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How do I get into Necrovion?



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Necrovion, as a land - is heavily influenced by players and their actions. How to enter Necrovion, and how safe it is to do so, changes through time as events happens.

For now, there are many, many ways to enter - and leave - Necrovion. Some of the common methods are:

  • By having enough AP to just walk through the gate
  • By offering a head to the gate
  • By paying a price to the Death Guard - Lashtal. As part of the visitation, he can also helps you enter and navigate Necrovion

As to when it is safe to enter Necrovion:

  • Whenever you think you can evade Lashtal. Lingering may increases risk.
  • When you have a valid working Necrovion Pass - purchased from Lashtal.
    • The pass is paid via one of the following personal items - either yours or someone else:
      • Bottled Emotion
      • Signature
      • A drop of blood
  • When it is announced that it is safe to do so - usually during events
  • When someone with the authority granted you protection to do so - do make sure it's valid
    • For example - they negotiated your entry as part of a quest they are hosting
    • Members (usually A25 members) developing the realm
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If you wish to enter Necrovion the recommended way is by asking Lashtal. For just a small fragment of your identity he will allow you to visit the land and guide you through it. It is also possible to break into Necrovion through other means, but movement through Necrovion is very difficult and without Lashtal's protection you are at a constant risk of being killed.

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