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Ok since i am not getting a LOT of access requests i will make a blanket statement for this.

The Access IF granted is a permanent thing to ALL Golemus land secret locations.
So for non Golemus citizens your request will be rejected.

For Golemus Citizens most request will also be rejected. As only a few will have access at any time.
But to also make note. Burns has access to the lab. So if you are in the GG alliance you can gain access
through him. If i am about and i care to jump you in i will do so.

I will NOT be granting Key access to any one that asked for it. That sort of access is given to the ones
that are deserving of the access. Currently i believe there are 5 whom have access to the lab.
All of whom have earned their access.

So going forward it will be rare that i do grant this sort of access as it also opens other locations of Golemus
to a player and the Golemus secrets will stay within Golemus People. It will be extremely rare that a non citizen
will have access.

Yrthilian Golemus King
Golemus Technomage.

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I am sure arrangement can be made to give tools to other but that will be up to the Golemus citizen to arrange that.

For example a citizen if brought into the lab has agreed to get the tool for you then that is fine. That is between you and them.
This could also be done under some sort of trade agreement if one was to be made.

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The loaning/giving/renting of the tools will be talked about by the land leaders.
The tool are an item under the control of Golemus (this is going to be the same for many other lands for other resources)
I dont think it is agents the rules to create a system for this to work.

I will send an email to the council to find out a ruling on this.

Just to add that i have sent off the email asking to get this clarified.

Edited by Yrthilian
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