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Regarding Future Rewards


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There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding about a few things lately, so I will explain how things should be handled in the future.

Fellow MD Players:
When it comes to receiving your rewards, I no longer handle stock or send it out unless absolutely necessary, or otherwise instructed by Mur. If you have a complaint about the tardiness, or any sort of mistake of a Treasure Keeper, please bring it up with them. It should be stated on the forum who is doing what. If not, please speak with whom sent you the creature in the first place and sort it out that way. If for any reason you feel that the behavior of the Treasure Keeper was not up to par with being respectful, or otherwise helpful in solving the matter, then please speak to me about it and I will speak to whom it is who you feel has not been the greatest in demeanor.

Do NOT talk to Mur about the failure of the Treasure Keepers under ANY circumstance.

Edit: Chew Chew pointed something out, that I think I should clarify a bit more. When it comes to the Treasure Keepers being tardy, or messing up,or whatever, do not go to Mur. If I were to mess up, or otherwise do something wrong,then you would go to Mur about me. To make it simple, here is a map of sorts to explain it better.

Mur-- Head of Tribunal, creator of game, God, etc.
Seigheart-- Head of the Treasure Keepers. Mur receives any and all issues regarding Seigheart when handing out rewards.
Treasure Keepers-- People who hand out the rewards. Seigheart handles any and all issues regarding the treasure keepers in regards of them handing out rewards.

So in this regard, Mur does not handle any issues regarding the treasure keepers. If for any reason Seigheart fails to solve any issue between rewardee and person sending out the rewards, then Mur MAY get involved and a meeting be held to solve it. But for anything else, please refrain from bothering Mur about the treasure keepers.

Treasure Keepers:
It is YOUR job to keep tabs on Mur's rewards, his sponsorships, his announcements, posts, ANYTHING that might be part of your role, and to REMIND HIM of said things. You are to keep track of everything that you do. Mur will -not- be telling you what to do, but -how- to do it. He will not want to bother with you unless you ask for codes, or if he wants things done in a specific fashion. Any mistakes that you do for now on is on your back. It is your job to talk to myself or Mur. No longer will we be dishing out any jobs for you to do. If you see something that may relate to what you do, ASK.

Any failure to comply with this may result in loss of role or otherwise other punishment depending on severity.

I hope I have made myself clear.

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