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WTB-WTS Creatures and some herbs


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Well Hi all and recibe a hug when read this

Im selling

Sharpshooter fresh ------------------------------ ignnus 8 silver :D
Toxico dendrite black daimonds---------------- 2 silvers

[s]Drean Mutation------------------------------------ 50 age 3gc[/s]

[s]Pimped Gassan----------------------------------- 369 age 737172 heat 4 Silvers By living puppet[/s]

[s] [/s]
[s] [b]7 Aromatic herbs 2 sc[/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] [b]Flowers 1 sc[/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] 4[b] Mineral Water 3 sc [/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] [b]Sawdust 1 sc[/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] [b]4 Tea leaves 1 sc [/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] [b]8 Toxic plants 3 sc [/b][/s]
[s] [/s]
[s] [b]8 Unidentified plants 3 sc [/b][/s]

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