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Player Bio Quest


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This is a fairly simple quest.

Write a short bio of a player you are well acquainted with, post it here. Up-rep the ones you approve of.

Each bio earns you one bubble. This quest has no foreseeable end. It'll go until I get bored, or until you get bored, or until a particularly noxious combination of apathy overwhelms us all and there's nothing to salvage our lives except the end of this quest.

Also, if it's good enough, I reserve the right to add your bio to the player wiki. ([url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Player"]http://magicduel.wik...Category:Player[/url]), that is, unless you do it before I can. And I also reserve the right to edit your words, or add a whole other section, etc. Just be aware. By posting on this board, you essentially give me your words to do with as I please.

There's possibly a wishpoint or two for particularly prolific or skilled writers.

And I can enter my own quest. Need to earn some bubbles for myself.

EDIT: There has been some confusion. I wish the bio to be about the player's deeds and character IN GAME. Do not write about real life things.


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