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Stanza for the Realm

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Stanza for the realm

Write one stanza to add to my two examples below.

The theme is what you like about MD, or what interests you in the realm. 

Follow the same pattern, four lines, rhyme 1,1,2,2.

All appropriate stanzas will be put together by myself and the completed collaborative poem will be posted on the forum in its entirety to celebrate the 15th Anniversary.

I don't want perfect classical literature, you can see this from my examples!

I want to hear what you have to say and how you feel about MD. I am not judging on high language ability or sophisticated grammar... only what you have to say.

Top three in terms of quality of message or uniqueness will get an Anni creature, there may be further rewards if there are multiple entries of note.

Funny or serious, personal or general, tell me why you love MD following the rhyme scheme below.

The Fifteenth Year

Celebrate the fifteenth year of MagicDuel,
By letting our creativity be the fuel.
To tell the world what makes all who strive
To work together to keep this realm alive.

For me, it is the delicate balance upon which MD
Was designed and how since ancient times we
Affect changes to it; and yet still we do pace
Past present and future, all equally have a place.

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No matter what we do or where we go,

there is always a part of us to follow.

Inside this realm that dwells apart,

that allows us the views of our world to restart.


To find such good friends and kith,

that we are blessed to spend such time with.

To know its full impact, we will never know,

except our fields of inspiration are never fallow.

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well my word is limited

but MD offers me infinite

every day I do endless researching

my mind is filled up like blazing

it's frustrating someday we left the realm

one day in the end it gets back to our theme

we keep complaining the interface is shabby

anyhow in anni we stay up late and say yippee

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