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Need Memory Stones

Kyphis the Bard

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Currently, with the amount of casts I have at my disposal, I frequently run the risk of not being able to take logs of community events.

I would appreciate if someone would be able to provide me with a supply of memory stones to enchant with my accoustic remains spell for personal use, so that should I ever find myself short of casts I have an emergency supply.

I do not have much that I can offer in exchange, however I do have a few spells I can happily enchant for anyone willing to help me in this manner. I would be more than happy to turn a fair portion of the donated memory stones into spell stones for them to do with as they wish, if necessary.

I have silvertongue, locate, givevital, and movelock spells that I can enchant to memory stones.

Please PM me if you are willing to provide me with some assistance in this matter.

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Don;t quote me on this, but pretty sure you can't activate a memory stone with a spell that you already have - I seem to remember trying a while back.

Not sure if that's a bug or whathaveyou, but yea.

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