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Curiose on Standby

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To those of whom this may concern:

I will be moving in less than 2 weeks. During that time, I will be gone for a day and a half, maybe more due to actually being on a train to get to where I am moving, and then settling everything there that needs to be settled. I haven't a clue what my availability will be like. Supposedly, my roomies have internet, and stuff that I can bum off of, but... there raises the question of work, and such forth. How much work I have I haven't the slightest, or even close to what my hours are. I will likely be busy 24/7.


this does not mean I am parting ways with MD. I've already parted with one group of people whom I care for greatly, I could not bear to leave you barrel of monkeys to your lonesome troubles. So. Just letting you all know that I may have issues getting to you, and doing things that need to do.

I will speak to Mur about this personally and probably assign one of you to handle his stuff while I am away. You know what this means? Upping your game and actually SHOWING that you can do this. I'll have asked others in particular to keep an eye on you as well. So. DO NOT MESS UP. Thank you much. <3

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