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WTS Mineral Water


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Hello, everyone!

I'm selling some mineral water (as you may have guessed from the topic title).

My asking price is a rounded sixth of whatever the amount of Mineral Water I have is.
((Mineral Water #)(1/6) = Price)

Right now, I have [b]0[/b][b] [/b]Mineral Water so I would like [b]0[/b]sc for it.
I will also trade for other resources, though it will be cheaper to pay with silver.

If you purchase the Mineral Water and then I acquire more before the trade is completed, I will not charge you more for it because that'd just be unfair. So, you'll get some for free.

If someone places a bid and 24 hours pass before another bid is placed, they get the water. I'll update this occasionally when I have more water again.

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Sold :)
What locations/times are you normally at/online? Alternatively, I could pm you the itc and you can just complete the trade when you next see me (I'm normally idle at the Tranquil Plains).


I'll bump this and update the first post when I next have enough Mineral Water to sell.

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