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How Teapot works?


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I have the following items in my inventory:
[b]Heat storing Jar 18K [/b]
[b]Teapot [/b]
[b]Tea Recipe Book [/b]
[b]Tea Cups [/b]
[b]Aromatic herbs [/b]
[b]Branches [/b]
[b]Tea leaves [/b]
[b]Water [/b]

This is what I did:

I fully loaded my heat jar with 18k heat

I opened the teapot

loaded water and branches in this interface
(it wasn't able to process the tea leaves, aromatic herbs and tea recipe book)

it leads me here:

i tried recheck but...

Did I missed something?
I tried to load tea leaves, aromatic herbs and the manual again but nothing happens, opening the manual don't do anything too

The counter resets to 78 immediately after reaching 0

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Okay, I've gotten this question… a lot. So I'm going to make a comprehensive list that I can just link to for future reference. If I misremember anything about making tea (it's been a while) or details get too specific and it's considered a spoiler, let me know. I hope this helps all future tea-brewers! ;)

- B

P.S. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10398-tea/page__p__90279#entry90279"]Here's Mur's original post[/url], should you want to read it.

Here's how you run the teapot. (Full step by step instructions)[list=1]
[*]Collect a teapot, tea recipe book, water, branches, tea leaves, aromatic herbs, and tea cups from their various locations.
[*]Gather enough heat to fuel the teapot in a heat storing device (i.e. a heat jar).
[*]Open your inventory
[*]Open the teapot.
[*]Load the required heat into the teapot. [i]Warning: When the heat that you have loaded into the teapot reaches zero, the branches and water will be consumed and you will have to reload them[/i].
[*]Load the required branches and water into the teapot.
[*][b]FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BREW TEA WITH[/b]. This is necessary because the teapot holder [u]cannot[/u] provide ingredients for making tea nor can they give themselves the instructions. Cauldrons were meant to be community items, use them in groups! This should/could be step number 1!
[*]Give your tea making partners the tea leaves, water, aromatic herbs, and tea cups you will be using to produce tea.
[*]When the water, branches, and heat are loaded and you click continue you should get a screen like this.
[*]That little countdown timer next to "Next instruction in…" tells you how quickly and when the teapot is checking chat for instructions. [i]Warning: If they are large amount of people talking where you are trying to prepare tea, things could get a little sticky[/i].
[*]Now you must clearly say [color=#000080]"[/color][color=#0000cd]Lets brew some tea.[/color][color=#000080]"[/color], "[color=#0000cd]Lets prepare some tea.[/color]", or "[color=#0000cd]I will prepare a nice cup of aromatic tea.[/color]" You should get a green message in chat that confirms that you are now brewing tea and states what the necessary ingredients are. At this point your, the teapot holder's, part in this is nearly done. Now your tea making buddy (TMB) steps in.
[*]The tea recipe calls for specific resources; aromatic herbs, water, tea leaves, and tea cups. Your TMB(s) must possess all of these ingredients in their necessary amounts and "give" them to the teapot by using the words, "[color=#0000cd]I will provide the [blank].[/color]" Where you substitute the name of the item in place of the blank. [i]The ingredients do not all have to come from one person nor do they have to be provide in their full amount by a single person.[/i]
[*]The teapot will then tell you in chat and in green text that all of the ingredients are loaded and it's ready to go. If you have not provided all of the ingredients it will tell you what you still need to provide.
[*]At this point your TMB(s) have to give you, the tea-brewer, the Instructions. The Instructions are basically (sort of) the steps you would need to brew tea. They need to be stated one at a time[i] per one cycle of the "Next Instruction In…" countdown timer[/i]. If you feed the teapot too many instructions at once, it will miss some of them.
[*]The instructions are as follows:
[/list][indent=1]1. "[color=#0000cd]Spread the leaves over the teapot's base[/color]."[/indent]
[indent=1]2. "[color=#0000cd]Add some water.[/color]"[/indent]
[indent=1]3. "[color=#0000cd]Boil the water.[/color]"[/indent]
[indent=1]4. "[color=#0000cd]Pour the hot water into the teapot[/color]."[/indent]
[indent=1]5. "[color=#0000cd]Wait for five minutes.[/color]"[/indent]
[indent=1]6. "[color=#0000cd]Serve up the tea.[/color]"[/indent]
[indent=1][size=2]note: There are other phrases that work for each step, those are just my favorite.[/size]
17. The teapot will dispense a red completion message and you will smell a wonderful smell. There will be tea in your inventory.
18. [b]Divide up the tea with your TMBs! [/b]They helped you, they deserve some of the tea too.

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