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WTS memory stones


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Pls let me know if you need memory stones. they grow slowly so I will get in touch with customers as I collect them. PM me with order.
Current price per stone is 2-3sc - will try to reach customer in order of descending price per stone offered and total order.

Moreover, some stones are already enchanted with powerful memories that would give you temporary ability to 'cast' finite number of 'spells'. Their price will wary depending on demand and supply. Currently offering:
1. toadspeak

Please PM me in-game of forum.

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Due to the last resource replenish rate change delays in Memory Stones availibility are to be expected until memory stone locations replenish. Supply then will be just a bit lower than it used to be (hopefully). Until then (3-5 days) all orders are suspended.
I currently have 4 Memory Stones for sale. If you cannot wait (spells recharge counter...) please PM me your offers.
Sorry for delay.

I will recall deliveries suspension here when stones are ready to be harvested again.

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Stones replenished and are harvestable. Beginning tomorrow (monday) I will be back selling stones for regular rate (2-3sc/ stone depending on demand). My current waiting list for stones at 2sc/stone is filled for at least 3-4 more days. Some stones could be delivered earlier for 3sc/stone

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