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Heads Game - ranting and opinions


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My rants -

My take on the heads game, is simply not for me. I don't like interrupting my usual game play to hide out and run around with heads. I work hard to hold on to heads for an hour, then some player pops on the screen for 30 seconds, attacks gets my heads and signs back off of the game. Then I finally think it's all over and I lost my heads so I will just recover and go to sleep. I wake up the next day and start chatting with friends in the sanctuary and I suddenly get attacked because the game has auto generated me 8 more heads. I lost those heads and was happy, but now new heads keep regenerating. Why? What's the use playing a game when only 3 people can win anyway? I assume that Manu made it to get people to fight that were just sitting around being wimps or not getting more involved in the game. Let those people play it, but I can't stand the heads game.

I want a button to turn off the heads game. I don't want to play it. Let other people play it. Have them go to a different area, have them go into another dimension. I just don't want to have to deal with it. NO MORE HEADS! :)

And now for your opinions -

1. Should there be a button to turn off the heads game if you don't want to play? What's your opinion?

2. Do you hate the heads game and just want it to disappear from the game completely?

3. If you love the heads game, do you think we should get more Action Points to move around while the heads game is active?

4. If you have no opinion on keeping the heads game or removing it from the game, what do you think about -

If you have 7+ heads you can be attacked in the sanctuary. Do you like this idea?

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yes-somepeople don't like it (a lot) let them toss their heads

no- I think this is a fun game for those who like to participate. If more than 3 people won where would the challenge be?

yes- maybe a faster regen timer for head game like 1/2 normal time

yes-if you couldn't be attacked in sanctuary this would be a rather pointless game

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My view about the Heads Contest?

It's stupid.

There are some of us just trying to play the game and the Heads Contest is getting in the way of that. Not just that, but it seems its occuring far more often now than it used to. Once a month or so wouldnt be bad. But it seems like they're doing it as a weekly contest now.

Contests should NOT and NEVER should be MANDATORY participation.

When the Heads Contest starts, you should have a button pop up during log-in, "Do you wish to play the Heads Contest?"

The Contest should be RESTRICTED.

If you're a HeadHunter, then you can ONLY attack and only be attacked BY other HeadHunters.

If you're NOT a HeadHunter, then you should not be able to attack HeadHunters or be attacked by them.

Making it MANDATORY participation hurts those who are trying to get used to the game or are busy trying to just get themselves closer to the next stage of the game. It penalizes the casual player, or those who have no interest in the contest. Only the hardcore players really stand a chance at winning the HeadHunting Contest.

In short, FIX IT! The STUPID contest keeps me from playing EVERY SINGLE TIME you do it.

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I agree with some of the previous posts that the Heads Contest can get in the way of people trying to get use to the game and people trying to make it to the next level. Right now I am one of those people, I am more interested in leveling my critters than collecting heads. The heads are just getting in the way, if I attack someone for the exp, I end up with their head and not only that then they attack me because they think I'm after their heads and I could care less about them. Also I don't like the idea of being automatically generated with 8 heads. I also agree with karson that when the heads contest is active I don't want to play the game either and I agree it should be fixed. Do you really want me or others to stop playing this game?

So here's my answers.

1. I think that a button to turn off the contest is a good option. Actually it's a great idea! I don't want to play the heads game now, but if I did want to at another time the button would allow me to refuse when I want.

2.I do hate the heads contest, but I don't think it should disappear completely. Let the people who want to play it, play it and give the rest of us a choice if we don't want to. I also agree with the statement that was made that a contest should not be mandatory!!!

3. I don't love the heads game as stated before, but more AP points would be a good idea for people who do play it.

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Hmm.. head contests are an excellent opportunity to learn, even if you have very little chance to win. You can try get heads from anyone without losing anything except VE and perhaps VP, and even if you fail, you can see what the tactics of advanced players are. However, I don't know if that's as applicable in mp3 and mp4, where part of the trouble is that the newer players don't have the creatures older players do.

1) I don't think so; it will discourage players from trying the contest out, and decrease the amount of heads in the game. However, I agree with that one player who suggested a way to discard heads-- only the heads should be randomly given to different players.

2) Head contests are wonderful.

3) Maybe.. I don't know. The limit on AP adds strategy. You have to think about where to go and hide, and whether or not to attack players you come across with a few heads while you're hunting someone else.

4) It's meant to allow the heads to flow instead of staying on one character who doesn't want to participate. It would be resolved with an option to give away heads without fighting.

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I Kinda Like the Idea of Discarding Heads, sometimes it does get annoying Finding you've gathered enough Heads to be attacked in the Sanc.

However During a Contest that happens maybe 3-4 times, And unlike someone Else posted here, Heads Contests only Occur Once a Month, so thats not too Much.

Having People "Opt-Out" Of getting Heads will make the Contests go Longer as Less Heads would be Produced.

All in All Heads Contests are a Nice Change in Pace, they last about a Week, and If you Pay Attention Maybe you'll Learn something about Making Rituals...

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To paraphrase Gordon Gecko

I liked the heads contest at MP3. I LOVE it at MP4.

I'm getting beat pretty well by some of the more advanced players, but I'm learning a lot about rituals. I've also found that it's a great way to get won battles and experience because people can't hide out in . Yeah, it sucks when you've got to regen your creatures, but healing rits can take care of a bit of that. Take these contests as an opportunity to learn more about the combat system. That's why the game exists in the first place, so the managers can learn about how people use the rules and rituals. You should too

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Or if you automatically get heads make it below the value to be able to get attacked in the sanctuary.

Its very annoying when you are weak and are trying to level up creatures to log on and get blitzed immediately and then have to wait several hours to heal, only to get blasted again when you log on the next time.

Big turn off. Makes it hard to play.

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Because a lot of players, particularly most MP3 and some MP4, don't have the luxury of persisting defense rituals.


Barring how hard it is to implement, I like the idea of choosing not to participate in the heads contest at all. It should work like this:

1. From one day before the contest begins until 3 days into the contest, you have the option of dropping out from the contest.

2. If you choose to drop out, your account stops generating heads. You'll lost all heads you're currently holding, and you cannot re-enter the current heads contest.

3. You can still attack and get attacked by anyone, whether they're in the heads contest or not. But battles between you and another player who's participating will not affect their heads, not will you be able to gain heads.

However, I don't like the idea of the function to discard heads without dropping out from the competition. It can become abusable or too annoying if players choose just to drop heads for their own advantage or to obstruct another hunter's progress. If you're in it, you should accept the risk involved as well.

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Just a suggestion...if you aren't interested...why not just set a few single creat defenses and move on about your business?

I Second this Motion... Learn to Make Defense Rituals... You only need to Loose Once (or at MP4+ give the Other Person a Victory) and all Those Pesky little Heads will go to Someone who Wants them...

As far as "dropping the Heads" I think it would be More like you Just let your Heads go to the Next Person you Fight, not Like the Heads just Dissapear (that would make a Heads Contest Very Long, but interesting...)

I Also want to Say this... There is a Few Places in the Game where you can sit Without being Seen (or Attacked) AT ALL.... I've used this Option before, and I think it's a Good way to Keep yourself Safe.

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Hmm.. heads are distributed pretty often, so it would be troublesome to have to keep watch for when it happens and make an easy ritual.  It wouldn't be possible to just spam one ritual, because the player would have to make sure there is more than 300 VE after being attacked each time.

Pi's thoughts about how players would suddenly discard heads sorts of makes sense, I guess, maybe to prevent the heads from falling into the hands of someone strong.  However, I don't agree with the discarding idea anyway, because that would make the contest long, as Bootes said.  Suppose the heads got distributed randomly, would there be as much incentive to drop?  The heads might go to someone just as strong, and the player won't know to who.

Doing the heads-go-to-next-person-fought works too, actually..

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im not really fond of the current way the heads contest is done. The logging out tatic is pretty lame in my books even if you dont get points while logged out its still a huge advantage, because alot of the time they are still in the game on a 2nd account spying for more heads to go take them. Just be thankful muratus wont implement old rules for head contest. It was by far the most fun i ever had in the game during the first few contests.

The first few rounds was winner takes all, was no win for just 1 head. A win was a win and i liked that aspect, also we didnt have logout noobs. If someone was offline and you attacked them you auto won all their heads didnt even have to fight them. Being in sancuary sux and losing your heads but its ment to prevent people from hiding out trying to keep heads in play.

The contest is ment to be fun for everyone like a hide and seek game, its not ment to be a burden. I can understand your not fond of being hit moment you login theres a few places you cant be hit even when you login, and if you pm me in game ill be more then happy to share those spots. The contest only runs a few days a month so just try to make do everyone is in the same boat you are come this time of the month. Changes most likely arent going to be made for the contest even though we have asked multiple times. Muratus seems to be happy with the way they run so enjoy it or try to be on minimal time during it i guess.

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I'm gald to see so many different opinions on the heads game.

Why does there have to be so many heads in the game? If you don't want to play you have 3 days before the contest starts to click a checkbox that says (not participating in this heads game), the script Manu writes stores your information and when the game starts you are not in the game.

If you only log in once a week, then you may have missed the opportunity to opt out of the starting heads game and now you get stuck playing. I started to like the idea of having an option to release heads. How about when you release heads they go to your Adepts (distributed equally to all your adepts), if you don't have adepts they randomly appear throughout the game and first one who sees them along the road in that scene can pick them up and run with them. Actually, that idea may cause too much extra scripting for Manu but you can always have the heads release to another mp level or to your whoever you chose within the first 24 hours of the heads game starting. After the first 24 hours you can only lose them by the normal way of getting beat.

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Ok, it seems many of you arent getting the point that those of us who dislike (and I'm being polite) the contest are trying to drive home.

Sanctuaries were designed as places to REST SAFELY, to recuperate and the like. The Heads Contest RAPES that idea and throws it out the window. There are NO safe places, unless you want to blow 20 AP every log in to move out of the most obscure region to do your daily work. And ANOTHER 20 AP or more to move back to that region.

Contests MUST be OPTIONAL, and those who wish to engage in them are welcome to do so. Many of us just want to play the game, we dont need to do any additional ego boosting. Which is all the Heads Contest is. Its an Ego Prize. Nothing more.

If its MANDATORY, I have THIS to say.


No, I did not cuss there, I put in abstract characters to get the point across that I am pissed at this LAME little game we are forced to play for the amusement of a few.

Rituals only go so far. You can talk out your butt all you want about how it teaches you how to create a lean mean efficient set of rituals. But, it has ALSO driven a number of MP3s to stop playing already, or play less often. I've seen numerous people complain about it. I've also seen a number of people ask for the rules about Heads distribution. Any "contest" that does not update players regularly on the rules is NOT A $^&%$^&%^& FAIR CONTEST!!!!

I have seen this "contest", in almost 75 days crop up at least five times. Do the math. Its PRACTICALLY A BI-MONTHLY BLOODY STINKING RAPE OF LOWER POWER CHARACTERS.

Yes, I am FULLY aware I'm yelling. I dont CARE.

Every time I see a Head on my character, I LOG OUT! Since the contest has gotten more prevalent, I've also stopped voting.


One more bit. As I dont know HOW OFTEN the guys who CODE this read the forums, besides the bug report section, is to start spamming their PM boxes. I DONT want to take it to that, but sometimes thats what it takes. Give them so much grief they HAVE to stop what they're doing and listen.

If Muratus thinks this LAME HeadHunting EgoBoosting "Contest" is the greatest thing since sliced bread, see what happens when he finds players SPAMMING his PM box, STOP voting for the game (which is for the most part fun) and the like!

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Manu has read this topic, I assure you. Don't get upset at others for expressing their own views; your opinion and points have been made. They seem sensible enough to me, but like any other suggestion, you will have to wait to see if it's acted upon. Things don't happen immediately.

Personally, I find the contest fun, not egoboosting, because you compete. It's a time to learn and challenge yourself, not to just give up immediately because you're far weaker than others. Weak people will never achieve with that mindset.

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This is part of the game FACE IT and even if I don't like it also from time to time its part of the game that I accept and support to be as it is. It brings a bit of excitement to game every month.

And what will u do when u get killed loads of time when there no competition?

U gonna start complaining on forum? :)

Thats my opinion on so called problem.

All hate posts will be fun to read. :)

With all respect *Raven47*

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I Have Nothing to Add to My Opinion.

I just thought those of you Who Hate the Heads Contest would Like to Know it will be Over soon. 24 Hours from now, we will be back to the Constant threat of a War with the Shades. B)

So you Have a little Over 3 weeks before the Next constant starts. I'd like to Point out that Manu does read the Forms, and that the Heads Contest changes every time as Manu likes to see how we React to Varying Circumstances... So who Knows, maybe we will See some ways to "Opt Out" of the Contest next time. But I wouldn't hold your Breath.

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And what will u do when u get killed loads of time when there no competition?

U gonna start complaining on forum? angry.gif

I would just like to say, complaint is legal when the complainer wants something changed, and moreso when he suggests something. However, threatening someone will a flooded PM box because nothing has changed immediately is unnecessary and disagreeable.

As Bootes said, if any changes will occur, they will happen with the next contest. It is good that you are offering yours and other players' opinion, since the game is for the players, but be patient.

EDIT: Oh, yes, I was going to say that the contests occur once a month only. They always start on the 28th (since two contests ago), carry on and usually end shortly after the next month starts, a day after each mindpower gathers a certain amount of points. And then another starts on the 28th.

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well as much as I hate the heads game I must say this -

Karson - "Social Butterfly" is right when he says spamming a PM box is not apporpriate. I agree there. But, I love your enthusiasim. :)

For All Else Who Have Read This Post (and Manu) -

Let's create a simple opt out option. Those who love it, will play their hearts out. Those who hate it (like me), can have some peace and quiet. Those who are undecided can have the option of playing that month or opting out.

Everybody wins! :)

If anyone else wants to get loud, or has a good point in either direction, we are all listening.

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