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Seekers of Enlightenment

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Seekers of Enlightenment is the first created alliance of Marind Bell, and was only for a long period of time.

Currently, Seekers are a group of people who conduct researches and gather some of their knowledge in Seeker library.
The main focus of the researches is the symbolism in the realm, the nature of this realm, in a way philosopher's search for truth, about existence itself.
Through our path to knowledge, we form and crystalize our identity, we seek spiritual enlightening and try to make our mind and soul progress.
We do not seek power via the knowledge we acquire, we simply seek the truth, and to help others reach their own answers.

Seekers are people of Marind Bell, but we are also of neutral, pacifist nature, having no quarrels with others, and are available to be of service and help to anyone if requested.

There were never many Seekers, but in every generation of few Seekers there were great people. Seekers are proud of their history, although we are not traditional - our eyes are focused into the future, not the past.

Every fresh Seeker initiate, before becoming full SoE member (like Maebius recently did), has a path to walk to reach some standards of our alliance.
We can generally recognize potential in people, open-minded people who are always prepared to progress themselves in abilities and understanding, so we are here to encourage them to attain certain knowledges before becoming true Seekers of Enlightenment.

If you found yourself in these words, come and let us test you. Contact Princ Rhaegar.

Edited by Rhaegar Targaryen
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