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Grounding Ritual [Record]

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The concept of the ritual my character performed is a grounding ritual that you perform in meditation with a tree, or a plant.

[url="http://www.meditationescape.com/grounding-meditation.html"]Scroll down to 'Sample Grounding Meditation'[/url]

You approach a tree if you feel that the tree accepts you coming into it's space, and kneel. You place your palms against the tree's trunk and tell it a story (whether it be something about your life, or something that has happened recently that has caused an emotional distress in you, just tell it a story.) - all the while feeling the tree's solidness against your hands. Try to feel in tune with the earthly energy of the tree [or plant] you are telling the story to, and when you open your eyes, if you feel refreshed and clear-minded.. you have done the meditation correctly.

This kind of ritual is something that my character regularly performs at the Oak Fort, and the rituals have been recorded on her personal journal. [The link to her journal is in her 'About me' papers.]

Roleplayed at the Oak Fort, Amoran performed the same meditation style ritual to calm herself in a time of crisis. Other alliance members were welcome to join her but no one showed up, except Marvolo.

Recorded ritual:

[color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol crosses the bridge, her feet thumping softly against the weathered wood.
: Amoran K Kol moves into the anchored roots of the Oak Fort, kneeling before the tree's great trunk.
: Amoran K Kol rests her palms against the Fort's rough bark, closing her eyes, letting herself feel the solidness of the great tree towering before her.[/i][/color]
Amoran K Kol: [color="#4169E1"][i]*speaks with a soft tone..*[/i][/color] May I tell you a story, great oak?
[color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol remains quiet for a moment, listening to the wind.
: Marvolo goets to sit next to the lake, watching Amoran as she performs her ritual
: Amoran K Kol lowers her head, resting her forehead against the Fort's trunk.[/i][/color]
Amoran K Kol: The air is stale in this land... the smell of blood drifts in the air.
Amoran K Kol: It is heavy..
Amoran K Kol: Metallic.
Amoran K Kol: It holds a taste of iron..
Amoran K Kol: Our sybil sleeps.. and the moon hides her face to us.
Amoran K Kol: The sun burns us, warms our skin.. and we move beneath it in ignorance, like nothing is wrong.
Amoran K Kol: The kings of the land are dead.. and the crime feels...heavy. Sudden. It has not caught us completely.
Amoran K Kol: I worry.. that through these trying times, that I will drift in the winds that carry the smell of our king's demise.
Amoran K Kol: I seek an anchor.
Amoran K Kol: I seek roots that are buried deep within this land.
Amoran K Kol: Hold me to the soil, my Fort..
Amoran K Kol: Life, for you. Water, for you..
[color="#FF8C00"][b]: [Spell] Days beneath a shaded willow, under a shadow clad sky, time moves in circles.[/b][/color]
[color="#4169E1"][i]: Amoran K Kol Shudders as clouds gather overhead, her pale skin lighting with a soft white glow.
: Amoran K Kol opens her eyes and raises her features to the Fort's canopy as rain dances across her face.
: Amoran K Kol 's lips curl into a content smile that touches her eyes.[/i][/color]
Amoran K Kol: So few wished to join me in this grounding, but thank you.. my Fort.
[color="#FF8C00"][b]: [Spell] Earthen Binding - Amoran K Kol[/b][/color]
Marvolo: Amounts do not matter, rain does.

Spells used: Weather Heavy Rain, Movelock

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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