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Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth

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Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth

So the birthday festival is coming to an end, and the last full night of the celebrations need... celebrating!

I invite you to the Great Hall of the Sun on April 27th, Server Time 7pm until close for an evening of fun, frolics and fabulousness.

It is an evening of contributions, and I humbly request offerings of entertainment and positive thoughts!

Please bring with you something to entertain your fellow MDers, this could be:

A story

A comedy performance

A poem

Drawings that you have done of aspects of the realm

A speech on something that interests you in the realm

A song you created, as a link or as a roleplayed lyric

A joke

A puzzle for others to perform on the night

An anecdote of a funny or entertaining moment you had in MD

ANYTHING that you can do to perform that is relatively brief and entertains the rest of us!

Prizes will be awarded to under the following titles: Most entertaining, Most thought provoking, Most prolific, Champion of the Celebration. There may be other rewards at my discretion depending on number and involvement.

Don't be shy about contributing anything, all I want to see is a part of you in the celebration.. Even if it's a short joke or two line anecdote.

So let's get ready for Saturday and HAVE SOME FUN!

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The Funtime Festival of the Fourteenth was a quiet but lovely occasion.

We had a wonderful piece of music from Aelis, a drawing from Aia and some lovely riddles from MRAlyon.

Though there were no further performances, we had a lovely evening of chatting and fun.

There was also a medal ceremony at which the following medals were given:

Aelis: Fossil

Ledah: Golden fossil

Nepgear: Veteran

Vicious: Veteran

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