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Happy Hour at the Drunken Corpse

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We want to do a special promotion of cocktails at the pub, but we need some more recipes!


You are hereby challenged with the task of coming up with some recipes to help us keep the revellers having fun!


Design your own Cocktail!

It can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic!

Use any ingredients that can be found in MD, remember there are items of various drinks and foods as well as the consumables.

I would like to see you post here with:

The list of ingredients

The list of equipment needed

The instructions on how to make it

A picture (optional, drawn or photo)

Give it an MD themed name (by MD themed, I mean ANYTHING related to MD)


The winner will be the forum post submission with the most likes by the end of the anniversary.

1 GC to Winner

5 Sc to runner up

5 plushies all competitors


Please note, this forum activity is for FUN, don’t think too hard about it just create and have a laugh!

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I'll get started with something simple. Let's say, a Distilled toxic shot.

To begin, given that this spirit isn't yet in the realm, one would need to make some Toxic Mouthwash. This endeavor would require the following ingredients:

  • 10L of mineral water
  • 5 toxic herbs
  • 5 crushed candy canes
  • 1 aromatic herb

You shall have to mix them all, bring to a boil, and add some yeast found in any local brewery, and left still for a month.
The end result, would be a mildly bitter, alcoholic liquid, that is the Toxic Mouthwash.

Next, to start the distillation process, simply scavenge Golemus for a distillation flask, commonly found in any chemistry set. Heat the liquid up, and collect the vapor, be careful to pour away the first condensation, which is highly toxic. The end result would be half a liter of fine, concentrated Distilled Toxic.

Now, to make the cocktail, we shall need some extra ingredients:

  • Cinnamon Rum
  • Corn syrup
  • Ice
  • Lemon Wedge

Simply add 2 shots of Distilled Toxic, 1 shot of Cinnamon Rum, and a tablespoon of Corn Syrup. Fill the cup with cold, solid ice, mix well, and pour the mixture (skipping the ice) into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


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Ok, let's call this Ledah's (Blackjack) Victory Shot.

Well, since Ledah is drunk with himself when winning a game, you don't need much - just disguise ol' bushie wine (he'll never notice).

So, for ingredients, it would be:

  • ol' bushie wine 
  • aromatic herbs
  • nightshade
  • ice

You need scissors to harvest the plants, a deal with any alcoholic peddler, slick glasses and...a Ledah, of course -  for equipment.

The procedure is simple: pour bushie wine into a glass; crush nightshade and aromatic herbs into it, add ice and serve cold.




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Hey now, I barely covered my costs this year! The shareholders will be mortified....

Now, for my cocktail.... "Odeur a la Grasan"

It is quite hard to get authentic ingredients in the East, since Grasan Ferment was outlawed, just make sure nobody is looking while you brew this... You will need:


1x Distilled Grasan ferment (available in all good pubs regardless of it's legal status)

1x Solid Stench - I recommend the Stench harvested from a Golemian Grey Grasan... it is simply better.

1x Secret Ingredient (the real secret is, it doesn't matter what the secret ingredient is!)

1x Grasan Pin Badge OR Sticker from sticker book - For decoration purposes ONLY

You will require bravery to harvest the Solid Stench and cunning to smuggle the Grasan Ferment out of the East. The rest can be found on the floor or in some Obelisks occasionally.


Slowly pour the ferment into your chalice of choice, while whispering to it sweet nothings and lascivious praise. Next, put a sprinkle of your Secret Ingredient or the whole lot, according to taste. You must then leave the Solid Stench on the rim of the glass, no you are not meant to drink or eat it, it merely gets in you way. Then, add Grasan Badges and Stickers to taste - I find a sticker on the front matches my tastes. Consume.... fresh.

Terrible Drawing.jpg

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"Proper tequila"

Take Tequila.

Find a person sleeping (Eara preffered)

Remove finger from that entity (or preferred part)

Use heat or sleeping sunfire to flashdry the part

insert in bottle.

Wait a little

Pass around.


Now with that bottle you can have a competition. The first one to chew is the winner.



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- what is the most important to liquor?

microorganism. more complexity on the environment of organism will bring more flavor.

being hanging around the realm I found the most diverse collection of organism are hold by the most deadly man. 

in the name of him, I'll present you this "bloody lashtail".


1. a barrel tall enough with a hole on top.

2. a tube

3. a walking stick or a feather

4. ice cube


1. a lashtal

2. a honey lollipopp

3. salt

4. unidentified plants. 

5. mineral water

6. wiiya gas


1. fill 80% of the barrel with mineral water and put in lashtal, with his head out of the hole. fill the rest space with wiiya gas. 

2. seal the hole with something plastic. connect the barrel with the ice cube with the tube

3. tickle lashtal with the stick every other day. so he shakes a little bit to stir the water. and generate some heat but not too much. (according to ancient Greek theory from Ungod and the fact in MD)

4. the distilling process last for about 10 days. wiiya gas is the most important as the second isolating material and the filter of the flavor. 

5. pour the liquor into a cup. roll the honey lollipop along the edge of the cup, and sprinkle some salt on it . put in an unidentified plant to make it different every serve. 


and a partial of the source of the organism is also listed FYI. 



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This quest is now closed, thank you for the drinks!

As there is a massive tie, I am awarding the rewards as follows:

Tissy: 1 Gold coin - for sheer inventiveness and clever tie ins to MD (paid GoE 29/04/2020)

Ungod, Ledah and Demonic God all get 3 silver each (Ledah and DG paid GoE 29/04/2020)

All competitors who fulfilled the criteria will receive 5 plushies also :) 

Please note that the coins come from my own pocket, thank you.

Edited by Clair de Lune
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