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Trick Or Treat


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who doesn't (or didn't :P) love running around and asking for candy as a kid?
well, MD doesn't have candy (not that I know of, and I'm pretty sure they won't just be given away for free) but it has scenes (take them as houses) and in almost every land!
well then, I guess we can see who gets the most candy this Halloween, are you up to it?

[b][u]Explanation :[/u][/b]

In every main land (LR, MB, GG, and Necro) + NML, a scene will be selected, to win, you simply have got to have gone to that scene more than the others who are fetching candy.

[u][b]Rules :[/b][/u]

You have to first send me a snapshot that shows your id (so I know it's you) plus the vists there (on the bottom) so that when I check for how much times you've went there on Halloween, it's accurate (It can only be sent at the start of Halloween, at the time it starts, no earlier, and if sent later , then it's not really my fault...)

It's not an all day event, this works for only about 1 hr - 30 minutes...

The count only counts for the one where you've visited the LEAST.
So if you've visited scene A 12 times, B 14, C 21, D 4 and E 543, it only counts as if you visited each 4 times...

all spells are around (including move lock and teleport)..

[u][b]Another Suggestion :[/b][/u]

as this means that you could adopt a certain strategy to get you maximum number of visits, it doesn't make certain that you'll do an all round trip just to get everywhere...
so I'm thinking that placing my alts at certain locations, and handing out certain items to show that you've been there could make it better, but still, it seems very complicated
there's an alternative, I could script clickables, though I don't have the ability to do that, and don't know the code to do it, so if anyone would like to help, I'd more than glad...

[b][u]Almost Forgot : REWARD :[/u][/b]

Well I'll try to get a wish point for this, but if I can't, and there are enough participants (note, if ppl sign up but do nothing, I won't count that as participation), I'll offer my 3 angien collection (enough days for direct upgrade), imp (good age), colored joker (1.5 mil heat), pimp (good age), reality coagulator re-caller (you can make money off renting coagulators), and some stones...

also, anyone willing to sponsor anything is welcome (I'd rather not lose EVERYTHING I have, but I have to keep the quest interesting...)

and enough people is decided by me, when there is a good enough challenge for it...

post in here if you'd like to join, and EVERYTHING is open to discussion (esp which scenes, whether to add or remove some lands...)

[b][u]FINAL NOTE :[/u][/b]

Necro is closed, I know, but I'm still going to consider it untill the last few days.

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the thing is, they're LOTS of scenes, very much separated, and in the middle of high-viscosity regions.
but of course, a certain 'tactic' might wreck the fun of making them run around... it might be that they're a large quantity of scenes, thus they HAVE to keep walking a certain PATH, that won't be too easy for them to do, esp with high viscosity of tribunal and GG (yes, Tribunal is not up there, but it could be...) and tricks so that you can go from LR directly to MDA (using the secret route) not to mention your teleport spells, it's also not an all day event (thanks for telling me :P post updated) so if for 10 minutes, you be smart, you might be better than those who're just running around...

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I am thinking this might be neat to have as a clickable.
I'm a bit confused on the rules though, with what you mean by scenes with least visits and stuff. Still sounds like a great idea. PM me if you could and I'll see about coding something quick as a test, then I'd be happy to work together with you for the actual quest code if you'd like.

UPDATE: The little brick on the GoE with letters on it now responds to the keyphrase 'momcandytest'.
I picked three close scenes, and have a very simple "time limit" of one Active day to collect "test candy". (starting the quest at servertime of 23:54 only leaves you six minutes to collect candy, it resets at 0:00 just to try a very simple time filter for now)

Is that something like what you'd be after, MoM?
If so, I can change the timer to hours, or something and of course use more than three scenes. I'll recuse myself from the quest itself, but would be happy to offer this sort of clickie code for you. (There, or a totally different clickie. We can discuss details in private.)

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