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MoQ (Masters of Quests ^^)


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okay, this quest is for fun, it envolves no REAL hardwork, and is basically mostly luck, but here's what you gotta do :
I am MoM, Master of Magic, and so, all my ... people and things are the masters of their type, for example, you have ordinary silver coins, whereas I have MoC, Master of Coins...
basically, I was looking the other day for some stuff, and I came across quite some Masters... it's your job to try and figure out what each one stands for ^^ now, here's the catch, I found 9 objects in all, but I found them in a way that every three are related, and as kind as I am, I even gave you the grouping that groups them... but I'm not that kind, for the grouping will be (suppose it's money let's say?) MoMo as in Masters Of (Mo)ney, I will give you ONLY the first and second letters... oh and also, I won't tell you which grouping is for which group...

prizes : 1 silver for each of the sets, and NOTE, if a set is solved, no prize will be given again
NOTE 2: in your answer, you must attempt to answer ALL of them, and not just one (to confuse the rest =P) and if you answer ONLY one seriously and the others in a way to show that you don't think they're answers, you get nothing =) feel free to post answers here, and remember =P you don't really need to think, just have fun =D
NOTE 3: I don't need the title... aka if you could've guessed MoC without MoMo, then it's okay =)
NOTE 4: They don't have to be related to MD...

The Titles are :

The words are : (not put the same way as the groups)




oh, and you have NO guarantee that I'll keep them the same, but I will =) good luck =D

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