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After AL 514 till....


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after 18 months of last al page, its clear that al stopped and not likely to continue from that point to tell what happened next, and due to everyone's failure to document events of what happened after that, i am opening this topic to give summary of happenings after al page 514 till major kingship elections

whats gonna happen with al isnt known and doesnt matters, obviously that if it will ever continue it wont be possible to continue the story from where it stopped, i am not here to write expansion of al, every vet knows wot al represents, its not only documented major events, but it also had deeper meaning about specific things in realm (at least parts that were written by mur have that meaning), so i am here to offer short summary of happenings which i am aware off from point of last al page, and i do this just for the sake of documenting the realms history, since i dont see anyone have done this, and due to mine major involvement into those events i think i will be able to make good summary

BUT i will need help, becoz long time passed, i dont remember everything, i dont even remember all names and some of those players dont even play anymore, so i ask all of you who have been involved to try to remember and fill in mine gaps, also i will need someone to rewrite it nicely :D obviously mine writing is very very bad

also i encourage that events after major kingship elections took place gets documented, by those of you that were there

this is what i currently have written, MANY gaps i know, try to help me filling them
keep in mind that journey to the east was actually a mission to find knattys soldiers, what happened after this events i am not aware,so...

after escape from necrovion, akasha told us to go to plains of deceit and to plant seeds there, she also mentioned that we have to guard those seeds, somebody would come to take them, kets was assigned to water the seeds, and so i assigned whole KOB to take shifts in guarding seeds, first one who came to take seeds was postman, we fooled him in thinking there arent any seeds there, so he left, then after day or two of planting seeds, akasha said that we should move seeds further, so they were replanted by kets near passage of war, next danger that came was morpheus, he locked kets and guybrush (not sure of his name) in dream (dont really remember much about this event), but seeds started growing, they were guarded by KOB still, and after few days portal to new land opened, team of several people were chosen to go in and explore new land, that was me, lifeline, unbelievable power, akasha, jester and tzaroth, so we arrived at new land, knowing we are near necro but also near bell, those plain where we arrived first were ofc called after me plains of liberty, we still didnt know if shade sentinel was after us or not as he said, so we were still on our guard even after long time after that encounter, after arriving to foundations, it was decided to try going around it rather than going under it, slowly each day we advenced inside, once we reached city streets, they got named jesters streets, after jester ofc, so we continued going further into tribunals, till we reached temple (al was written with delay in comparison to real time events, like week or more of delay, so here it started failing totally apart, cuz mur was away and we were allowed to walk back to mainland) so we at that point went back to mainland to "resupply", however explorers team were followed by many ppl into east and soon they would be the ones who would continue journey, but many things happened in that short time, jester became new leader of necrovion sentinels, dynasty got secluded from military alliances leaving jester to watch over the land and he used the opportunity to openly start offensive politics, so me and yrth answered with preventive invasion, so 3rd war started, but this war later seemed to be partial extension of 2nd war which ended very very fast, so many unexpected sides got involved, inside golemus army happened huge sabotage, master wodin was lost, treachery inside golemus against king, necros took over gg ally and golemus forces was out of play, resulting in KOB to fight alone, COE also joined on side of necrovion, and some ppl that were neutral went on necro side as well, this was only war in md that erupted into full scale military conflict, and it was decided by final battle at gates of despair, where KOB forces highly outnumber and not even in full force were defeated by joined forces of Sentinels and COE, me have retreat from political scene and KOB was taken by necros, but they never walked into MB due to their real interest in golemus, after that battle yrthilian managed to get to stone of twisted souls, and many ppl followed there, necros got confused attacked their own, shades were beaten (summoned army or sentinel not sure) and yrth burned khals soul cube in retribution for wodin, soon after every land was in inner crisis, golemus due to treachery erupted into some kind of civil war, lore still havent gotten to solid ground from 2nd war, necro got dynasty vs military alliances drama after khals cube been burned and shades attacked by necro forces, and bell lost kob and leader, all those events resulted into realm wide kingship elections, gg king remained yrth, but his power over military alliances got limited this also ended the gg inner turmoil of land, necro got peace elected, so she remained queen, but as jester also wanted crown things werent fully settled just yet, loreroot got firsanthalas as king which finally made things in lore solid, bell got lifeline as king who managed to get KOB back from necros

pls help me fix mistakes and fill the gaps, also this is mainly written from mine perspective

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Yes, that is what he means. Alliance leader. At the time we didn't have Kings and Queens but Necrovion did have the Dynasty. My time was limited so I gave Jester the Necrovion Sentinels to rule over them and keep an eye on what is going on with entire Necro.

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I would like to add what I wrote within a few days of my return, upon the suggestion of Awiiya, so it would be fresh in my mind. I kept notes.

[spoiler]Seeds of the East

Handy Pockets
Day 255 Year 4

Awiiya planted the seeds of the Oak, Maple, Willow and the Spruce on Day

143. He told me about them the night before he left on a short trip. He

asked me if I would water his seeds while he was away. I agreed and

struggled with my heavy watering pail, spilling water on the paths every

night. When at last he was home, I had the opportunity to witness his

magical watering can. Night after night he watered, and never refilled

his rusty can. Phantom Orchid joined us his first day back, she helped

set up the schedule, with stories for the Oak, Day’s Happenings for the

Maple, a poem for the Willow and secrets for the Spruce. Without fail, we

did this every night. Friends, Pamplemousse, and Keith Moon, were the ones

who joined us most often. Rendril Revant, Guybrush Threepwood, Innocence

and Fenrir Greycloth and many others joined us on occasion, telling their

own stories or poems.

At the end of July, Awiiya came to me and said Akasha would need our

help, but he did not know when. Soon after this he went away again and I

cared for the seeds in his stead. “Invite others to join you, it can be a

lonely task.” he said. That is when I asked if he would lend me the

watering can while he was away? Little did I know that taking ownership

of the watering can would lead me on my greatest adventure. Awiiya was

away for just a few days when I received a message from Akasha. -- Can I

kidnap you? --I paced the Main Land, back and forth running into people

as I paced blindly. Akasha was looking for me? I knew there was a

reason for this meeting, I did not understand how exciting it would be.

July 25, Day 205, Akasha messaged me to wait for her, that she was not

sure of the upcoming events, that I should be ready for her at anytime.

My pacing brought me into Loreroot, it was not long after that I found

myself in a concealed room, teleported by Akasha for our secret meeting.

She explained that she needed me to find a seed in a dry arid place, and

that I should ignore the voices. I told her I would be ready when she

needed me.

July 25, Day 205, I sent a scroll to Clock Master asking whether he would

tend the seeds if he did not see me during the day, he agreed to my


July 26 Day 206 I found myself teleported to Stone of Twisted Souls. I

blinked and there was Akasha, Liberty and Mur. Mur frightened me, I could

not find my voice. Mur talked to Akasha and Liberty and I just listened.

Akasha made it very clear that I was not to leave the area, one step to

the left or right and the mission would end. Liberty was to protect me at

any cost. Harm could not come to me or the mission would end. Akasha

told us we had to make five tools before Day 210. I told Akasha that I

already had Awiiya’s watering can, and that it never ran out of water, but

she said we had to make what we would need. She explained I had a spell.

A heal spell, to help heal if there was any problems with the Shades.

July 26 Day 206 After Akasha left the two of us there, Liberty promptly

helped me set my defense. He said to me, you have the Head Contest

Trophy, this is good. But when he saw what I had for creatures he was

upset. “How did you win the Head Contest? You are so weak“. I explained

that I was in the process of sacrificing creatures and training for stats.

Finally he had a defense for me to set that he felt comfortable with. It

was time for Liberty to attend to matters of another kind; his departing

words, --I will make sure it is secure before you wake up.

Akasha would visit us everyday to see our progress.

July 27 Day 207 Ever vigilant Liberty fought off many Shades before I woke

up, he said there were over 20 but now only 4 remained. (I see over 20

shades, but he said all were taken care of, everyday I see over 20 shades

at our spot) He felt safe that we were not in danger from the four. We

started our task of looking for the tools. First we made a list of the

tools we would need. I said to Liberty to look at the stone wall, that

maybe we could find something hidden there. Liberty said yes, he found a

handle. He picked up a large stone and smashed it against the wall, we

now had odd shaped slivers of rock and after a bit of work, Liberty made

our first tool. I suggested that the principles would be important. We

talked of principles, and with the trowel being the only tool the next

day, we realized we had to physically make them.

July 28 Day 208 Again, Liberty battled the Shades that were a threat,

then gave the ‘all clear‘. This is the day we worked very hard on making

tools. We knew we would need wood for more handles, but we were stuck, no

fallen tree branches, we looked behind rocks for whatever we could find.

Finally, I ask Liberty what was the stand near Deathmarrow. His first

reaction was not favorable, after he gave it some thought, he realized

the possibilities and chops off large long “slivers” of wood. The first

tool we made with the wood handle was the hoe, Liberty made a slit in the

end and stuffed another piece of shattered rock into the groove. Now we

needed a rake, this proved to be the most difficult to make. I looked at

the four rectangle pieces at what Liberty said was the Land weapon, I

suggested we use one piece, just one to make more tools. It took some

convincing that we could use part of this land marker. Liberty was

chopping thin slices, I watched in amazement. I asked what he used to cut

the nice thin strips off of the metal piece, Liberty said to me “It is my

hatchet” I said “ What hatchet?”(we were not given any extra supplies)

then it dawns on me as he growls, “did you buy all your weapons?” The

next day we had more tools in our inventory.

The water pail was all the was left to make. Liberty took one large piece

of wood from the stand, he started to carve out the inside and then I

carved, we past it back and forth until we thought it was carved out deep

enough to be used as our pail.

July 29 Day 209 We had all our tools, and Awiiya's magical watering can.

We spent the day looking for the seed. Out on the outer shelf there was

something that looked like a seed, Liberty said he would watch for Shades

so I would have time to see what it was. On the left side of the shelf

towards Deathmarrow, very close to the cliff, was what appeared to be a

seed. After, crawling to the edge, and avoiding the urge to look over

the side of the cliff, I see it is not a seed. I continue to crawl

further along the edge, I think I see the seed. After an attempt to reach

it, and I can not, Liberty suggests I use the hoe. I grab the hoe from

the pile of garden equipment and crawl back to the edge. I use the hoe

to reach further, the first time I miss, the second time I gently pull

back the hoe dragging the dirt with it, then I push the dirt away and I

find a seed. I place it carefully in the cubic pot.

July 30 Day 210 Akasha dropped in to see how we were coming along on

finding the seed. I tell her I found it. She says it was not what we

were looking for. During this time the Shades are still there for me to

see, to Liberty he sees just the four left each day.

Akasha asked me to get the seed from the orb, as I walk towards the orb,

the Shades start to move around unsettled . Akasha told me to stop what I

was doing and walk back to her. I did this. It was obvious that the orb

was very hot as I walked towards it. Liberty asked Akasha to send for

Lifeline and Jtz, the request was sent.

While we wait for Akasha to return, Liberty talks of battles with Jtz

Champion. I had a conversation with Jtz Champion and Liberty, Liberty

told me he is the General in his Army. I knew I was well protected.

Akasha returned with Ailith. Ailith and I are told to work out some plan

to get the orb down, without burning ourselves to ashes. The shades were

growing restless. Ailith and I discussed how we would protect the orb as

I pulled it towards me with the hoe, it would fall to the ground and we

needed to be careful. Ailith says she can use powers to protect the orb.

Akasha laughed at our naiveté.

Lifeline and Jtz were there to help control the shades. Someone noticed

that the Orb stopped glowing when the shades were killed. I remember

someone mentioned the Summons Army was there.

Lifeline spoke of his powers. Lifeline is very strong, even Liberty is

amazed at his strength. Ailith is very strong and with Akasha force

joining in to control the Shades, the Summons Army and what ever the

forces that cause the sky to grow dark, we were ready to begin. There

was yelling back and forth, I remember Ailith saying she was hit, then

Liberty, and Jtz, the confusion was intense. Akasha told me that when the

orb is cool enough, from the Shade army dying, I would need to work fast

to get the orb. It was time. I ran over to the Orb with my hoe, and I

started to pull it towards me. Very slow I pulled, I do not want the orb

to crash to the ground. When I had the orb on the ground, I fell to my

knees and started to reach for the orb. Akasha ran up to me and opened a

bottle of red liquid and shook out a few drops onto my hands. I looked

inside the Orb, found what I was looking for and quickly set it into my

cubic box and closed the lid. I stood up.

Akasha tells me to run to Marind Bell Gates. I looked around, I did not

know which way to run. The sky was darkening. Akasha yelled again. “RUN”

I asked which way. Liberty yells, “LEFT.” I ran. I knew most of the way

out from my one visit to Necrovion. I have to stop once maybe twice to

look at my map. ‘Run’ I hear in my ears. I am at the Well of Tears and I

ran out the gate, almost running into Liberty. He was right with me. We

wait at Marind Bell Gate. Finally, there is a message to meet at the

Plains of Deceit. I hear Guybrush speak to me. I do not understand him.

I ran to the Plains of Deceit. I see Akasha, everyone is there, but I

only see her. She asked me to get the ground ready for the seeds. I

asked where to plant them. Akasha said “you are the seed master,”. I dig

and get the ground ready for the seeds. Akasha said firmly, “Stop, Stand

up I must give you the seeds”. She told me about each seed, one by one.

I planted the seeds. Ailith is there, she was panting from running, she

hand me Awiiya’s Watering Can. I watered the seeds. Akasha asked me to

give the watering can to Ailith so she may care for the new seeds while I

am away. I hand the watering can to Ailith. I hear Akasha yell “HANDY”

I feel her grab and hold onto me. I look up and I see frightened faces

and Morpheus. I feel fear spread through me. That is the last I see of

the seeds.

I was put in a dream by Morpheus. Morpheus asked me questions. Did I

know who he is? I don’t remember him, I knew who he was, but I was still

breathless from the running and planting. He asked me two questions. How

many seeds are there to close the realm, and name the color of one of the

missing seeds. (and explain why)

When I return a few days later, I see two growths where I planted the

seeds. Everyday Ailith waters the seeds when Akasha asks her to water.

One day I witness Akasha add a red liquid to the water, and then she

added remains of some leaflets. This is what I record: Bored wants to

know color of liquid she poured on plants. Akasha starts to search in her

bag. “they are leaves that grow from a tree that has been touched by

Shades or from the ground in Necrovion where Shades inhabit. The touched

tree would die outside of Necrovion, rather quickly. The tormented souls,

their blood is what you see on them but it is black as Shades” I also

recorded this from Akasha at the new plants. Red bottle, red dust in the

watering can, puts red bottle back in the bag and takes out a strange tube

containing some remains of leaflets. Pours the liquid leafs in the

watering can, shuffles a bit and then waters the plants- you see this is

not a normal plant. (Akasha’s words)

The day after Awiiya asked Ailith to send the watering can back to me, I

am summons by Akasha to water the plants. I watered them. Akasha took

out the bottle of liquid and pours it on the roots of the plants, she

touches the roots and a tear is in her eye, Akasha--black tear rolls down

her face, catches the tear into her tube. Within minutes the Gate appears

before my eyes.


[spoiler]Appendix I

We will need five garden tools to help with the care of the seeds.

Hoe, a long-handled implement with a thin flat blade used for cultivation,

and loosening the dirt for gardening.

Rake, a long- handled garden tool having a crossbar with prongs, to rake

rocks and debris away from the seeds.

Trowel, a small , flat or scoop like implement used in gardening, to dig

the hole to plant the seeds.

A small box to carry the seed.

Water container, to carry water to the seeds to water them.

Before we use our tools, if water is available we will soak the tools in

water to make the wood in handles expand and hold better.

Rocks found on floor of cavern, were thrown against the rock wall to break

them into smaller pieces. Shaping them with other rock to make scooped

shaped rock. Entropy principle used when rocks lost original shape when

they broke into pieces, when sharpening them against each other.

Trowel --Two pieces of wood sliced off the massive pillars from stand in

front of Deathmarrow. Groove made in one end, with broken and shaped

rock pieces. Scooped shaped rock pushed into groove of one handle to

make trowel.

Rake --With Liberty's axe he was able to cut one of the blades at hole,

after cutting off four tines; Handy Pocket walked over to the stand in

front of Deathmarrow and found two more pieces of wood to use for rake;

The shorter piece four holes were made and the four tines were put in

hole, with an extra piece of wood smashed into each hole to hold the tines

in place; Then a hole for the handle was made and the longer piece of wood

was added as a handle and small flat shard of rock was pushed into the

hole to hold the handle in place

Hoe-- Liberty cut another piece of wood from pillar and we pushed it into

the hole at end of wide shard of stone blade which was smashed before to

make the tines for rake. The wood handle needed very little carving at

end to help it fit the hole in blade. It is a very snug fit.

Box for seed. Liberty cut a piece of square wood from the pillar stand

and Handy Pockets carved the inside of the square to make a place to hold

the seed. With one piece of thin wood used as a cover to the wooden box.

Water pail - Liberty cut a 30cm piece from pillar for Handy Pockets to

start scraping out the inside. After taking turns with scraping, a hollow

log, big enough to carry water for seed, is finally finished. Before we

fill it with water, we will add a layer of sand to help hold the water a

little longer.

The Seed

On the left side of the arrow pointing towards Deathmarrow, very close to

the cliff, is what appears to be a seed. Handy Pockets thinks this is the

seed we are looking for. After, crawling to the edge, and avoiding the

urge to look over the side of the cliff, the first place Handy Pockets

looks , it is not a seed. Handy Pockets continues to crawl further along

the edge, carefully avoiding looking over the edge, until she thinks she

sees a seed. After an attempt to reach it, and can not, Liberty suggests

she use the hoe. Handy Pockets grabs the hoe from the pile of garden

equipment and starts back to edge. After crawling close to edge, she uses

the hoe to reach further, the first time she misses, the second time she

gently pulls back the hoe and grabs the dirt from hoe and looks through

the dirt and finds a seed. She puts it carefully in the cubic pot.

Yes, we found A seed, it is not the correct seed. We need to do some

planning on how to get to seed.

The orb is the seed, we must take a piece of the orb. It looks like a

difficult task. We will find a way to get this seed.


Now that I see what Liberty experienced in the days after, I am looking for some more notes I have.
(how can I fix this so it is single spaced? this is not easy to read)

Edited by Handy Pockets
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