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Merging Of MoM

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Okay, so I think that my player has gained a little popularity with the MP3s, and perhaps some other players, and I think it's time I let out my story, but before I do, a few notes :
1. This will explain why I wanted to buy a girl friend
2. This will explain with I love GG sooo much
3. If you find it too long and boring, well just DON'T READ IT! I will not stand for people telling me it is way too long or boring, if you would like to criticize it or me, do so freely, but do not criticize it's size (hey, you can't fit 2 epochs worth of history in one short Paragraph!)...
anyway, here it goes (hope you enjoy it ^^):

[left]A long time ago, long before mostof us were born, in the 59th epoch, a war was taking place. The war wasterrible, but that's not what made it stand out, for the unique thing aboutthis war, was the combatants diversity... Humans were not the only fighters yousee, machines, aliens, creatures, shades, and even the Gods themselves weresparring. One night, when a temporary truce was decreed, a wizard living inGolemus (of course, back then it was called Erathaton) foresaw the destructionof all the races, he knew that treason would happen, and a mistake would leadto the destruction of all that ever was. However, he also foresaw that thehuman race would prosper once more, and that the creatures after that wouldcome to be, but they would be weak and humans would control them... He also sawthat the shades would re-form, stronger than before, and then a shade hero, whowill slaughter millions of forces, andthen even unleash the same havoc that had been unleashed last time, that willbe unleashed soon... And then nothing. All forms of life would be forever gone.For that, this wizard had to warn the next epoch, but simple words might beforgotten or ignored, he needed something more, he needed a living organism, sohe called to order an emergency meeting with all the races most profoundthinkers...[/left][left]
[/left][left]After filling them in on his visionand goal, all the races agreed to produce this living organism, but argumentsbroke out on what race this organism should be, each desiring their own.Finally, a Farckricher suggested that they take equal genes from each race, andmerge them together. The proceedings started directly, and finished in no timeat all, but before they were finished, the treason had begun! A race ofvampires wishing to increase their numbers toxicated a cave filled with bats...However, that cave was also filled with Cyclopes, and the toxic reached theireyes, blinding them. They started attacking random cities and eventually madeenough racket to wake up the Gods, the Gods started punishing the species onthe realm, so these species defended themselves by attacking the Gods, but manyshots missed and kept rising until they reached the aliens, but due to theplant's turn around itself, by the time the aliens realized they had beenattacked, they didn't know which of the three neighboring planets had done it,so they declared war on all of them... Things continued in this way, and all specieswere attacking each other, and the truce was never going to be declared. Now,the supreme God, God of all Gods, was not pleased by what he was seeing, so hedecided to knock everyone unconscious for a while so that they would stop thisfoolishness, for he was growing old and could not directly interfere, but as hedid that, something happened... No one knew what, because the only survivor didn'tknow himself, all that I know is that this great wizard (due to defensivespells) survived, just long enough to add the final touch to my creation... Hestopped however at a sorrowful site, the destruction of Erathaton! The wizardwas so affected by this change, that he went up to his land, and made it split,releasing it's 5 elemental cores (used to control the elements)... Channelingall of his remaining power into the cores, he cast 4 to the corners of theEarth, and the last one into that organic creation of his, that was the lasttouch needed...[/left][left]
[/left][left]And I opened my eyes. I rememberhim channeling all his thoughts, powers, and memories into me, and then, buryingme underground. I am sure that he is dead... That that last action drained himof his will to live, but I survived, and that was what he wanted...[/left][left]
[/left] [left]
[/left][left]Centuries later, and on the nextepoch, I woke up... From what I've collected, people usually wake up in thepaper cabin, but I woke up in the road of battles... After obtaining mycreatures, they began talking to me, telling me what to do, how they would bemost effective... I thought that was normal, but later learned otherwise andafter meeting Mirand, something strange happened... My intuition was telling meto do something, but I was too scared, even though I knew it would change a lotof things. Mirand even told me once : 'do it and let's get it over with, it'llbe good, trust me' but I never did... Afterwards, I was greeted by a soul, hetold me to tell the world I was his brother, and he gave me a group ofcreatures to aid me, one of which was about to hatch, after hatching theangien, and naming her Egg Head (she liked the name) she told me : 'you willmeet a girl on ur path, it is the only reason you have appeared now, and notbefore or after, only with her love may you survive, and only if it is aspowerful as ur creator's love for his land! He has transferred to you theability to love wholeheartedly, use it wisely' and then, she burned herself todeath... After i got my MB creatures, they started pulling me towardssomething, it was a metal contraption. After holding it, I was totally confusedon what to do, until my MB crits left and returned with some papers. Afterthat, I opened the thing, but I wasn't the one who solved it... It was mycreatures! Always communicating with me and telling me what they are doing.After the sound I heard, my creatures started pointing in all directions, mysenses were going crazy, I could hear yells for help, and directions, andreasons to not kill the voices, but they soon stopped, my senses went numb, andmy creatures froze...[/left][left]
[/left][left]After a few seconds, I could hear asoft humming, looking at my creatures, I found them pointing, i followed onlyto find a girl. In her, I could see hope, I could see beauty, I could see happiness, I could see success, I could see the means to an end... But could itreally be that simple?[/left]

[/center][left]An extra note, due to my... species, I have written this on my K-document (introductory paragraph) : [/left][left]
[/left][left][font="Arial"][size="2"] Most People, if not all, are made up of different types of species... I believe that I, amongst all those that are as such, have most knowledge about this subject, given that I was merged from Humans, Aliens, Vampires, Zombies, Mages, Frogs, Aramors, Grassans, Bees, Cyclopses, Trees, Fruits, Water Beings, Alligators... Also, I am made of spieces not known to the modern-day-man, such as Ghardats, Klooties, Bringots, Tazrazatazes, and much more... To say the truth, my main existance was when an ingenuous wizard noticed that all species were to die, and so he called an urgent meeting, extracted DNA samples from all, and merged them into one being, that would not awaken and not start to evolve UNTIL the 'time' was right...[/size][/font][/left][left][font="Arial"][size="2"]
[/size][/font][/left][left][font="Arial"][size="2"]so basically and if it's not too hard, I'd like to be also known as the Master Of Merging ^^[/size][/font][/left]

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