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Coding possibilities?


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I just showed a good friend of mine to MD for the first time, and he had a question he wanted to ask before he joins up.
He is a student of Computer Science at MTU, and he enjoys coding and programing very much (and he is quite good at it, if you ask me). He wants to know if there would be any possibilities for him to put his talents to use in the game (helping to add new features, fix bugs, ect)?

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Getting involved in the real source would take a long while and a lot of Mur's trust, but almost all the items you find around are created by players. On those, you can go wild once you have the editing ability... which might be granted without the WishShop for impressive scripts that add some flavor to our world :D

Md's languages are html and php with some specials thrown in.

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As Grido said

To best be able to help he would have to show his abilities and the best way to do that is by creating quests and scripting clickables
but to gain access to the abilities he would have to play for a while and get the ability in the WP shop Or work with someone whom has the
ability to edit clickables

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There have been several cases in the past where people who don't have the ability to edit MD scripts have been given it for doing really good scripts in the past. A lot of players who have MD Script ability don't utilize it for themselves, and would be happy to help someone by putting code into scriptable objects on their behalf.

I personally gained full scripting access mainly so that if anyone with coding skills wants to help add to MD like that, but doesn't have Wishpoints for the scripting ability, I can help them out. So If he wants to do that, I would be happy to help, as would most other MD players with the ability.

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