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How do I know which land is best for me?



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This is a difficult to answer question, you might say each land has different values and ideals, you can read the signpost at the gates of the land or talk to people from that land what the land is about and try to enter the land you resonate the most with.

a word of warning, MD is a living game there is also a history the lands or people of the lands have with each other and thus might not speak well about some of the lands they are not part of

if you join a certain alliance you will automatically gain citizenship in the land the alliance is part of, but you do not need to be in an alliance to enter a land as citizen

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This question is tricky because nobody better than you can say what fits you. In the old days, you may have been forced to get a spouse/husband because your parents knew better, but it's not the case with MD (unless you are a descendant of Khalazdad, in which case Necrovion is where your bones will be at).

The difference between lands is striking, in that you'll notice lots of differences at first glance. So will you notice similarities after a bit of wandering (and wondering). It may be gut feeling, it may be reason, it may be the influence of certain people or a work that cannot be done in another alliance or land but the one you dare to choose. Make your choice and stay loyal to the end to your land!*

* I say that but, to continue with our marriage analogy, there've been lots of divorces in MagicDuel (so don't worry if you land is an abusive partner)

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