy cap set at 4k is something to get out of Mur...with a knife
[18/04/19 22:52] Ungod:I\'d like to move forward, it\'s about order and disorder, let\'s see what you think.
[18/04/19 22:53] :Fang Archbane dismembered Mallos
[18/04/19 22:53] :Fang Archbane destroyed Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:53] Ungod:Every time you hear a contemporary explanation of entropy you are treated to a lecture on order and disorder. You are given several exmaples, one of which is likely to be a adisordered room.
[18/04/19 22:53] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:53] *Syrian*: (why does hardly anyone have any cold tea? :()
[18/04/19 22:54] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:54] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 22:54] Ungod:A tidy room has more \'order\', you are told, because it required energy to put everything in place. Without that ordering energy, the room tends to revert to disorder.
[18/04/19 22:55] Ungod:The room moves against disorder and against the natural flow of entropy only by human intervention. But this whole analogy is faulty from top to bottom.
[18/04/19 22:55] :Ailith passed Cup of Cold Tea to Syrian
[18/04/19 22:55] *Syrian*:i can relate, try convincing your little child to tidy up her playthings while she ignores you...
[18/04/19 22:55] Ungod: *pauses* let\'s hear it - why do you think he says so?
[18/04/19 22:55] *Syrian*:thank you ailith
[18/04/19 22:56] *Syrian*:possibly because the assumption ignores that the entropy is caused by the rooms use, which requires energy
[18/04/19 22:56] Aelis:I think he\'ll end up saying that organizing things is actually disordering the "natural" system.
[18/04/19 22:56] Ungod:i think aelis is closer, but here\'s what he says:
[18/04/19 22:56] *Syrian*:so in that example, energy is causing the entropy, and only becomes an example of entropy when people don\'t put things back
[18/04/19 22:57] Ungod:faulty from top to bottom - it is completely anthropocentric. It assumes that the universe cares whether a room is tidy or not. But the universe doesn\'t define order by any human measure of neatness.
[18/04/19 22:58] Ailith:things happen for a reason, intervention is natural disorder?
[18/04/19 22:58] Ungod:Let us take another example. Science books often mention a shaker with a level of salt and a level of pepper. That is an example of ORDER.
[18/04/19 22:59] Ungod:You then shake the shaker and the two layers mix, creating disorder. But this definition of order is only useful to someone who is in need of pure salt and pure pepper.
[18/04/19 22:59] :Fang Archbane finished Mallos
[18/04/19 22:59] :Fang Archbane fought Esmaralda
[18/04/19 22:59] Ungod:The universe doesn\'t find anything especially ordered about two distinct layers.
[18/04/19 22:59] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 22:59] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 22:59] Ungod:Some will argue that it would take more energy to separate the grains than it did to mix them, but this is once again a human argument about human tasks.
[18/04/19 23:00] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:00] :Ungod pauses
[18/04/19 23:00] *Syrian*:it\'s on add example regardless. take out the colour and any difference between the salt and pepper and you just have grains, it\'s all the same
[18/04/19 23:00] *Syrian*: (an*)
[18/04/19 23:00] Aelis:It\'s a human concept, after all.
[18/04/19 23:01] Ungod:i think he\'s basically saying that we define \'order\' and \'chaos\' too \'subjectively\'
[18/04/19 23:01] Ungod:sure, it\'s all about us, but it\'s not particularly true, when doing the measurements
[18/04/19 23:01] *Syrian*:i think it\'s more that we tend to define it too narrowly, within confised systems
[18/04/19 23:01] *Syrian*: (confined*)
[18/04/19 23:02] Ailith:yes, human order is very different to universe order. rules cannot be defined in simple terms of "this is salt, this is pepper"
[18/04/19 23:02] *Syrian*:the universe doesnt care much for our arbitrary narrowing of perspective
[18/04/19 23:02] Ailith:we need our order for the existence we have come to depend on. without us, the universe goes on as it wants
[18/04/19 23:02] Ailith: *nods to Syrian* exactly
[18/04/19 23:03] Ungod:heh, if you liked that, you\'re gonna love the next part
[18/04/19 23:03] :Ailith smiles and listens
[18/04/19 23:04] Ungod:IN fact, I believe, that entropy moves all states and all situations, micro or macro, into levels of *greater order* , in one very important sense.
[18/04/19 23:04] :Aelis raises an eyebrow
[18/04/19 23:04] Ungod:We have seen it in the examples above - in the room, random movement would tend to spread the books across the entire available space.
[18/04/19 23:05] *Syrian*:is he going to say something about the situation that would arise if objects didnt exist?
[18/04/19 23:05] Ungod:In the shaker, shaking tends to mix the salt and pepper randomly, breaking up asymmetrical conglomerations of salt and pepper
[18/04/19 23:05] Ungod: (nope)
[18/04/19 23:05] Ungod:In all these examples, balance and symmetry are created.
[18/04/19 23:06] Ungod:In this way, once could argue (and i am arguing) that randomness is the ultimate order.
[18/04/19 23:06] Ungod:Randomness is not disorder, it is the most complex form of order. It is an order which takes into account all existing entities and events, not just a chosen few of them.
[18/04/19 23:06] Aelis:Ah, yes. To him, that universal order is our concept of disorder.
[18/04/19 23:06] Ungod:ta-da!
[18/04/19 23:07] Aelis:Usually accepted concept of disorder*
[18/04/19 23:07] *Syrian*:so, yes, he brought up exactly what i was suggesting
[18/04/19 23:07] Ungod:i love that part
[18/04/19 23:07] :Fang Archbane thrashed Mallos
[18/04/19 23:07] :Fang Archbane dismembered Esmaralda
[18/04/19 23:07] Ungod: (in a way, sy)
[18/04/19 23:07] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:07] Ungod: (if nothing existed, well...we wouldnt talk about it)
[18/04/19 23:08] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:08] *Syrian*: (by objects i meant constructs, not particles)
[18/04/19 23:08] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:08] Ungod:i love it because in life, many things are random. some are born in normal families, some in slums
[18/04/19 23:08] Ungod:some are born with handicaps, some are born perfectly healthy. there\'s something that screams \'life is unfair\' in all this
[18/04/19 23:08] *Syrian*: (if constructs didnt exist that all particles would distribute evenly, ish)
[18/04/19 23:09] *Syrian*: (which is what he said, if i took it correctly)
[18/04/19 23:09] Ungod:and yet, life obeys balance and order and entropy is the measurement
[18/04/19 23:09] Ungod: (they wouldn\'t, because the universe keeps expanding, so the molecules would keep moving)
[18/04/19 23:09] :Taurion poofs into existence
[18/04/19 23:09] Ungod: (well, assuming the universe is infinite, expanding infinitely)
[18/04/19 23:10] Taurion:Incredible!
[18/04/19 23:10] Ailith:Entropy as the tendons by which the universe moves
[18/04/19 23:10] Ailith:Greetings Taurion!
[18/04/19 23:10] Ungod:at least, that\'s my take on it, because what i noticed is that life IS fair, obeying some very precise rules/principles
[18/04/19 23:10] :Taurion nods to everyone
[18/04/19 23:10] :[Spell] GiveVital1 Mallos,Aelis,Sunfire,Ailith,Ungod,Antyvas,Hemicar,*Syrian*,Taurion,The Warrior
[18/04/19 23:10] *Syrian*: (true, but i thought he was talking under the assuption of an enclosed system)
[18/04/19 23:10] Taurion:Greetings Ailith
[18/04/19 23:10] *Syrian*: (my mistake :P)
[18/04/19 23:10] Ungod:but it\'s so random that it gives the illusion of being unfair
[18/04/19 23:11] Ungod: (nuh, he says in other papers about an infinitely expanding universe)
[18/04/19 23:11] Ungod:hey, Taurion. welcome
[18/04/19 23:11] *Syrian*: (gotcha, thats fair, i\'m not familier at all with his work)
[18/04/19 23:11] Ungod:so, who\'s for this idea and who\'s against it? :)
[18/04/19 23:11] Taurion:Good day Ungod
[18/04/19 23:12] Taurion:This is a magnificent place
[18/04/19 23:12] Aelis:Life in the sense of a universal concept might be fair, but the rules that govern human life (society) are surely unfair.
[18/04/19 23:12] *Syrian*:i think it\'s interesting, but it doesn\'t serve much in the way of practical concepts
[18/04/19 23:12] :Fang Archbane routed Mallos
[18/04/19 23:12] Ailith:Isn\'t it beautiful Taurion? I\'m glad you like it!
[18/04/19 23:12] *Syrian*:i think the way we commonly define entorpy is far more useful
[18/04/19 23:12] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:12] Ungod:@Aelis: the rules that govern human life are the rules of life, so they\'re fair. the rules that we craete are unfair, because we cannot create perfect rules
[18/04/19 23:12] Aelis:I think I\'m with Syrian.
[18/04/19 23:12] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:13] Taurion:Absolutely Ailith
[18/04/19 23:13] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:13] Ungod:Aha. Well, ok. I\'m only half done, though
[18/04/19 23:13] Vicious Chaossword:I\'m back, Broken Pattern Puzzle can remain unsolved forever.
[18/04/19 23:13] Ungod:lol, vicious. every now and then, somebody reminds me there is a way of getting a WP i should put some effort into
[18/04/19 23:14] Ailith:Welcome back Vicious!
[18/04/19 23:14] Vicious Chaossword:Yessss. Effort is beyond me. Thanks Ailith!
[18/04/19 23:14] Taurion:Hello smelly cat
[18/04/19 23:14] Taurion:What are they feeding you?
[18/04/19 23:15] Ungod:i think i just need a pen and paper for that and patience to note what tile affects what...but it\'s effort, like you said
[18/04/19 23:15] :Taurion chuckles
[18/04/19 23:15] Aelis:I remember when I finally solved it... took me a couple years :P
[18/04/19 23:15] Aelis:Pen and paper are definitely needed... (or a spreadsheet app)
[18/04/19 23:15] *Syrian*: (i built the entire puzzle in minecraft, on a random sidenote)
[18/04/19 23:15] *Syrian*: (:P)
[18/04/19 23:15] Ailith:I think that we have to remember that the rules we use to define aspects of the universe are intrinsically limited by our own restricive understanding
[18/04/19 23:16] Ailith: (that\'s awesome Syrian XD)
[18/04/19 23:16] Aelis:Yeah, Ailith. We suck!
[18/04/19 23:16] Ungod:lol
[18/04/19 23:16] Vicious Chaossword:Lots of alcohol.
[18/04/19 23:16] Ailith:The universe rules, we suck, end of
[18/04/19 23:16] *Syrian*: (sadly i cant show it at all beacuse it\'s on a friends server i dont have access to atm)
[18/04/19 23:16] Ungod:no, no, wait
[18/04/19 23:16] :Aelis claps
[18/04/19 23:16] *Syrian*: (and no one has every tried to solve it beacuse i never actually opened it :D)
[18/04/19 23:16] Ungod:i\'m not done yet!
[18/04/19 23:16] :Fang Archbane beat Mallos
[18/04/19 23:16] Ailith: *laughs* sorry go on!
[18/04/19 23:16] Aelis:Please continue.
[18/04/19 23:17] Vicious Chaossword:I started to do the pattern, but... Hurk. It\'s just... So much work.
[18/04/19 23:17] Ungod:thank you
[18/04/19 23:17] :Ailith runs off to get a drink in the other realm
[18/04/19 23:17] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:17] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:17] Aelis:Alcohol?
[18/04/19 23:17] Aelis:I\'m in!
[18/04/19 23:17] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:17] :Vicious Chaossword passed Cask of beer to Aelis
[18/04/19 23:17] Vicious Chaossword:How was your first drink, Taurion?
[18/04/19 23:18] Ungod:BY attaching that facile theory of disorder to the concept of entropy, contemporary science has given a religious aura to the term. Entropy has come to be seen as destructive, even Satanic.
[18/04/19 23:18] Aelis: Taknsh!
[18/04/19 23:18] *Syrian*:which is rather annoying. entropy doesnt care about humanities concepts of morality, it just is
[18/04/19 23:18] Ungod:But it is nothing of the sort. If anything, it is one of the fundamental forces of creation.
[18/04/19 23:19] Ungod:It becomes a creative force by balancing the other great fundamental force of clumping - gravity.
[18/04/19 23:19] *Syrian*:if there was no entropy then nothing would decay or break down to allow for the creation of new things in its place
[18/04/19 23:20] Ungod:hehehe, check this out:
[18/04/19 23:20] *Syrian*:many natural cycles rely on entropy to function
[18/04/19 23:20] Ungod:whatever mechanism or theory you propose for gravity, it is always going to be a force (or motion) that tends to clump. If you have only entropy, the universe expands without limit and disperses into
[18/04/19 23:21] :Fang Archbane overpowered Mallos
[18/04/19 23:21] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:21] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:21] Ungod:a zero energy fiedl. If you have only gravity, the universe becomes one huge clump and potential energy dissolves to zero. But entropy and gravity create a closed circuit that its potentially infinite
[18/04/19 23:21] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:22] Ungod:The tension between the two forces drives all events. IN a sense, it causes all events at a macrolevel.
[18/04/19 23:24] Aelis: In my mnid entpory is aa bit stnogerr ...hic ... tahn gatviry in tmers of c.taiu.aosn.
[18/04/19 23:24] Aelis: Haha II forgot II was drunk
[18/04/19 23:24] Ungod:it shouldn\'t be
[18/04/19 23:24] Ungod:it\'s a come and go, a \'dance\' between the two
[18/04/19 23:25] Vicious Chaossword:Gravity seems like a strange force to focus or centre.
[18/04/19 23:25] Ungod:i\'ll stop here, there are a couple more ideas in the article, but it\'s enough for one evening
[18/04/19 23:25] Ungod:but, to counter your idea with the author\'s paragraph:
[18/04/19 23:26] Ungod:as a matter of heat, all systems are entropic. as a matter of final combination, they are unentropic. taken alon, entropy always increases. taken as part of the set (entropy+gravity)
[18/04/19 23:26] Ungod:entropy is always the slightly smaller partner. In all bodies that exist, gravity ahs overcome entropy.
[18/04/19 23:28] Ungod:the articles has some more ideas and it explores the idea of evolution (human and star evolution) related to entropy
[18/04/19 23:28] Ungod:i can share a link, if i can find it..
[18/04/19 23:28] Ungod:found it. whoever\'s interested, can pm me and i\'ll send it.
[18/04/19 23:29] Ailith: *puts hands up* yes please
[18/04/19 23:29] :Fang Archbane battered Mallos
[18/04/19 23:29] Aelis: How wulod you ratele thsoe ccnpeots wtih tmei?
[18/04/19 23:30] Aelis: So far ...hic ... wer\'e not tkinag ...hic ... time into auotccn, rgiht?
[18/04/19 23:30] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:30] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:30] Ungod:nope
[18/04/19 23:30] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:30] Ungod:he has another paper on time, one that i used to write my quest (unfinished yet)
[18/04/19 23:31] Ungod:i think he\'s not taking it into account, as it would make things too confusing
[18/04/19 23:31] Ungod:we could try to do it here, though :)
[18/04/19 23:31] Aelis: II was tkhnniig of new plryeas riansig the epnrtoy of MD as aa ssyetm.
[18/04/19 23:31] Ungod:sicne he defines time as a measurement secondary to distance
[18/04/19 23:31] Aelis: Tmie is also esniatels, II geuss.
[18/04/19 23:32] Ungod:new players...well, you know how water levels have different temperatures
[18/04/19 23:32] Aelis: Take the bhdyiart, for elmaxpe. It\'s crlteinay siertrd things up.
[18/04/19 23:32] Ungod:in an enclosed space, there wiìould be reached a certain..order
[18/04/19 23:32] Ungod:warmer at the bottom, colder at the surface
[18/04/19 23:33] Ungod:so, new players would change that order, by infusing their heat and making strata or levels change
[18/04/19 23:33] Ungod:molecules would move differenrtly
[18/04/19 23:33] Aelis: II aegre ...hic ...
[18/04/19 23:34] Aelis:But the birthday is a temporal effect and it has a strong impact on the realm\'s activity, too.
[18/04/19 23:34] Vicious Chaossword:I\'d say that that makes things more random, not less.
[18/04/19 23:34] Ungod:the birthday can be considered an \'event\'
[18/04/19 23:34] Aelis:Maybe cyclicity (birthday events) are a function of entropy too in his opinion?
[18/04/19 23:34] Ungod:a programmed one, so that it shakes things up once in a while
[18/04/19 23:34] Aelis:is*
[18/04/19 23:35] Aelis:Better: would you say that cyclicity is a product of the mix he just described? Gravity + entropy?
[18/04/19 23:35] Ungod:yes, i\'d say so
[18/04/19 23:35] Ungod:it\'s the visible result
[18/04/19 23:36] :Fang Archbane sliced Mallos
[18/04/19 23:36] Ungod:like, how life repeats itself, history repeats itself, it\'s about the same forces that keep being renewd
[18/04/19 23:36] :Fang Archbane wins against Aelis
[18/04/19 23:36] Aelis:Yeah, but birthdays are very well defined
[18/04/19 23:36] :Fang Archbane wins against Sunfire
[18/04/19 23:36] Aelis:It\'s not an event that repeats itself occasionally.
[18/04/19 23:36] :Fang Archbane wins against Ungod
[18/04/19 23:36] Ungod:the b-days are a programmed event, introduced to shake things up
[18/04/19 23:36] Aelis:It has a precise cycle
[18/04/19 23:37] Ungod:it\'s part of the code, sorta
[18/04/19 23:37] Ungod:so is the assigning of an ID to a new player
[18/04/19 23:37] Aelis:Well crap you can actually model our perception of time on moon cycles and stuff, which are functions of gravity interactions between planets and stars.
[18/04/19 23:37] Ungod:the DNA already has some events in your life programmed, the blueprint, the id
[18/04/19 23:38] Aelis:Okay, I\'m almost buying his gravity argument.
[18/04/19 23:38] Ungod:time is a measurement
[18/04/19 23:38] Taurion:Oh now I have to go back home
[18/04/19 23:38] Ungod:you masure time by something large enough that respects certain patterns/cycle
[18/04/19 23:38] Taurion:Have fun everyone!
[18/04/19 23:38] Ailith:Goodnight Taurion!
[18/04/19 23:38] Ungod:you could only do it with moon or sun because they are large enough and consistent
[18/04/19 23:39] Ungod:Bye, Tauri
[18/04/19 23:39] Ungod:so it\'s not about the perception of time, but about the concept of time itself
[18/04/19 23:39] Vicious Chaossword:Stay well!
[18/04/19 23:39] Taurion:I\'m hoping to see you soon, if ever you are in the island we\'ll surely converse again
[18/04/19 23:39] Aelis:See you later, Taurion!
[18/04/19 23:39] Ungod:It couldnt be created by observing soemthing on the earth
[18/04/19 23:39] :Taurion smiles and waves goodbye
[18/04/19 23:39] Vicious Chaossword:Are you returning to your gateway island
[18/04/19 23:39] :Vicious Chaossword coughs.
[18/04/19 23:40] Taurion:Yes Vic
[18/04/19 23:40] Taurion:I have 20 minutes to get back
[18/04/19 23:40] Vicious Chaossword:Stay well, then, and be back soon!
[18/04/19 23:40] Vicious Chaossword:If you can.
[18/04/19 23:40] Vicious Chaossword:I\'m not sure how it works, fully.
[18/04/19 23:40] Ailith:or you turn into a pumpkin?
[18/04/19 23:41] :Ailith giggles
[18/04/19 23:41] Ungod:a calf, maybe?
[18/04/19 23:41] Aelis:I think he\'ll get trapped here for all eternity.
[18/04/19 23:41] Aelis:With US
[18/04/19 23:41] Aelis:That\'s a nightmare
[18/04/19 23:41] Ungod:lol
[18/04/19 23:41] Ungod:nah, he ran away
[18/04/19 23:41] Vicious Chaossword:Hrm.
[18/04/19 23:41] Ailith:That is literally hell on toast, Aelis
[18/04/19 23:41] Vicious Chaossword:Where\'s the best place to land loyalty for tonight?
[18/04/19 23:41] Vicious Chaossword:I\'m considering going to pay a quick visit to MB...
[18/04/19 23:42] Aelis:Vicious, you know the answer!
[18/04/19 23:42] Aelis:E
[18/04/19 23:42] Aelis:A
[18/04/19 23:42] Aelis:S
[18/04/19 23:42] Aelis:T
[18/04/19 23:42] :Ailith claps
[18/04/19 23:42] Ungod:you could also get some underground loyalty
[18/04/19 23:42] Ungod:could be useful...some day
[18/04/19 23:43] Vicious Chaossword:Probably not!
[18/04/19 23:43] Ungod:never say never
[18/04/19 23:43] :[Spell] counter-seal



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