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Announcements on Rules and Regulations

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Thanks to Chewetts work on the announcement project, I have been able to sort through the announcements that deal with rules, upto announcement 2169, 14th of January 2012.

Many of the following are not relevant any more, or do not contribute in a meaningful way to the rules. They are for historical reference.
Some of these quotes, such as 464, are taken out of context, and need to be put back in context to be fully relevant.

Most of the announcements in the last category (Other Technical) is for reference to other announcements, to give context. However, some of them have merit of their own.

[log=General Announcements]
Ann. 2169 - [2012-01-14 18:26:44 - Stage 11]
Clarification about being Jailed
Currently the list of people who have Jail are:
Muratus del Mur
The list is the same for unjailing, except BFH who does not have the unbanned spell.
If someone jails you, they should take responsibility to inform you of the time period of the sentence and the reason. When the time period is over you should contact the person who jailed you to request to be unjailed. The person who jailed you should respect any and all ways to personally communicate with them. This includes messages on the forum and in game, but does not apply to generic Mood panel status' asking to be removed. You must specifically contact them and ask to be unjailed.
For any Council bannings you should email us (contact@magicduel.com) stating you would like to be freed from jail.
You should be dealing with the person who jailed you when you want to be unjailed, anyone else with the unjail spell has no obligation to unjail you once the sentence is over except us who will unban anyone if contacted. If your sentence has finished you can email us and we shall get back to you and unjail you.
Muratus del Mur has the unjail spell as part of his role, but since he is busy and harder to contact, we shall deal with all of his unjailing as long as you send us an email saying why you were jailed, and asking to be freed. Your request to be unjailed will be faster contacting us than him.
If someone is prolonging the sentence, acting unfairly with their powers or not following the rules you can always confidentially contact us regarding the matter.
We hope this has cleared up some points regarding being Jailed.
Ann. 2154 - [2011-12-28 12:37:41 - Stage 11]
Using alts to cast spells in order to help the main character falls under the alt abuse category. For this, Neno Veliki will be jailed for 1 week. His alt will remain in Prison for an undetermined period of time.
Ann. 2151 - [2011-12-27 23:41:41 - Stage 11]
Player Vornicel (VorniC, Ferahgo) got 42 accounts permanently locked and a public warning that in his case creating alts will be punishable by most extreme measures. (permanent ip lock, main account removal, etc). Try not to ever get in the range of so many alts or you will be treated same way whenever caught doing anything fishy.
Ann. 2133 - [2011-12-20 04:12:02 - Stage 11]
[url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direction_de_la_surveillance_du_territoire"]DST[/url] was granted full access to logs and tools to monitor and investigate criminal/abuse activity. Dst can use gathered information to prosecute, provide evidence for any trials or investigation, warn of suspicious activities in trades, stats gaining, bugs, exploit abuses etc. She can't apply any punishment directly but can intervene in case of emergency to stop abusive activities, if needed. Based on previous veterancy in this field, dst's trustpoints for this public role start at 5.
Ann. 2112 - [2011-12-03 01:40:05 - Stage 11]
Final Clarification Regarding Communication Outside MD
We, the council and Mur, cannot deal with personal abuse, taunting or any other matters that happen outside of MD. This includes external forums, such as Yahoo Instant Messenger, Facebook and all other forms of communication. We know that the majority of MD communicates using some of these tools, but we cannot protect trades, or anything else unless they are in game or on the forum. If a player is abusing you on the forum, or ingame then you should contact us regarding it, but we do not accept evidence for trials that have come from any of these out of game means.
If you have problems with a player outside the game, use the correct tools to block, hide, or remove them. We remind players that most external systems have report systems of their own which you are able to report such external matters on if you find it necessary.
If it is ingame then you have PM blocking on both forum and ingame and if they continue to harass you, collect some evidence (print screens) and talk with someone you trust to try and resolve the situation. If it still cannot be resolved contact us to resolve the situation. However, contacting us will mean we will look on the situation from wider view, and if you are being rude and insulting back both shall receive punishment.
Ann. 2104 - [2011-11-24 02:19:03 - Stage 11]
Audience Requests
I will start using my Throne audience hall more often from now on. As you probably know, I have my 'headquarters' at the end of the looong Tribunal Lands road. You can't reach it by foot because this long road crosses locations that are now locked (for most), so don't try to come visit me because you will stop at the Dominions gate. Anyone that requests something from me, might get summoned there, and will be stuck there till I finish whatever he asked me or discuss whatever is needed. At the end you will get sent back to GOE. Please think twice before asking for an audience. See alternate ways to get things solved because I will summon you there fast but will deal with your matter probably ages later, depending on schedule. Before screaming how rude such a thing is, or that i might be offline days in a row, consider it is done on purpose as part of my TB Demon king character. I am one, you are many, maybe actually waiting "physically" in a place for your request to be handled will give you a glimpse of how things look on my end.
signed --Mur
Ann. 2072 - [2011-11-10 04:58:01 - Stage 11]
No more shared tools on bots/npc
Transfering of shared items to NPC/bots is no longer possible. There is no reason why you would need to do that other than to get rid of the item or prevent others from using it, so this is no longer possible.
Ann. 2071 - [2011-11-10 04:52:36 - Stage 11]
Trading shared items interface restrictions
Shared items can no longer be transfered if the target player already holds two or more other shared items. In some situations you might require having multiple shared items , such as the cauldrons for example. Remember the cauldrons are designed for collaborative play and not single-player activity. There is still a way to hold multiple items, so you can enjoy collecting more types of resources for example. All you need to do is go and grab them yourself! Its only the transfer that is restricted by the interface not also the grabbing of items directly from the item dispatcher.
Ann. 2070 - [2011-11-10 04:26:46 - Stage 11]
Some time ago I issued a warning not to abuse shared tools till proper restrictions and rules will be creaqted for them, because I don't have time to work both on the restrictions, do police work with you and also work on their features. I counted on your common sense to determine what might be abuse and what not with these items, this is not about breaking a specific written rule, so there can't be a trial about it. This is about some failing to understand what "shared tools" might mean and not respecting my public request to avoid anything that MIGHT be considered abuse till I have time to work on the 'security' or 'rules' part of this major feature. Guilds that got affected by the release of shared tools that they were previously controlling were publicly announced that this is a temporary situation, as more resource guild related features are pending. There is no excuse for any of you to limit availability or hoard shared tool, considering the named warnings. People that got jailed for this will be announced publicly soon. Starting now, i lift this 'common sense' -no abuse- request, you are free to go wild. Rules but mostly interface restrictions will be created on the way based on whatever ways you will find to turn shared tools from their intended purpose.
Ann. 2049 - [2011-10-05 16:28:03 - Stage 11]
Selling, trading, gifting exploits/bug is NOT allowed. Everything that can be accessed through direct links (so outside the MD current interface) is considered a bug/exploit. If you come across such things, report them to contact@magicduel.com. If you discover something that you are not sure it is an exploit/bug, find out if it is one by contacting a LHO or the Council.
When asking if something is allowed, you should not describe how you can do it. Merely what it allows you to achieve and if you or the person reporting it to is unsure, contact the council regarding it so you do not suffer any undue punishment. If someone asks you how to perform the bug you should not tell them.
If you have doubts about anything you are using, ASK before you start (ab)using it. Excuses like "I didn't think it was a bug/exploit" will not be tolerated anymore. You have knowledgeable people that can answer your questions (LHOs and others).
All the above should have been already known by most vets as these rules have been in effect unofficially for years.
Ann. 2021 - [2011-09-22 02:00:37 - Stage 11]
Jail security increased. SendToGazebo and SendToLighthouse spells are no longer working on players in jail location (still work on jailed players outside jail ground). TeleportToPaperCabin spell no longer works on jailed players regardless of their location. There are still ways to break out of jail, of course.
Ann. 2020 - [2011-09-21 17:25:32 - Stage 11]
Acoustic Obfuscator is available as a shared item in Loreroot. This device allows someone to scramble the most recent 100 lines in a chat to avoid them being understood by anyone using acoustic remains. The scrambled text is partially deductable in some case, repeated use of the item will further destroy the chat records. This action is irreversible so careful how you use this item on important public events where a chat record might be needed. Like with any other item or ability, you are free to use it as you wish when you wish.
Ann. 2010 - [2011-09-04 21:14:27 - Stage 11]
sasha lilias and her alts have been jailed for a period of 3 weeks for abuse of wishpoints and alts. If it had been a first-time crime the punishment would have been less severe but because of her continued abuse of both alts and wishpoints it has been extended. The abuse includes changing a location title to include one of her account's names, this is against the rules for this wish as stated in it's description in the wish shop. She was given the opportunity to rectify the scene name and would only have had one account banned for a lessened period but instead opted to disregard it, rather using a wishpoint she later gained for an alternative wish.
Ann. 2008 - [2011-09-02 20:52:08 - Stage 11]
Wishpoint Rewarding
From now on all Wishpoint's awarded shall be looked at to make sure that they are valid. This will include asking the creators for proof of the quest, The entries and other information. If they are not found to be convincing enough reason, and/or we find you have merely given wishpoints away to a friend or as payment for creatures both parties may receive punishment. WP trading is an abuse and it shall be punished strongly.
If you want to try and make sure you are not accused of trading wishpoints your quest should be well publicized. The results and winners should be well displayed including what they did, wrote, accomplished for their winning and the description field of the wishpoint should be properly filled in with reference to the quest and their part in it.
It is up to the player awarding the wishpoints to properly document their quest and who they are rewarded. This includes keeping information that the quester has submitted and making the WP description clear enough to be considered valid. If we contact you about your quest or rewards we will want to see this information. If you fail to provide any or enough evidence we may decide to remove the wishpoints given out, and possibly punish you depending on the severity of the case.
Note: We will NOT be looking back into the past to see old Wishpoint related abuses. This is to not cause any unwanted aggravation regarding the fact that some people did not know the rules. This is a warning now, If you do not give a good enough description as a WP reward, You may be punished and the wishpoints you gave out may be removed.
Ann. 1981 - [2011-08-16 06:29:56 - Stage 10]
Severity warning on tool related crime punishments
Getting tools and placing them on alts will be considered a serious crime from now on. If the interface allows you to, you can grab more than one tool or from more than one location, but using more accounts to take more tools from same place is a CRIME. Because the obvious temptation that is now bigger than ever with all the new tools and the valuable resources, this crime will be punished more severely than normal. Jail time from 2 month to 4 month plus additional penalties such as confiscating resources on all accounts, trade ban and anything else needed based on the severity of your action. Things will get more and more interesting in the upcoming period, don't spend that time in jail and don't waste my or the Councils time to catch you doing this particular crime. To make things "worse" i am placing a bounty reward for anyone successfully spotting such crime and help catching the criminals.
Ann. 1968 - [2011-08-09 07:13:09 - Stage 10]
Free credits links limited
Free credits links will work from now on just once regardless of account. That means used links will appear as striked out (used) on all your accounts once used on one of them.
Ann. 1967 - [2011-08-09 06:30:00 - Stage 10]
Clearing some things about Jail Time and releases
The only right way to get out of jail is by being released by those that have this ability. When someone is sent to jail, the sentence time refers to a MINIMUM TIME that person will stay there. After that period, that person can be released from jail only by those with the right ability to do that, WHEN and IF they wish so. the unban ability is a personal ability and as such is used at the owners discretion. However there are other ways that can be used at your own risk, to get out of jail when time is up, or if you dare sooner, otherwise what would be the point of having fugitives features and such things :). Fugitives will obviously find it a lot harder to ever clear their name, integrate back, receive public roles, etc, so don't joke about choosing that path, even if a "criminal path" is now technically supported by the interface.
Ann. 1901 - [2011-07-10 03:22:19 - Stage 10]
I issued a special decree to jail Sadowseeker for guessing secret stuff and sharing that guess work with others, ignoring he might be right. He successfully found out details about ongoing, unreleased and unannounced features, with details. As you can realize this is obviously the most uncommon Jail reason in MD history, yet it is a jail. To be released if he manages to get out anyhow, or then the feature he anticipates gets fully implemented (a matter of days). Till then he should be regarded as any convict :D . Don't mistaken the reasons, he actually did nothing that could be jail reason for any of you, yet some people in md could occasionaly get involved in activities that could reach this end, only via a special decree, announced properly, signed as an item too. (funny, laugh!, :D now shh, its serious)
Ann. 1882 - [2011-07-04 04:58:21 - Stage 10]
Phantom Orchid unlocked the Dreamcatcher ability. The dreamcatcher has powers to be judged only by me or the council, unquestionable through trial. During a dream, the dreamcatcher is above law. Dreams should not be used as auxiliary feature for private chats or temporary jail, unless it is part of the dreamcatcher riddle. Escaping a dream requires something, usualy to answer a riddle. There power and authority of a dreamcatcher is limited only to the dream. Outside the dream Phantom Orchid is just Phantom Orchid, subject to land laws and usual rules just like anybody else.
Ann. 1876 - [2011-06-21 04:17:38 - Stage 10]
No more cash trades
Advertising trades in exchange of cash as opposed to in-game currency or exchanges is dragging MD economy to a very dark corner. Players use funds to get things in MD but those funds never remain as coins or similar things with trade value inside the realm. As of now, advertising any "trade for cash" is to be considered against the rules. There is nothing morally wrong with those that want to do that, nor is this a true crime, so the first time, the sanction will be aimed against the trade, not against the trader. You can still trade for credit gifts, coins, other items or benefits inside the realm (except wishpoints) but you risk to lose your traded goods if you pay someone for it in cash outside MD (direct transaction). The restriction to advertise direct pay trades applies to any ways that a character in MD could post such an advertisement in realm (chat, moodpanel, papers, forum, etc). The way how this new rule will get applied or how severe the sanctions will get, will depend entirely up to how this will be respected or not. I sincerely hope you all see the reason for it and respect it as a kind request not only as a forced rule.
Ann. 1819 - [2011-04-22 01:02:03 - Stage 10]
Ability to give tags
Ability to give tags will be given to more people, with the purpose of making the giving of tags more fluid process and not a unachievable thing. However, each person granted with such an ability will be limited to give tags -ONLY- related to the activity he is responsable with. The interface will be left unrestricted, any player with such an ability will be able to give/change any tag to anyone, technically speaking, but won't be allowed to. This is a zero tolerance rule, first mistake regardless of reason will cost you your ability and depending on how bad it is even more. Regardless of situation, regardless of reasons, regardless if it is a spelling error to fix or a jail tag to remove, or if they are asked by their king to do it, those selected to be able to alter tags will not be allowed to change tags outside the range supposed by their role. This will be clear for them but its posted here so none of you starts asking them for favors.
Ann. 1801 - [2011-04-16 04:15:47 - Stage 10]
FOSSILS allover the realm unite!
Borderview Tower, now. Most of the fossils are slow moving and will take about a million years to reach that place, but stay calm, fossil medals will be given out also in absence if people present will name you. Only players with lots of active days can nominate fossils. Long ago in RPC/PWR "era", i used the name Fossil to talk about some players. Back then it was considered offending, but i meant it in a loving way. Today, I will give MEDALS for fossils. A fossil is an ancient player that is so old that he ... oh well, the rest to be told at the ceremony!
Continues tomorow too, same place. I will give just a very limited fossil awards each year, and only gold vets can achieve one. If you don't have a gold vet medal you can't be named. Long Live The Fossils!..oh wait..fossils are alive?
Ann. 1793 - [2011-04-15 05:36:09 - Stage 10]
Veteran Player Medal Awards
Tomorow will start the veteran medal awarding. Players that gained their reputation in the realm and have at least one year of active days will receive veteran medals ONLY if they are present at the ceremony to claim the medal. This will happen each day during the party days at different hours probably. The exact hour i don't know to tell, but I will try alternating. If you do not manage to be online and get your medal you will have to wait an other year. I won't take pm requests, you must be there and claim your medal in person, and only now during MD birthday party.

If you have almost 1year but not fully a year (a few days left, not more than 10), its still possible you will get the medal but not everybody will. Your actual reputation and activity in the realm will matter a lot to this decision. Active days alone do NOT grant you the medal. If you think you can take your alts out for a parade and get medals on accounts that I never saw to be active, you might achieve only to get them banned.
Ann. 1693 - [2010-12-04 02:46:24 - Stage 10]
Land Promisory Notes - Silver and Gold
Kings can now exchange silver or gold to promisory notes by requesting this to contact@magicduel.com (Council). They will have to transfer the amount of coins needed to a character they will be instructed to (Postman or an other carrier account) and provide proof of their transfer (log copy). There are only a fixed number of acceptable values: 10 Gold , 20 Gold , 50 Gold, 40 Silver, 100 Silver, 200 Silver. for now NO OTHER AMOUNTS will be accepted to be changed to notes. These notes help for fast transfers of large payments but also hold a different importance, a big one. They will be marked as a promisory note of that land. They are official equivalent of the declared amount and are usable anywhere where silver is, IF the seller doesn't say otherwise (in case of war for example). They are accepted for official md auctions, payments etc. They will be named in a standard way, plus land signature/name and will be of item type "valuables" just like coins. This means they will stack same as coins in your inventory. If a citizen wants to convert his coins to notes he will have to address to his king because for now only the king can request such a thing (will be influencing land economy). Council could assing dedicated roles for a better management of such conversions if the demand requires it.
-- Mur
Ann. 1685 - [2010-11-29 00:04:03 - Stage 10]
Four days have passed, Council has decided:

Lifeline: The chase spell will not be given back. It is an Administrative spell and Lifeline has shown how it can be abused. The council has decided to remove it from all
who do not have an administrative role. In exchange those who lose the chase spell will receive a Wishpoint as compensation. We do not consider the removal
of the spell as punishment. It is just a precaution messure.
All Lifelines GG Drachorns will be reset to eggs (Level 1,0 wins, 0xp, 0 age) as a punishment for desecrating the lair.Existing tokens and other customizations will not be touched.
1 Kingship point will be deducted from Lifeline because his ignorance and lack of interest towards the games rules.

SmartAlekRJ: All RJ's Drachorns will suffer the same punishment as Lifelines's.
RJ remains trapped in the Lair for 1 Month.

Seigheart: Will have 2 weeks in Jail for his disregard of the rules and willingness to break them.

Manda: GG Drach will be confiscated due to this being the second offence relating to this matter. Will have 2 weeks in Jail.

*MasterB*: Will have 2 weeks in Jail and removal of citizenship, with the possibility of being accepted back anytime if GG king decides so.

All the other players: Since most of the other players were brought to the cave unknowingly, and did not take part in planning and organising this, they will be spared this time.

However, Since MdM asked us to consider only lifeline's complaint only his punishment will be changed. This would have been the initial decision taken if indeed MdM had not stepped in.
Ann. 1679 - [2010-11-24 17:49:12 - Stage 10]
As per the request of Muratus del Mur, The council will step in and re-evaluate the incident involving Lifeline and the Drachorn lair.

Lifeline will be given back his spell until a decision regarding this incident is closed. In this case the decision of the council is FINAL and no appealing the verdict.

The decision will be given in 4 days.
Ann. 1676 - [2010-11-23 19:08:19 - Stage 10]
Lair Keepers
I am initiating a new order, responsable of taking care of the Drachorns. It will be called "Lair Keepers". The drachorns are ancient creatures, no longer recruitable, this requires some sort of protection for them so that they keep the age when transfered. Lair Keepers will be allowed to grant MAGIC CTC for drachs, but also transfer them without penalty, IF, and only if the order considers the new or existing owner fit their "drach protecion code". The order will be neutral, the drachs well-being having priority over land loyalty or other matters. The Lair keepers will obey as a guild their king, but the use of their abilities will be their decision not the kings choice. As first leader and founder of the Lair Keepers I assign *Indyra*, it will be up to her who to invite next. The abilities will be implemented on the way, they are not done yet.
Ann. 1675 - [2010-11-22 03:26:41 - Stage 10]
Drach Lair access restriction rule will be lifted as soon as the cave becomes technically a prison. This means it will no longer be forbidden to be inside, but it will be theoretically impossible. (This leaves space for certain things)
Ann. 1674 - [2010-11-22 03:23:33 - Stage 10]
Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 3

Following players will be punished for getting into the drach Lair.

[18/11/10 06:53] Seigheart:Grido, I'll take my chances at the lair. It's a risk I an willing to take.
Seigheart had a significant role in helping and planning of this crime and should received a heavy penalty.
[A pardon was granted by Mur for undisclosed reasons.]

Mood panel stauts: "Set at Drach L muhahah"
Manda finds himself the second time in a crime related to the drach cave after being punished and warned once about this. He will remain locked in the cave on undefined period, together with SmartAlekRJ.

MasterB [investigation done]
will do two weeks jail and received a warning that next time he will get involved in a crime that disregards traditions of his land, his punishment will be a lot worse.

I want to congratulate BigC that expressed his public concern about the legality of the situation and exited the cave refusing to stay in an off-limits location.
Ann. 1673 - [2010-11-22 03:04:14 - Stage 10]
Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 2

The drach Cave will be set to prison mode with him locked inside. I am aware of all implications of prison mode in a location not in the depth of the realm. The cave is afterall a prison for the Drachorn since it was made (drawing shows that), now their former master should share the same fate after disrespecting it by willingly bringing a large amount of players in sacred place.
Ann. 1672 - [2010-11-22 02:58:33 - Stage 10]
Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 1

Lifeline Kingship penalty
An official character, especially a king, commits a big crime if he sets such a negative example of ignorance towards announcements and rules. Cave was closed, officially, and announced, long ago. Lifeline took a deliberate decision to ignore his uncertainty about if he should enter the cave or not. An other condamnable act is that a King of a land cares to develop something in an other land, ignoring borders, and not trying to bring the activiy to his land.

Lifeline Player penalty
Chase spell was removed for Lifeline. To avoid placing unaware players in potentially punishable situation because missuse of what were supposed admin spells, chase spells were removed from inactive accounts that still had them, (Jonn, MRD).
Ann. 1649 - [2010-10-31 01:07:29 - Stage 10]
Several LHOs have been given an item "Mouth Sewing Kit" to be used as an administrative tool
functions of this item can be seen in the earlier announcement about this
Ann. 1648 - [2010-10-30 21:28:49 - Stage 10]
The abuse of a privilege will lead to it being lost. Those who abused the free credits voting system will be able to appreciate it after losing it. The honest ones should not have had to suffer. Free credits are opened once again.
Ann. 1643 - [2010-10-23 18:02:34 - Stage 10]
A new feature has been made, Public Logs deletion.
Selected players in game have been given the ability to delete entries in Public Logs. They will be removing comments according to a set of instructions they have been given.
The players won't be listed, and have been asked to not tell anyone they have this ability, this is so that they wont get bugged on to delete comments all the time.
Ann. 1639 - [2010-10-11 13:12:37 - Stage 10]
nadrolski has been unbanned. But as previously announced, he still received a punishment:credits received from abusing the referrer bonus were deducted from the credits he had and he was sentenced to jail for 2 months. In addition to this, after the 2 months of jail will be over, a curse spell will be inflicted upon him for a period of 1 month.
Ann. 1635 - [2010-10-08 23:22:08 - Stage 10]
For abusing the adepts reward system and creating lots of fake accounts to get the 15$ credit reward for each, then using them for alt training, nadrolski received a temporary ban. He was given the opportunity to present his case and explain his actions but failed to do so which makes the ban permanent.He still has a chance to get his account back if he sends the e-mail but he will not escape the punishment.
In addition, a list of 29 alts belonging to him were also banned. Permanently.

Additional note:A fault confessed is half redressed, therefore any player that has used fake accounts to gain the referer bonus credits has the opportunity to admit their actions by sending emails to contact@magicduel.com, before they are discovered.
Ann. 1633 - [2010-10-07 15:15:43 - Stage 10]
Voting links for free credits have been suspended until further notice.
The free credits were intended as a reward for supporting MD but instead they were abused. Just clicking on the links without voting is not enough.
Ann. 1626 - [2010-09-28 02:05:26 - Stage 10]
Chat ban ability is now available for LHO and/or other roles that might need it. The ban prevents a target player from talking in the chat, that includes spell casting too. Duration of the block and reuse interval can be configured. The ability will come as an item ("Mouth Sewing Kit"). Those that will be using it are asked to remember that this is intended to be used to prevent abuse and as an intermediate level of punishment before jail/ban. It should not be used for fun.
Ann. 1616 - [2010-09-15 18:16:16 - Stage 10]
dst vs Fenrir Greycloth Trial Verdict
This has been ongoing for some time and finally a complete verdict has been made. dst accused Fenrir of harrassment, slander and threats, followed quickly by a counter claim by Fenrir. Both were requested to send evidence of their claims and a jury of their peers was called on. Examining the evidence, the verdict was as follows:
Fenrir was found guilty of all charges. There was particular mention of his threats and slander being 'out of MD', sexist and vulgar. It was decided that he had gone too far in his attacks and had contravened rules laid out by Mur on this matter.
dst was found innocent of all charges. It was noted that Fenrir had not sent sufficient evidence to prove his allegations. Despite there being mention of provcation by dst, it was decided that all her actions were kept in MD and were not breakings any rules.
Fenrir Greycloth is hereby punished to a month in jail, which will be counted from the day of his return, and a removal of his tag and description. Any repeat of the same offence by Fenrir or any alt of Fenrir will result in imprisonment of all his accounts.
Ann. 1605 - [2010-08-23 17:04:22 - Stage 10]
Please take note that it is not permitted to use avatars as a way of transfering credits. Starting from tomorrow, transfer of avatars between alts will be restricted.
Ann. 1604 - [2010-08-18 13:38:28 - Stage 10]
Sabotage: items that spawn other usable items can be sabotaged by controlling the entire number of items they could spawn. I am announceing that here so I wont get complains about it later. It is supposed to be possible it is not a bug. If for example the rainbow candy box can create 20 candies at a time at most, if there are 20 unconsumed candies in the realm at that time the box won't be able to give any more candies until at least one candy is consumed. That will make the item temporarily unusable. I don't know why someone would want to do that, but it can be done.
Ann. 1572 - [2010-08-04 23:04:12 - Stage 10]
Bestiary item requires now two previously spent wishpoints to unlock. This is to prevent alts from solving broken pattern just to get this item.
Ann. 1568 - [2010-08-01 21:24:09 - Stage 10]
To avoid confusion, unwanted penalties and such, avoid giving wp to work colegues, people playing md from same computer or network, brothers, sisters, etc. If my alt checker sais you are alts, you are alts. period. I don't care if you are not but you look like you are. If the alt checker sais you are it means you can abuse same things alts can. So that you know, i can determine with a shocking precision if you are just using the same computer or if you are indeed two different people using same computer. There is however, like in everything, a chance it is wrong. .. to be clear .. that chance does not count in your favor. Avoid geting penalised and you will be fine. If you get in jail for something you didnt do but you cant prove you didnt, its your bad luck.
Ann. 1557 - [2010-07-16 22:02:15 - Stage 10]
A mdshop payment done with a stolen card or paypal account will get all your MD accounts _removed_, regardless if it was done recently or a year ago. There is no excuse or clemency for fraud and i will investigate and track all such cases. The sanction will not be applied only on the account making the fraudulent payment but on all belonging to same person. Thank you for understanding.
Ann. 1540 - [2010-06-27 04:42:45 - Stage 10]
What is reality?
The new "RP Reality requirement" is an indicator that reminds you that some things are more real than others, even in a fantasy world, depending on how many observe the same "reality". How well you are anchored in MD's reality or how careless you are about your role-play, will probably determine your future in the realm, but for now it is just an indicator.

- intimate: 2 or less people, rp is unrestricted, reality is irrelevant between two people if both accept the fantasy.
- loose: 2 to 5 people, rp can go wild but common sense is required. As long as the other few accept it, most things are ok.
- moderate: 5 to 10 people, rp is considered real only if it is based on proof or good logic. Your avatar may give you elements to support that logic, your inventory items, a very well established role in a clear and distinct activity, things in the current location/scene, abilities you posess.
- strict: 10 to 30 people, only real things, unrefusable to anyone present. These are the things you can do based on your actual abilities such as spells or special interfaces, actions supported by your inventory items, fights, and other interface supported actions. Simple logic without a real base to support it is not enough to form reality under this level.
- real only: 30 or more, in large groups, only what you can do in such way that is undeniable by anyone observing it, can pass as reality. What you do under this level should stricter than the strict level and as real as it can get, so that nobody can say or think "no you couldnt possibly do that" or "you are making things up".

Fantasy is not chaos and sometimes is more real than you think. Understanding what "real" means or should mean, is a big step ahead to understand what "fantasy" realy is.
now...this post should go somewhere to be remembered but not sure where ...forum? rules? nah its not a rule ..yet :P
Ann. 1495 - [2010-05-25 01:19:47 - Stage 10]
Dramatic functionality restrictions of items
This announcement refers mainly to the astral plane, private chats, private messages, quests revealing game locations you are not actually in and so on, but applies also on other similar or future situations, if any.

Please read here the new set of rules and the reasons of why they are needed
Link: New rules regarding MD Script and item customizations

Quest, clickable items and scripted inventory items should be adapted to fit these new rules by the end of the week or they will get removed and scripting access will be also removed from their editors _permanently_. Because this should not be something to punish the people that worked so hard on these features, I will give a symbolic reward of 10Gold and 1Wp to Cutler and Chewett, the two most affected by this rule, and I kindly ask them to read and understand the reasons why their scripts that fall under these rules can no longer be accepted.
Ann. 1491 - [2010-05-22 20:48:24 - Stage 10]
Since this is the first trial to use a jury, I will describe here the way it will go. A group of people will be selected as members of the jury and each one will be interviewed in private for a detailed opinion about the trial (in this case dst vs Fenrir). There will be no blind votes. Based on the results of the discussion, a score will be given and that score will decide the outcome of the trial. The interviews will be conducted, this time, by Grido and me.
Ann. 1486 - [2010-05-17 11:08:51 - Stage 10]
When purchasing art from an avatar or for an item, please ask the artist to upload it on your item. If you upload the art yourself you will responsable for any later issues that might be with that art, even get baned for it if it is discovered later to be stolen. If you uploaded duplicate avatars and got them approved by mistake, get their ATC and report it. Any duplicates found in the shop or in player vaults will lead to severe punishments if I find them on my own.
Ann. 1485 - [2010-05-16 22:16:47 - Stage 10]
New Trial, dst against Fenrir Greycloth, reason: \"slander, harassment and threats\". Trials page will be updated soon. Both parts please send your version of the story to me by email specifying a clear and descriptive subject line. Include all proof you have and name witnesses you want to call. I will be just moderating this suit. If any of the parts should chose to be represented by a lawyer, you need to email me the name of that lawyer for confirmation and after that the lawyer can speak in your name on matters related to this process. The outcome will be decided by a JURY I will pick as best as I can and for there own protection I will not make them public until the trial ends. Jury will be presented with both sides versions of the stories and they ask they own series of questions. The level of punishment to be applied on the convicted, I will decide. Please note that in a trial here, any of the involved parts can end up being guilty if it turns out to be the case, not just the accused part.
Ann. 1477 - [2010-05-06 18:44:11 - Stage 10]
Rule regarding avatar uploads
Uploading of avatars that are ALREADY in the MD avatar gallery, used or not, for personal vault or for shop, uploaded by someone else or uploaded by self and already approved before, WILL GET YOU IN JAIL or for even baned if you persisted in the crime. If you are buying avatars from other people please be sure you don't upload both of you the same art by mistake. If you somehow encounter such duplicate avatars please report them for investigation or for fixing. If they get reported in time by people involved with their upload i will just remove duplicates and not jail anyone, but if i find them later on my own or reported by people that see such duplicates in use or in shop, those that uploaded them will be punished. If the uploader is an account with few active days or anonimous in the community, I will check and apply the sanction on both the MAIN of that alt and the alt, but the alt won't get out of jail as soon as the main does, if at all.
Please don't waste my time with such investigations and be honest when uploading original art to MD. Also i want to remind you that in md rules apply regardless of when the crime was done so don't think that if you don't get caught right after you "sell" a copied avatar means you got away with it.
Ann. 1472 - [2010-05-02 02:09:14 - Stage 10]
Avatars of players that are inactive for more than 6 month will get reused and sent back to shop. The initial owners will get the credit refunded. Same thing will happen with avatars of players that get permanent ban or deleted for longer inactivity. A lot of such avatars (generation 1 and 2) were already sent to the shop to be picked by other players, including some ancient gold avatars. The older avatars will show up only after the newer ones. Gold avatars will always show up first if you have gold avy option unlocked in the shop.
Ann. 1453 - [2010-04-25 17:17:01 - Stage 10]
I will start confiscating/buy back copied avatars or avatars that i think they might be copied. I will also confiscate/buyback avatars that I consider too low quality as standards raise. This means i can aprove an avatar but later on take it back if it was aproved at the edge or i discover it was not made by that author. Now to be real, its clear some of the avatars recently uploaded are fake, and others are crap, sorry to say that. However it is good you try and slowly things will get better and better. I wish to see more hand made avatars made by YOU even if they look bad. When confiscating and avatar you will receive back 2 credits, double you payed for it, so once it gets approved it is a win win situation. I just want to keep avatars nice, not to rob you of them.
Ann. 1452 - [2010-04-25 05:01:21 - Stage 10]
Crimes have no expire time. Logs are kept undefenetly and eventualy they get checked. If you did a punishable crime in the past you will get punished in the present regardless if it was 2 years ago or yesterday. No logs get removed over time, but not all are checked and compared. Future activity showing you changed might count towords a lesser penalty if you are not sanctioned with a permanent ban. I am not that crazy to chase down active players but if i find out they did something serious in the past, it won't matter when that was. Permanent bans can be lifted once a year on MD birthday. Such accounts lose all creatures and tags but keep medals and active days.
Ann. 1451 - [2010-04-25 05:01:17 - Stage 10]
People repeatedly uploading avatars that don't get approved will be restricted from uploading avatars. Some of you do progress and understand how to fix them, some keep wasting my time uploading the same. I am checking avatars just to see if they fit MD style. Players found to upload avatars copied from other places will also be restricted from any further avy uploads when cought. Players found to upload same avatars as other players or copied avatars from existing avatars in game will be tagged for investigation pending ban. I am glad so many started to upload avatars but those of you that are not working for them and simply get some nice images from the net, or keep uploading avatars with same issues as those i already denied them, simply waste my time. I appreciate much more those of you that try to do the avies pencil on paper regardless how they come out , than those getting fency art stolen from other sites.
Ann. 1406 - [2010-04-04 20:24:06 - Alpha 9]
Things to know about scriptable items, settings customizable per item, only by me. I wont take requests to custimize any item for now, but you should still know all thats possible just in case.

- reuse interval, in seconds that have to pass since last reuse
- define a max number of uses
- set action to perform when consumed, if item has a max number of uses. Possible actions are to return to creator, discard, but could be anything realy.
- set action to perform on each use. For example to return to creator on each use, like a bottle that can be used by anyone and still has a max number of uses but returns on each use to its creator.
- items can share same mdscript. Variables to support that and tell item name, holder name, location and such will be added later. This could allow connected items shared across multiple players.
- by sharing same mdscript, an editor could remotely edit the functionality of an other item that has an other owner but shars same script.
- items can be assigned to groups, such groups make the items return to a central location when destroyed or consumed. this is part of a future feature where lands could have things like armory or a common inventory where anyone could get something to use and it would return to the "warehouse" when consumed.
- it is probably a good idea to script items on a clickable first and then assign the code once its done. Repeated editing will probably cause the item to trigger its use limit. Unfortunatly item specific functions wont run on normal clickables and will probably give a warning. I am still thinking about a solution to this, be aware it might be am issue for now.
- there is no limit to what items could get an artwork. It is just a matter of suitable available artorks and time. If you provide them in the right format (named with id of item, png transparent under 15kb, handmade, exact size) i could add an art to any item that is missing one. Because i dont have time for this to do it one by one, i require at least 10 items at a time, then i will do it. Otherwise you will have to wait untill next wave of artworks for the items.
Ann. 1405 - [2010-04-04 19:29:21 - Alpha 9]
New rule - regarding scriptable items
Scriptable items should be scripted according to their name and description. You should not script items in a way that has nothing to do with their name like for example making a ctc verification item out of a sword or a healing item (probably possible with the new features i am planning) out of a chest. Players that use their editing abilities in such a way will lose their editing ability together with the wp spent for it. Players that persist in using scriptable items in a wrong way can get baned (!!!).

Since this feature requires a lot of WP, i assume only smart and hard working players will be able to get it so you will understand this... PLEASE use this powerfull feature right and don't force me to cripple it by adding restrictions over restrictions to it, because i can limit this by hardcoding it but it will only make it less interesting. I also do not want to differentiate access levels so that all of you get a chance to such things, but if i start seeing abused items or items used as temporary script holders , i will, and i wont be happy about it. Think that editing items allows you to gratly increase their trading value and also the most skilled of you can get a permanent role or activity from scripting items for other people in exchange of something.
Ann. 1372 - [2010-03-23 01:18:43 - Alpha 9]
A new security measure will automatically ban players trying to use dengerous code on there pages. Saying you just wanted to see if it does is not a good excuse. To test a potentially dangerous script you will have to notify me first and then test on an alt or with someone that agrees to test, but not on unaware players. By dangerous code i mean code that could steal items, change mood panel messages of other players and so on. The ban for this kind of incident is a permanent ban and will be followed by an ip ban if needed. messing with other people accounts is not a joke and its not bug testing if you did not tell me before.
Ann. 1348 - [2010-03-13 01:57:27 - Alpha 9]
Drachorn Cave closed for undefined time. It might get opend later or integrated somehow with a quest but for now it stays closed. (@Smartalekrj, drachs were supposed to be used as rewards for smart quests , not for who pays more.)
Ann. 1335 - [2010-03-07 23:45:51 - Alpha 9]
From now on, players sent to prison will also be kicked out from their alliance (with natural implications such as changing of leaders, losing a role, etc). This is not to be considered a side effect of a ban but an addition to the punishment. Invites can still be sent to inmates, on your own risk. If somehow a prisoner becomes leader of an alliance from within the prison and others jump to him they will get stuck there and nobody will be obligated to "rescue" them.
Ann. 1334 - [2010-03-07 23:40:15 - Alpha 9]
Jump-to-leader action is now restricted by interface on Prison ground. Other ways to get out of the prison are possible at the moment but escaping the prison is a crime and will get punished regardless if the interface allows it or not. If leader of an ally is in prison and members jump to him they will get stuck in prison too. If you get there you are kind of doomed so be careful. Hopefully no leader will get into prison to soon.
Ann. 1333 - [2010-03-07 23:33:28 - Alpha 9]
Creature transfers restricted by interface on Prison ground. Restriction depends on location and not on the inmate status of the player.
Ann. 1332 - [2010-03-07 23:21:23 - Alpha 9]
Item and coin transfers restricted _by interface_ in the Prison. The transfers are restricted only by the interface and not by any rule. It means alternate ways are 'legal' , if you find them, however there is none intentionally placed there at this moment, at least no bug or exploit i am aware of at this moment.
Ann. 1325 - [2010-03-07 20:29:18 - Alpha 9]
New rule regarding Prison
Players that get into prison, with an alt or with their main account, can have their alts or main banned without reason. It will usualy not be without reason, but the reasons won't be explained. I am tired of prison visiting by making accounts named "Mur" or of some of you to consider prison irrelevant since they play several accounts anyway. To avoid abuse, the only one to decide who's alts or mains can get banned under this rule it will be me, Mur.

IMPORTANT: Alts or mains banned under this rule will have an undefined release time, meaning they will probably stay there much longer than the initial ban., IF they will ever get out.
NOTE: Anyone creating alts to visit prison will get a permanent visit there. Persistance in a crime will get you a permanent IP ban, regardless of your active days count, reputation or role.
Ann. 1324 - [2010-03-07 02:19:12 - Alpha 9]
Not so long ago i issued a warning regarding alt abuse for taking advantage of the 5 credit promotion. Some of you ignored you. First to go is Ledah. 59 alts baned, main account imprisoned for undefined time. He can get out on special occasions or if someone with unban power decides so. Escaping the prison by other ways will increse punishment severely. For gathering silver from alts, all his items (2) and 98 silver got confiscated. For doing the crime so soon after a public warning (or during) not to do so he also receives a secondary punishment: attack reduced from 900+ to 1, defence reduced from 300+ to 1, power reduced from 200+ to 1. Kicked from alliance with 25% loyalty penalty.
Ann. 1318 - [2010-03-03 03:38:27 - Alpha 9]
Retarded AdventureLog (AL) checkpoint comments will get you negative score. Offensive lines there can get you baned. Spam gets you baned. Same rules as for chat apply, for now. These comments might get at some point public so they need to be clean. You will not get replies to those comments, its not a dialogue. For now, untill the end of Seeds of the East chapter, the comments will not get any score, but i read them, and thats why i got to write this announcement, some of you write things thinking nobody sees it, but I DO.
Ann. 1317 - [2010-03-03 03:31:27 - Alpha 9]
The 5 credits first time registration promotion will continue on undefined time. Probably will become a default setting. Please note that creating multiple accounts to benefit a main will get you baned, that includes creating multiple accounts to get the promotion and easyer get shop items such as silver for example.
Ann. 1308 - [2010-02-26 22:52:19 - Alpha 9]
MD Court has an official forum section where you can discuss possible cases, see ongoing trials, and familiarize yourselves with the way the Court operates. I want to remind you that I wont dedicate all my time to having fun with trials, so only very few of the issues will end in a trial and the trials will end up in exagerated punishments. To keep things interesing, the accuser might also get punished severely if it turns out he lost the trial and that the accused is innocent or at least not considred guilty by the court, and by "The Court" i mean ME, or jury if it is the case.
Ann. 1276 - [2010-01-26 02:57:29 - Alpha 9]
Chat supports any charset now. Issue with + sign fixed too. Even if you can write now in any language and charset, please don't forget chat should remain in english so that most can read it. Have fun experimenting with wild charsets, but don't spam chat in public places.
Ann. 1260 - [2010-01-10 00:24:30 - Alpha 9]
Rule change
As from now, due to the existance of a dedicated private place where you can talk anything you want, sexual explicit chats (more "types" pending to be added) will no longer be tolerated anywhere else in MD. This means that if anyone catches you talking such things anywhere, labirint, remote places, not to mention public locations, you can get baned for it. There are a lot of kids playing and reading your ..things.. this can't be allowed anymore. Thank you for understanding.
Ann. 1259 - [2010-01-10 00:24:30 - Alpha 9]
Private location
On public request, there is now a location where you can talk _anything_ you want and have total privacy. Sunny Bedroom, inside Tribunal lands, is the new private location where your privacy is 100% guaranteed. You can rent the room for several hours by contacting Elthen Airis. No more than two people can rent it at the same time. The rules of that place will be presented by him and you can also find them inside the room. The room can be opened with a key, the first usable inventory item in MD, that will be borrowed to you when renting it. In the next days, features such automatic clearing of chat on entering/exiting the room (acusticremains will not work either) will be added to fully protect your privacy inside that room. Nothing said inside that room can be used as evidence or against anyone regardless of whats said. Nobody will monitor it at all. For full details read the rules there or ask its keymaster.
Ann. 1202 - [2009-12-01 21:15:20 - Alpha 9]
New Feature
On your right panel you have a new link called "Public logs". You can see there the latest 15 public log entries posted by others. I am sorry if this spoils some types of quests (you will have to adapt somehow). In this way its also possible to spot offending public log entries that according to the recent rule changes are no longer allowed. Please do not use this as advertising panel, don't post links or make personal announcements. Public logs are ment to be used to store personal opinions about a character and all the public impressions about a character form a good image about how that character is seen by the others in general.
Ann. 1191 - [2009-11-25 23:37:48 - Alpha 9]
Important - About the rules and discrimination Discrimination of player characters based on things in their "real life" will be treated from now on as a serious crime. Sexual discrimination, racism, political or any kind of discrimination is a serious barrier against understanding how a person realy is and MD is all about understanding the minds/characters not digging crap about that person so you can affect his MD Character. Several new regulations to support this were added to the game rules. Please check the [Restrictions] page (top menu) for the new rules, you will find them written in red. These new rules will start to apply in a few days, untill then you have time to edit public logs, remove forum topics and clean anything that can get punished by these rules. No action will be taken on previous events IF everything is clean by the time i start to check, the rules apply from now on.

Note: Don't get me wrong, discrimination WITHIN MD is allowed, meaning you can manifest your hate against someone because he is a citizen of a certain enemy land, or because he has an extra pair of hands... just keep it decent.
Ann. 1177 - [2009-11-19 18:44:35 - Alpha 9]
Better than directly ban ...
"Curse" punishment spell will be used from now on for minor crimes, not always announced. The spell is cast for now only by me and drains a high amount of skills (-1k to -4k) for over a week. Longer periods and higher drains are possible for each cast of the spell. The cursed accounts will get 2800% skilldamage on all their lost fights during this period. This spell is designed to be used mainly against players that do abuses related to stat gaining and alt using with the purpose to boost their main acc, but its not limited to. (values and power of the spell might change without notice or per case and they are not subject to debate or complain)
Ann. 1161 - [2009-11-11 23:43:56 - Alpha 9]
Silence spell changed a bit. Except the things you will notice yourself, the duration of the spell was increased to 6min, people silenced can't silence others and they can't cast spells. People under toad speak spell are also unable to silence others with the silence spell. The official situation of the silence spell is like this, people are allowed to use it anytime and for any reasons they want to, i will never put an official punishment for it, BUT, people are also allowed to use any kind of punishments they have the ability to do against those that do it, so basicaly you are on your own and you should assume responsability for silencing others.
Ann. 1154 - [2009-11-09 22:49:29 - Alpha 9]
You might login one day and find yourself on an other account (mainly accounts under id 1000). This is because of the current bug i am trying to fix. Be warned that any kind of abuse on such accounts (King manu, Mur, npcs, default player, live help, etc) will be punished severely. (abuse means also creature stealing, but talking to others as if you were that acc). Best thing you should do if you find yourself on such an account is to logout and try again.
Ann. 1146 - [2009-11-08 03:28:55 - Alpha 9]
Ristash permanently baned for alt abuse. Winning the quest of your main account, Mcvitie, was not a smart move. Wishpoint (rewarded by Yrth) was canceld. Mcvitie gets max vitality to half and first and last warning. Next time i find anyone doing this i might not be so creative in picking a punishement. If you want to make me lose time chasing such stupid abuses, fine. Rewarding wishpoints directly (not wp codes) for no solid reason, trading or selling them, its not allowed.
Ann. 1119 - [2009-10-27 10:53:13 - Alpha 9]
Most of the warnings have been removed but there are still some in different pages. When you see one that sais you should report it , please do so. Thank you.
Ann. 1106 - [2009-10-19 22:07:09 - Alpha 9]
Because ban spell casts was drasticaly limitated, ban requests will be sent to me. I have to warn you that i am to lazy to send you to prison so if i get to ban you for something you get permanent ban, so please, do not get into trouble because you won't get a free ride to prison. Accounts that get in _serious_ trouble will also have all their accounts baned (inlcuding main). Lets keep this a nice and clean community without vandalism.
Ann. 1105 - [2009-10-19 22:05:08 - Alpha 9]
Festival of Pain might be over but i cant stop the urge to still do some painful things :D
20 accounts baned for using multiple spaces in the playername (while this is restricted by the interface). Death Bell and Rotting Carcass got their names "fixed" and did not get banned due to their active days count.
Ann. 1091 - [2009-10-15 00:51:26 - Alpha 9]
Added to the rules: WP exchange is striclty forbidden. Players that will exchange wishpoints will get seriously penalised or baned. Wishpoints should be granted only for good and well documented reasons. Any WP rewarded with an unclear or unsufficient reason can be canceled if found and the reward giver investigated. (this rule will apply soon for the upcomming WP rewarding features that will replace the RPC WP rewarding.)
Ann. 1003 - [2009-09-07 13:46:17 - Alpha 9]
Alliances and guilds with only two members (or multiple alts of same person resulting in a total of two different people) are requested to work on their guild/alliance structure and expand it with new members (according to their own ways) or undesired actions will be taken. Alliances in this situation: Dimensional Shifters, The Artisans Guild, Shattered Illusions, Kelle'tha Order, Crafters.
Ann. 856 - [2009-05-14 00:53:50 - Alpha 8]
The Judge
I am inagurating a COURT. At first it will be run by me, Muratus del Mur, as one judge to decide and take action. As this court will evolve and i will understand more of what judging type the realm needs it will be passed on to others to manage or will be adapted to fit the realm needs. My first rules for this court are these:

1) Trials can be initiated only by people directly involved in the situation that are suitable to suffer the decision of the trial.
2) Both sides will be heared both in private sessions and public ones the same number of times. Contacting me outside the decided session times is not allowed.
3) Each trial should have in its start a very clear concept of what it is disputed or demanded and what the requests of each side are.
4) Secret trials are not an option for now but could be an option if the discussed matters are of secret nature. I will be the one to decide that.
5) I can deny the start of a trial if i consider that there might by other ways to solve the issue
6) Trials involving groups of people should have same number of participants on both sides. In the situation as a single person accuses a group of people such as a organization, that person will have to get on its side more witnesses or people supporting his cause. This obviously gives more power to groups of people over single individuals because the punishments affecting groups are more important.
7) Proof and arguments should be given only when asked, any proof comming outside the time when its asked will be ignored.
8) The decisions of the trials are permanent and effective immediatly, both side must agree in the beginning of the trial that they will obey any decision resulting from the trial regardless how unfair they will consider it at the end.
9) Refusing to obey trial decisions will result in severe punishments

What types of things can be brought to trial?
From personal argues between players to more important situations. Creature theft, abuse, rule breaking, anything. Only important issues will be allowed to get to trial because my time is limited. At each trial i can select a group of people to vote, the selection will be as neutral as i can and i will not listen to your suggestions for the jury. I will try to select each time different people so that there wont be a "jury" profession.

I am making this to bring order not to scare or punish any of you, hopefuly this will turn into a flexible moderation system and not into an inquisition. My words here and now should remain as a guidence of what this was ment to be for later times when power will be tempting for the future judges. Where is power there is corruption.
Ann. 834 - [2009-04-30 19:18:27 - Alpha 8]
LHO cleanup. Some of the existing, now former, LHO think that their LHO status is some kind of fancy playername change that they carry around forever after they did LHO work. Today i cleaned all the LHO i found in other locations other than regular noob locations, or those that were inactive to much. The LHO assigned to dojo should also know that defesive quarters interior is not the same as defensive quarters exterior and just because they enjoy beeing in a remote empty location where is nobody to help, does not count as an escuse. The LHO announcement requesting all LHO to assist in the key locations was posted long ago, yet i didn't find anyone helping at the papercabin for example. The demoted LHO can regain their status the same way they gained it before. Currently there are many LHO jobs available both for the demoted LHO but mainly for the non-LHO players that want to help and get promoted to LHO. If .jonn. is temporary away it doesn't mean its chaos time for you, it just mean i will takeover and judge you based on what i see , not based on your previous experience with .jonn.
Ann. 828 - [2009-04-25 02:57:00 - Alpha 8]
Explanations about Dojo
To clear a missunderstanding about dojo locations and its role and influence on the realm i need to define the ONLY dojo locations. Please note that this announcement is new also for the dojo staff and they are requested to comply to it. The only dojo locations in realm are "The Marble Dale Park" and "Defensive Quarters" (not its interior). These two locations could be (but its not mandatory) used simultaneously as dojo grounds or dojo can move from one to an other if needed, or permanently desert one of them. The last location, beeing in loreroot, could be used as a dojo for omre advanced players (again, thats only a sugestion). Dojo role is to provide players of all types but especialy new ones with support and assistance (not to be confused with LHO) but more than anything it is a type of sanctuary that is not forced by the system but by players. Dojo is a symbol that sanctuaries can be sustained without forcing them by the interface but by self discipline. Players that have issues with the existance of the dojo should avoid it and pretend its a forced sanctuary. Nobody is forced to be IN the dojo but dojo staff will do all that they can to protect their locations and maintain the dojo. Dojo staff complains about dojo abusers will be ignored because existance of the dojo is based on their own efforts. The same way, complains about dojo by players outside dojo will be ignored because dojo is a location limited organization that can be avoided if you do not agree with it.
Ann. 704 - [2009-03-01 21:44:14 - Alpha 8]
Warning: several cheats have been traped with automatic _heavy_ penaliations. Players that will get into such traps will have no excuse whatsoever and the penalisations wont be lifted regardless whos advice they followed to get there. That is valid for bugtesters too! Most of you make a big confusion between discovering bugs and trying to abuse the system, from now on searching for new bugs will be on your own risk. Advice to unaware players, do not folow direct links to game pages unless you know for sure what they are doing, the simple opening of certain pages will get you in these traps and then there is no way back.
Note: i will track cheating new accounts suspected to belong to older players and penalise the owner. I am sory i have to use such extreme measures buts its mainly because some , very few of you, simply don't know when to stop.
Ann. 690 - [2009-02-22 12:06:14 - Alpha 8]
Multiple windows with the game interface will no longer be allowed. This restriction is to reduce server load. Multiple accounts are still allowed but you will have to play them one at a time.
Ann. 666 - [2009-02-07 23:21:56 - Alpha 8]
Wishpoints will matter during a festival, more wishpoints (used or unused!!) will give you a better rating if you try for a RPC role. I also must remind you that beggin for wishpoints or RPCtoRPC wishpoints exchanges are strictly forbidden.
Ann. 657 - [2009-01-31 21:43:01 - Alpha 8]
Abusing bugs, especialy during head contest, will trigger heavy penalisations. If you ignore warnings or penalisations and continue to use bugs to gain advantages during this or any other competition, you will get baned, regardless of age, rpc status, previous achievements. Accessing any game function without tools provided by the interface or with intent to obtain un natural benefits is cheating. Discovering bugs and reporting them fully documented will be from now on rewarded more than before, however, using such bugs , even after reporting them, will be penalised much worse. A comitee to investigate and supervise "cheating bugtesters" will be assembled and kept secret. Game mechanics or team members wont be informed by what mmbers this comitee has to avoid temptations and favoritism. Thank you for undertanding.
Ann. 597 - [2008-12-08 15:22:07 - Alpha 8]
Country flags added to all players, you can now see where that person is from. Please keep chat in english and talk in your own cuntry only in non public areas, in that way most of the players will understand whats going on and chat wont turn into a total mess.
Ann. 522 - [2008-09-29 04:22:35 - Alpha 7]
I am sorry i have to write this on the main news log. I (Muratus del Mur) do not answer PM's, period.
Most of the things you think you have to tell me you can tell to one of the staff members. If i talk to you for a RPC promotion or something else that does not mean i will keep answering other pm's or chat with you about how beautifull life is. Its not that i dont want to, i love to talk to each one of you if i could, but i cant. Team members have a chance of 80% to get an answer, RPC 50%, other 10%. Chances to actualy get an answer drop dramaticaly with the size of your message, if you write me a novel i will never answer/read it. Ifi tell you i will do something for you or answer positive to an email but i dont do that think within a few days, then please send it again and insist but also remember me what it was about, its possible i will simply forget about it and its ok to insist untill its finished or untill i tell you to stop. Team members should insist with a mesage if they think its realy important, sometimes it happens it gets lost, the pm msg list can hold just 100 mesages on the same page and i am not secretary to handle pm's or emails all day long.
Ann. 464 - [2008-08-12 19:42:10 - Alpha 6]
Spamming or flooding players with vote requests, personal annoucnements that nobody cares about, flooding the chat and trying to get attention or support in any annoying and disturbing way will get you a negative vote everytime someone reports it. Please try to keep it decent, the judges and voters of this contest are handpicked and the final contest decision will be made based on your actual progress in the game world not on how big waters you managed to agitate. An honest attitude towards your planned role is much better for you than flooding me or others with pm's about it.
Ann. 458 - [2008-08-05 15:40:40 - Alpha 6]
Several players have been banned from using the subscription payment option because of repeated subscription canceling. With this bann comes also a penalisation.
Ann. 444 - [2008-07-20 17:29:15 - Alpha 6]
Free credits page is back up. But before you go wild in there and click everything, know that from now on player activity will be monitored and players that just click the links for the reward but dont bother to acualy vote for the game will have this page banned and receive other penalisations too. The free credits page is a chance for you to get free credits and for the game to grow, dont ruin this by abusing it. Thank you.
Ann. 427 - [2008-07-01 14:05:01 - Alpa 6]
This game allows multiple accounts so that players can experiment different ways of play. One thing you should know about is that if you do illegal actions, like credit card fraud, using false emails, impersonating other player, or other things that are considered illegal here, ALL your accounts will be blocked, and in some cases IP adress too. Attempt to do illegal actions is the same with doing them. Several players have been permanently banned due to these reasons.
Ann. 385 - [2008-05-20 07:55:03 - Alpha 6]
the weirdest thing to announce on changelog probably ... There is a new "secret feature" in the game, more to come without notice or clues. Usualy secrets are to be discovered at the edge of game functionality, or when you achieve something nice that aparently has no use. Currently there is only ONE released but soon there will be plenty more (so DONT start trying to achieve 666 value points because you wont get a daemon creature - stupid example) ... well at least not yet :) ..who knows what could happen in the future. These features will be implemented silently into the game and not announced on the changelog from now on, but you will know you found a secret once you do. Please do not PM me about clues, i wont give any not even to old mods, secrets are to be found. Documenting or sharing of such secret features is not allowed.
Ann. 343 - [2008-04-15 00:05:36 - Alpha 5]
From now on multiple connections to the game are not allowed. Having more browsers open with multiple accounts will _probably_ get you automaticaly blocked by the system. If this happens you have to wait several minutes untill you will be able to access the game again. If you continue to have multiple connections you will permanently get blocked from accessing the game (automaticaly)... and i wont bother editing the firewall for each one of you that gets blocked just because you could not follow this simple rule. Multiple accounts are still allowed, but using them all at the same time causes problems to the server.
Ann. 197 - [2008-01-13 17:44:52 - Alpha 4]
Please stop asking mods how to do the puzzles or quests, they are not allowed to spoil, try to figure them out yourself.
Ann. 130 - [2007-11-25 12:38:06 - Alpha 4]
Changes done to prevent players from using empty rituals and fake defence ritual. The fighting system will detect if you are using an empty ritual and will get a random creature selection to fight for you. There is also a limit to the forces you can put in a ritual so if the ritual has to weak forces it will trigger the autogenerated ritual instead.
Ann. 125 - [2007-11-20 14:24:32 - Alpha 4]
During Alpha test, ALL WAYS OF PLAYING ARE ALLOWED, you can make multiple accounts, you can hit and run, you can hit players while on low vitality, you can do whatever you like and think it will make you the strongest around here, all i ask is that you let me know of all possible exploits or problems you find. You are allowed to swear and use offensive language but not very often and only when there is an obvious reason to that. No Moderator can take personal revenge on you based on the way you play or for personal problems with them. Things that get you banned (account deleted forever) without warning!: SPAM the chat with advertising FLOOD the chat. Repeatedly offending other players in chat without reason, and making mess on the chat in general. Tempering data to gain advantages / cheating alerts triggered by the system PM player Muratus del Mur (thats me) with any problems you find, Including reports of players that tell they are moderators but behave the wrong way. Moderators should be polite and help you play, and only warn players that step wrong about what will happen to them, but they should not get involved in personal disputes and threaten with banning based on personal fights with some players. Please don't message me with questions or with things you are not sure are actual problems, read the forums first.

[log=HC/BHC Announcements]
Ann. 1851 - [2011-05-25 19:00:02 - Stage 10]
*Shadowseeker* is disqualified from the BHC. He used personal heads management ability to alter the contest. Regardless of reasons, such actions should not be taken by anyone except the contest organizer, in this case me (Mur), and especially not one of the participants. Contest will be moved back to stage 1. My apologies for the incident to all current BHC fighters.

NOTE: Shadowseekers action was not intended as cheating but as a way to prevent bhc from running because of some bugs that were affecting it. His action won't be further punished. Bugs are part of everyday life of fighters, reset was not needed, nor will it ever happen in such way.
Ann. 1478 - [2010-05-07 13:11:10 - Stage 10]
Head contest will run from now on just once every two month, in the odd month (1,3,5,7,9,11) only. Contest pages and info will be updated soon. HC rules and rewards might also chane for the next contest.
Ann. 1466 - [2010-04-29 23:43:05 - Stage 10]
New feature for Boss Heads
During BHC participants can give heads to eachother without fighting, just be roleplay with this kind of words:

*..any text or none... give(s) x head(s) to playername*
playername should be the playername of the one receiving and should be last word in the text. You can precede the action text by something you want to personalise it or use it directly, for example: *searches his bag and gives 10 heads to Mur*. You can also write "all" instead of a number to give all heads at once. This action costs 20 action points and wont work if you don't have enough (unlike other chat actions that require ap). I am thinking to add this to normal HC too, depending on how it will go with BHC. Discuss it on forum to analyze possible abuse (alts, etc)
Ann. 1386 - [2010-03-29 15:34:40 - Alpha 9]
Update to the HC changes: score , head count drop will happen for offline players but also to all players that are in locations where score can't be tracked. In other words, if you are in a sanctuary or a location without chat, you will be considered offline and counted accordingly. Only players in active locations where hc gets counted will receive score and keep heads. During the second stage this means that the only location where you keep heads and score is the Gazebo of Equilibrium. During second stage, score for all players not there will constantly drop. We shall see if this turns second stage into something too important or just keeps things more tense and interesting on the last part of the contest.
Ann. 1384 - [2010-03-29 00:30:49 - Alpha 9]
Head Contest - cruelty change
What you thought i won't "ruin" the HC this time to? :D .. here are some changes that might remain so, not sure yet if it will be just temporarly or permanent.

Score gets counted only for online players, players that are not online will lose 5% of score on each count and 50% of their current heads. Heads get increased only for online players. Impressions, rants and thoughts on forum as usual. This is not tested yet, i just hope it works as described above. If its not, i will fix it, but no damage to your current score will get fixed. Its part of the HC "unfairness", have fun.
Ann. 1231 - [2009-12-29 22:58:41 - Alpha 9]
Last minute change - Spells during HC!
The following spells can now be cast during Heads Competition:
'banned','unbanned','sendtogazeebo', 'acusticremains','weather-frosty','weather-heavyclouds','weather-heavyrain','weather-mildrain','weather-snow', 'weather-storm','weather-sunny','attacklock','movelock','voice','weaken','mirrorritual'
They will remain working for future competitions too. You get spells by converting Wishpoints. Some of these spells will be very painfull for the HC, but like always, HC is unfair and changing without notice. Have FUN!
Ann. 1200 - [2009-11-29 17:23:51 - Alpha 9]
HC Change!
Yes this comes in the last hours of the competition :D. Score requirement to move to stage II increased to 8000 per MP group. Score counting occurs at shorter intervals now, these changes will be visible probably with the next contest. For the current one there are quite a few important canges: Credit reward increaded to 20$ credits (40$ for gold medal) , Vitality reward increased from 5k to 7k, Attack and defence point reward increased to 120 points (double for gold) and most important, last stage duration increased from 24h to 48h ... so you have an other day of nightmare! :D.
Ann. 988 - [2009-09-01 12:27:52 - Alpha 9]
HC Moderators are any players posessing the "send to gazebo" spell. This type of mods are allowed during the hc to use that spell to send back to central area any player collecting heads and staying with them in remote locations. There is no obligation for them to do that (in case they want to keep the spell cast for other uses) and there is no restriction for them using this spell only on those that they chose, but a impartial judgement is recomandable for a smooth contest evolution. HC mods do not have the power to decide winners or to penalise abuses (unless they have ways of their own), but they can spot and report abuses and you should report possible hc abuses to them. If a spell can be cast during the HC and its not limited by the interface, then it means you can use it!

The current list of players with this spell is: .Chewett.,.Pamplemousse.,.Akasha.,.yrthilian.,.Grido.,dst,.Firsanthalas.,.MRD.,.Cryxus.,*Awiiya* plus some administrative accounts not actively involved. Please note the list can change in time without notice, as people get replaced or promoted and also it is possible that the spell together with the mod title will be eventualy passed on to the wishshop.
Ann. 987 - [2009-08-31 23:12:47 - Alpha 9]
Changes to the Head Contest:
- Players that have a HC medal, will no longer be able to get heads by fight, regardless at what MP level they participate in the contest.
- RPC and LHO can not gather heads by fighting.
- In case of uncounted win, you now get maximum 2 of the enemies heads instead of just one.
Ann. 899 - [2009-07-03 19:39:24 - Alpha 8]
Players with unconfirmed email will no longer automaticaly receive heads during competition and will lose all heads and score on each head count.
Ann. 716 - [2009-03-06 18:13:16 - Alpha 8]
Everybody knows the Head Contest is unfair, but why should it be unfair just in the favor of cheaters and abusers? Some of the things that happened during the last contest made it obviously that there is a need of redefining what UNFAIR means for the head contest. Therefor, all winners of the last contest, EXCEPT LIGHTSAGE AND MRV, will be able to participate again in the next or future contest. They will keep all their current rewards too. The reasons for this decision are well known by those involved.
Ann. 628 - [2008-12-30 12:56:16 - Alpha 8]
Heads will be from now on reset when moving to an other MP level, praventing players to takeover top locations with heads cumulated at lower levels.
Ann. 627 - [2008-12-30 12:53:17 - Alpha 8]
Head contest finalists from previous contests, may no longer gather heads during other contests. Unfortuatly this will ruin their fun during this competition but will greatly improve the fun other players will have without beeing so much influenced by older player "head transactions".
Ann. 585 - [2008-11-30 20:44:42 - Alpha 8]
Head contest changes! A commitee of 6 people has been assambled to hunt those players that are hidding during head contest and throw them into a public location, at the Gazebo of Equilibrium. Hiding during contest is allowed and you should search for locations to hide with your heads and gather score, but this change comes to make things more chalenging! People asigned for this are (VIP as you can see): .Shoeps., .Jonn., .Chewett., dst, .Knator Comander., .Muratus del Mur. ...have FUN *evil grin*
Ann. 527 - [2008-10-01 21:40:26 - Alpha 7]
Last minute change at the head contest. RPC and LHO are now automaticaly stopped from winning the competition. The exact rewards were increased greatly and are now public on the head contest page. From now, first 4 participants will be considered winners. All winners get a MEDAL, first in each group gets a gold medal and DOUBLE reward and the other 3 get a normal medal and reward (all 3 the same reward). Time untill end of stage 2 is visible now. Just a few more hours untill the end of this months competition. Remember..the head contest is UNFAIR
Ann. 426 - [2008-06-30 23:36:38 - Alpa 6]
During heads competition, players that are away on distant lands such as Golemus, and take advantage of that to increase their heads score, will get heavily penalised.. RPC's are requested to immediatly return such players to nomans land and report such player activity.. Current areas where this rule applies: Golemus Golemicarum, deep levels of Necrovion, Loreroot and Marinds Bell islands, Passage of war. All other areas are allowed as hiding places during the competition.
Ann. 296 - [2008-03-15 22:58:18 - Alpha 5]
Top score player location is now public, check the contest score page.
Ann. 295 - [2008-03-15 21:52:24 - Alpha 5]
Trophy score wont be counted for players in sanctuary or inside buildings of capitols. Updated info on the head score page.
Ann. 292 - [2008-03-15 05:20:17 - Alpha 5]
Heads contest "dead creature bug" solved, now if you attack a player that has no defending forces and cant fight , you will get automaticaly all his heads.
Man hunt!! ..*Shoeps* that held the heads and enjoyed this bug is chalanging all MP5 to find him and get those 66 heads he has!, he will be on , you just have to find him and the heads are yours, but hurry or somebody else will get them :)----------
Ann. 291 - [2008-03-15 04:48:03 - Alpha 5]
Number of heads that will cancel your imunity in the sanctuary is now 6 instead of 15, so if you have more than 6 heads and you are in a sanctuary you are no longer protected by it. As soon as you lose your heads you are again protected.
Ann. 289 - [2008-03-13 20:51:29 - Alpha 5]
Head contest rules changed, now top players are calculated by a score they get while keeping the heads they get. Even if you get a lot of heads you need to hold them enough to increase your score. Score is counted only for online players. Read more on the contest page.
Ann. 178 - (2008-01-07 04:30:26 - Alpha 4)
Head Trophy holders get 1 point skill penalization per creature slot for every 2 heads he holds. Testing how to temporarly lower power of players holding most heads and to balance the competion

[log=Alliance/Kingship/Game Leaders Announcements]
Ann. 2156 - [2012-01-02 23:16:00 - Stage 11]
All king items have been removed from the Kings, all King powers have also been removed.
Azull has been unjailed.
Our thoughts:
-Yrthilian is guilty because he used tools although he was not supposed to as he is no longer King, items are allowed to be used by those who possess them though.
-Kiley is guilty for breaking the land rules put in place by the former king.
-Azull is guilty for not fully thinking about what his actions meant.
Past what we, the council, have already done, we will take no further action.
Ann. 2102 - [2011-11-21 07:13:09 - Stage 11]
Treasure Keepers take over kings rewarding responsabilities
Until further updates regarding land leadership / king roles / land treasury and rewards stock, the Treasure Keepers will assume the role of actively sponsor and support quest creators, events and anything reward-able for all inhabitants of the realm, with or without citizenship. The TK will not reward anyone directly (except events organized by the TK), instead they will provide sponsorship and additional rewards stock for the organizers if they think the event/quest is worthy of any sponsorship. Please do not organize anything based solely on TK rewards without providing first of all your own rewards to the participants. The TK will do for now what the kings were supposed to do with their rewards stock. Things the tk have in their power to give: wishpoint codes, rare and very rare creatures, premium creatures, credits. For the start all sponsorships will be discussed by the TK, represented by Seigheart, with me, to make sure their reasoning is flawless. However the TK decisions to sponsor or not sponsor an event or quest are subjective and are intended to remain so.
Ann. 2061 - [2011-10-23 13:26:26 - Stage 11]
Public roles will start with 2 initial penalty/trust points and gain 1 every 6month. By that counting method these are the new new trust points: King accounts keep current numbers that they have but will start in the future from 2 points the same way. Current kings will gain +1 at 6mo intervals counting from now. Chewett rulez with the most trust points 9 (2+7) , Grido has 7 (2+5), Seigheart has 2 (first 2), Eon has 2 (almost 3). More trust points will be announced after discussing the dates with their holders. The dates when each character points regenerate are known by each one and can be made public by them if anyone asks them.
Ann. 2058 - [2011-10-22 00:25:29 - Stage 11]
Trust points for public roles
Public roles such as kings , that already have such points, lho leader, tk, and any other public role figures, will have points, similar as kings. Each time they do something bad, they get a penalty point instead of being removed from the job. penalty points will regenerate over time. The exact numbers will be discussed and announced to each one. The total count of penalty points for each public figure will be visible on their profile.
Ann. 1989 - [2011-08-18 22:05:15 - Stage 10]
Jester's Fate
Summary: King Jester decided to jail/excommunicate himself and also summoned in prison a large part of MD population, using tools meant to be used for kingship. As a king, he had already 2 penalty points. Necrovion is in partial chaos, being the land with most rebels, and also lost a guild recently.

Result: For abusing kingship tools and using them on non-citizens, Jester received an other penalty point (3/4 now). For ending up in jail as a convict of his own actions, he loses his rights and by that all his kings tools and abilities, including verbal rights to demand things for his land. He keeps his crown however, and by that Necrovion reaches a delicate political state. King Jester is to be "hanged by the neck till dead" probably or will reach an other outcome (have to decide, things still in progress). Necrovion fate will be announced next.
Ann. 1969 - [2011-08-09 16:37:28 - Stage 10]
King Yrthilian received a penalty point for forcing someone into his land just to jail him. He claims to have done this on purpose to prove kings have no other way to punish someone in case needed. Eon was not a citizen at the time this happend so any law issued by the king can't apply to him. He was released, tag/description fixed back.
Ann. 1891 - [2011-07-07 05:52:21 - Stage 10]
Summon group by tag - new spell
Land Leaders (3Kings/1Queen) are requested to find good use and the appropriate person for the following new spell, with the following limits/usage. The spell will be provided on a Memory Stone, an item that can be transfered to whoever they consider and will grant upon use a limited number of casts, then self destructs. The spell/ability will vanish once consumed or after 6 month. The spell should be granted to a citizen and not kept by the King/Queen itself. The King/Queen can grant the needed tags to associate this spell with a new or existing role, and this is a good reason for that. Once assigned to a person and associated tag, the spell can not be taken back till casts or validity time runs out.
What the spell does:
It summons all players with a certain predefined tag, as decided initially by the land leader, to the casters location. The one that will be granted this ability should also receive a descriptive tag/description about his role. There are no restrictions to what this role should be about or on who it applies. The assigned caster needs to be a citizen but except that, the leader can decide on what tag the spell applies, including tags not belonging to citizens of the land.
Ann. 1823 - [2011-04-22 02:02:15 - Stage 10]
Zleiphneir was granted to ability to give tags related to bob the tree or his role (same thing almost :P ), in this case, the tags should be only favorable and with the consent of the one receiving them. He is not allowed to use this ability to punish or tag what is known in this particular case as "bob haters" or any other similar situation.
Ann. 1822 - [2011-04-22 01:44:51 - Stage 10]
BFH Lightning was granted the ability to change player tags for people helping him in his advertiser activity. A good example is for the people currently working on his recent job offering (analyzing new player opinions), with the mention, valid for everybody, that if the player already has a well esteblished role within the community he should be asked before changing that tag into a lower importance one. He will need to consult with me (Mur) for each tag he changes, because his role allows interpreting of what a role related tag could be.
Ann. 1821 - [2011-04-22 01:40:53 - Stage 10]
Chewett was granted the ability and right to alter player tags to state roles related to the forum, like forum moderators or other things that might fit in his forum related role (not other)
Ann. 1820 - [2011-04-22 01:38:23 - Stage 10]
Each King, or Queen will receive the ability to give tags. The limitations they must follow is that the tags they give must be only about the social structure within the land and not gifts, or other roles within that land. By this, the leaders of each land no longer have the right to ask for a tag change for one of their citizens. Kings ..and QueeN should ask first if a tag is ok if they are uncertain. Changing a tag outside the social or political hierarchy of the land will be penalised by one penalty point for that king and removal of the ability. This will defenetly affect the entire population of that land.
Ann. 1715 - [2010-12-31 15:44:14 - Stage 10]
Land capitals now reveal the influence that rebels have on a land against the king. Higher rebel influence will cause greater effects in a land but don't get hopeful that 50% influence is going to trigger an election for a new king. Having a larger number of rebels will affect the influence but it is not a direct ratio of rebels to loyal citizens. Creating alts just to boost rebel influence is not permitted and will have a negative effect on the rebellion. This does not however mean that a player can't have alts being rebels, or even causing opposing influence but they will be validated for all rebellion effects.
Ann. 1689 - [2010-12-01 22:57:12 - Stage 10]
Assuming Dominion over the East
[warning, critical action alert, read carefully]
I forcefully assume the role of King of the Tribunal Lands. My status as demi-god player should be respected, meaning that no mortal character could ever be declared as ruler of any land outside the four main lands. The balance of the realm does not change, 4 main lands remain the only lands that MD (no longer my character) treasures as its CORE. As this being my first action of such amplitude that is not related to MD architecture directly, i will spoil some of its reasons, this one time. The Lands of the East, tribunal, finds itself in a delicate position because it is not yet counterbalanced within the realm. Its size is bigger than the 4 lands combined, yet it does not own its own independent systems (altar creatures, concepts). Some found the counterbalance for Tribunal lands as part of secret MD research, i applaud them. The counterbalance won't appear. i wont explain reasons. Its place and role can be deducted already from the balance of the other thingsm but its not yet there. My role is ment to grab that land before it will ruin md balance on its own. I will be the one responsable for the damage, i am the only one that can. As a god i had to step down for this, as a demi-god i might fail, yet ALWAYS REMEMBER. Muratus del Mur is no longer an official representative of the _entire_ realm.
Ann. 1688 - [2010-12-01 22:45:18 - Stage 10]
Muratus del Mur - our path splits here, yet it just unites
I hereby announce that my main character and identity in MD, Muratus del Mur, will follow a path that should no longer be considered balanced in connection to the other things in MD balance structure. My judgement on MD matters will remain unbiased, but the clues i will leave and the ROLE of my character will no longer follow a path that will be part of MD architecture, MD symbolistic or purpose. Untill now, all i did, all the things about Muratus del Mur were carefully considered to be relevant on what MD means and its symbols. Just a few of you noticed it anyway.

Lets say, if untill now i was to say that i shit on *pick random fountain here* that was regarded as an official MD position on that particular thing and it became unavoidably an official declaration. My character is fully able to have a judgement in concordance with MD "unseen rules and balance" but my actions, punishments i might give as a judge, chaos created and so on, will no longer be balanced towards the realm. For example, i couldn't run my own ally so far because it was seen as an administrative group not an ally. Eeffective immediatly, Muratus del Mur is just a character.

I also grant the council authority to judge over my actions in MD regarded as a demi-god player (like Tengri was for example), as opposed to the untouchable status of a god-like character. It will never be the case that i will argue with the council, i know that, but its an important official statement to make clear the hierarchy. Its also important to know that my actions from now on do not reflect the ideology, aspirations and things MD as a now selfsustaining organism values

Because the unavoidable surge of people towards whatever i will do in a non official position, i will have to take an evil and cruel mask and crush the "mur effect" whenever i do not consider it appropriate. If untill now you could stay around where i stay just because it was likeley some sort of development or official announcement could have happend there, from now on you might have the surprise that i will tell you I am in a private capacity and you are interfering with my ally or me trying to aquire a wp or whatever...anyway the kind of subjectivism that a Ruler of MD could not afford untill now.

For strategic purposes, this decision is to be considered irevocable and valid on a period of 4 month. Only after this period can i change my mind, but if i make no further announcements this change should be considered as still applying.

Use forum for feedback and questions. i will post more details there as they will exist secrecy so i can talk about them. This declaration is mainly about things unannounced yet.
Ann. 1678 - [2010-11-24 17:16:10 - Stage 10]

Land Rules link has been added in the Citizenship tab.
Every citizen will see only the rules of their own land. These are rules set forth by the king of that land, following them shows loyalty to both the land and king. Kings will be expected not to make ridiculous rules that cannot be followed.Only Kings/Queens can edit the rules page.
Players from lands with no king/queen will be able to access the link but will see no rules there right now, later official land rules will be visible.
Ann. 1662 - [2010-11-11 03:03:58 - Stage 10]
Regarding rebel alliances/guilds
An entire alliance can not be declared rebel, but each of its members can become a rebel. If there will be no more members in an ally, it will be disbanded/deserted and the rebels can claim it as their deed, use it for political propaganda or negociation. Alliances that get deserted will be granted a new leader only after analizing the reasons why it got deserted and hearing out those that claim it or claim of being responsable for its destruction.
As long as an ally has active members in it, it is bound to the rules of the land and to the will of the land leader. There is no exception to that and now this includes also guilds and their derived role.
Ann. 1661 - [2010-11-11 02:55:32 - Stage 10]
Required loyalty days for a citizen to switch to rebel status is for now 30 days (active days within that land). This limit will be changed as needed based on the current population situation. Consider land days are counted just recently.
Ann. 1660 - [2010-11-11 02:52:45 - Stage 10]
Rule regarding posession of king items
Kingship items that land on bad hands can be returned to the king by force but the king will pay for his bad decision or mistake that lead to that situation with one penalty point. King items used in abusive ways without the kings permission will lead to the punishing of the abuser and the returning of the item to the king without a point penalty. This is intended to allow rebels to negociate while holding such items, but to prevent bad intended people from abusing them.
P.S.: These rules were created in response to an existing dispute, but tailored in such way that they will be usefull from now too.
Ann. 1659 - [2010-11-11 02:42:40 - Stage 10]
King and Citizen rules update
Rebel Citizens - official way to protest against land leadership

  • Rebel status can be set from citizenship page on the right of the interface
  • To switch to rebel you need a certain number of days as active citizen within that land.
  • Rebel status changes your tag and description and they wont be reverted after. It is a sacrifice for your cause.
  • Player drops from current alliance but remain citizens of the land
  • Rebels cannot get excommunicated but need to obey land official rules
  • No land loyalty is gained while a rebel
  • Rebel status is cleared when they join an alliance (tag and description are reset)
  • Kings will receive items to supress rebels from talking in chat but they wont be able to suppress groups
  • If the percentage of rebels gets to high (exact percentage to be announced later), their demands, including elections, will be heard
  • A dedicated page for official land rules and king specific rules will be made public for each land separately
  • Using alts to increase the number of rebels of a land will be punished

Kings now have 4 lives
Citizens punished by the king, or opposing the king (rebels), can open a dispute regarding a kings decision. If the decision proves to be abusive or based on no actual reason, the king will get one bad point out of a maximum of four. Please note that not all dispute requests will be accepted, just those about serious acts. The penalty points of a king can be for anything that makes that king a bad king for his land, but will not be given easily. Kings authority will be officialy protected and supported, and there won't be a fair trial of each of the kings mistakes, but certain things that go over the line will be sanctioned. Examples: long time inactivity and ignorance towards his land, abusive and unjustified jailing, bad language or verbal abuse in public places, repeated corruption that goes beyonf kings role, actions that ended up to affect his land in a bad way, abuses against rebels, etc
More details about this will be on the rules pages of each land. Questions will be answered on the forum.
Ann. 1519 - [2010-06-08 11:56:01 - Stage 10]
Excommunication period and asylum
An unforeseen aspect of the king jailing ability was the jail time. I hereby put the default jail time for being jailed by your king to a period of two weeks. In special cases kings may negotiate this time with me , but only for good reasons on rare occasions. If someone gets out of jail sooner than he should (escapes) , his penalty will be increased to a lot more and if he does it again he received a permanent IP ban. Careful how a small penalty can turn into a much bigger one, jail is jail, not a tourist attraction.

Note: This update was made to clear the situation of Princ Rhaegar that got out of jail as soon as he was placed in. I will move him back without any aditional penalty because this matter was not very clear yesterday, but make sure it won't happen again

Note 2: To solve the matter of rebellion and prevent kings from silencing people on political reasons by putting them to jail, a jailed player can do his jail time outside the jail if an other king grants him political asylum and support for his cause for a limited time.
Ann. 1517 - [2010-06-07 22:34:55 - Stage 10]
Kings can excommunicate their citizens and jail them, but they can not take them out of jail. Once in jail, they are no longer a citizen of a land. There will be people assigned that will be able to unban jailed players, but it will be a personal ability and not responsable authority. That means whoever will have the ability to unban, might chose not to use their ability to do so. This works similar to the jail rules. You get in for a defined time (usualy) but after that time you won't get out automated, it only means you could get out if you ask it. In prison you are kind of deprived of your rights, but once you are out, previous crimes should not put a stain upon your character.
Ann. 1516 - [2010-06-07 21:24:50 - Stage 10]
New kingship items are ready allowing kings to excommunicate, jail and revoke citizenships of their citizens. This time, kings are requested to find me in-game to get their items, otherwise they won't get them. A good reason to actually move a bit from your "holly" throne and search a bit :D. Regarding usage of this ultra powerful items, since they are effective only on citizens of their land, kings can use them as they see fit. There is a limit of 100 uses on them, after that, the items return to me and i will give them back after reviewing for what reasons they were used and on what people. Untill the item exhausts its uses, no investigation will be performed to judge the reasons a king has to act on the citizens of his land. If after the 100 uses the item was missused (in my opinion alone), that particular ability will be revoked for that king for a period of time. This will affect the stability of the land and the kings reputation, but lets hope it willl never happen.
Ann. 429 - (2008-07-04 03:31:43 - General)
Mods, or other role playing characters int the game may not threaten you with banning because you attack them, or because you play in a certain way. In general they wont threaten you with ban at all, if you do stupid things you will get a warning if you are lucky but in general threatening with ban is not only not allowed but it wont happen because if you do something that needs that kind of threat you will get banned directly. Main reasons for banning a player are: Chat flood with advertising, cursing in newb areas, sending of spam via pm, obsessivly talking dirty in public areas and ignoring mod warnings. There is a huge freedom in here comparing to other games, you are even allowed to talk dirty in chat if you wish so, but NOT in public places where other may consider it offending, please try to keep things decent and play as friends not death enemies.

[log=Torch Contest Announcements]
Ann. 1744 - [2011-02-26 13:18:30 - Stage 10]
Torch Competition STOPPED
The torch competition has been stopped for now. The contest will not take place again before MD Birthday. In a few month it will be launched with a concept change. The cummulated score gathered by each land throughout all editions of this competion so far, remains intact. The use of this score is still undecided at current time but reflects the team spirit and militar power of some lands as well as obvious vulnerabilities of other lands due to map and player distribution. Hopefully the usage of the points will take into consideration all this when it will be implemented.

[log=Alt Abuse Announcements]
Ann. 1999 - [2011-08-23 06:25:02 - Stage 11]
No more item transfers between potential alts
Items can no longer be transfered between what MD considers to be "alts". I say it this way because not all accounts restricted by the altchecker are alts, some are different people accessing md from same network, others are accounts "borrowed" for active days keeping to friends (md tags them as alts then) others are not even that. This might be damaging for people that live in same place and can no longer exchange items in md, but the benefits of restricting alts from item/resources transfer are far more important. This should slow down (at least a bit) potential future abuses related to the shared tools acquiring and resource hoarding.
Ann. 1975 - [2011-08-11 05:25:35 - Stage 10]
Alt abuse not forgotten
Recent and upcoming changes related to resources and tools do not consider the implications on using alts to abuse them. It would be to slow and time consuming to take care of that matter while developing them. However, i am counting on your cooperation and understanding of the fact that alt abuse will be detected and treated accordingly when i get more relaxed with the current development. I appreciate the concern honest players have about this matter. If you have any uncertainty about what is and whats not alt abuse please ask older players or on the forum to avoid any trouble.
Ann. 1831 - [2011-05-02 19:38:17 - Stage 10]
Accounts locked pending investigation
After investigating a series of strange behaviours, the following accounts were locked for alt abuse and/or exploiting bugs over extensive periods of time. As I stated several times, bug abuse is allowed when the involved people are actively helping to fix those bugs, however when they just abuse them for their own benefits without intend to help fixing them, it becomes a crime. Associated with these crimes, a series of alt accounts were also locked. I remind you that alts are allowed as long as you play them as independent characters not when you use them for criminal activities. Only some of these alts participated in this crime however i locked all of them because obviously their owner has no understanding of alt usage limits. The outcome of this investigation will be announced on forum and the lock will be removed once each one of them receives its punishment. The lock is temporarily and it is a preventime measure. Some will be deleted some will get creative punishments, some will walk free.

Acounts locked for investigation:
Main investigated: CrazyMike, MRI, MRAlyon, a, lone wolf pup
Associated: Azkrama, Tamak, Kirtan, Gustav, xDalex, Jdelacroix, S U O M I, Telmomarques

According two a previous decision (announcemen on 2010-12-28 02:29:00), Player Kamate will suffer same punishment as MRI, even if character (alt or not) was NOT involved in this particular event.

More details: Forum link
Ann. 1711 - [2010-12-24 23:25:09 - Stage 10]
Chirstmas GIFTS...or not..or are they? hey who got the windy? :)
Well, it seems this is already a well established Christmas Tradition in MD that for every single time with this occasion there was some sort of problem with the gifts, one way or the other. So don't get scared, its how things seem to work around here, regardless of me or others trying to make them right :)

So, you should know that gifts were released a bit earlier, without the NEW restrictions. Today they were applied and you should know that now there is a activity requirement in order to get the gifts. IT IS NOT A BUG. Check you activity rating (total number of active days over max of your accoun, in profile page). This was done unannounced, in order to prevent alts from "harvesting" xmas gifts.

You know i don't like such things. The only reason multiple accounts are allowed is to allow multiple characters that actually play different roles and personalities. Any alt abuse to gain advantages in such desperate and rude way will cause unpleasant actions towards your main.
Ann. 1710 - [2010-12-24 13:47:33 - Stage 10]
Accounts created just to abuse the Christmas tree will be banned. The main of those accounts will also face punishment after Christmas
Ann. 1606 - [2010-08-24 20:18:39 - Stage 10]
Transfer of avatars between alts is from now restricted.
Ann. 1550 - [2010-07-04 21:32:45 - Stage 10]
Just a friendly reminder about alts
Your alternate accounts (alts) are safe, I am the only one that can actually check or confirm who is an alt of who, and I will not disclose such info to anyone UNLESS:
You commit some sort of crime such as chat or bug abuse. In that case your alt, your main, or all your accounts get baned depending on how bad it it what you did. New players (under 100days) might get directly deleted/permanent ban for less reasons, while older players will get jail time or depending on age (active days) they will be intervied to see what reasons they had to do so before applying any punishment. There are ways for anyone to check alts, so even if nobody else except me has a tool to check this kind of info directly, anyone can use the public tools such as trade logs, chats, or even rumors to determine who is an alt of who. Some players with administrative duties can ask me to do an alt check, and I will, only if there is a good reason for it, not for their own personal curiosity. Even if you are allowed to use alts, and alts are not chased like in any other games, if you do something realy bad on one of your alts you lose this anonimity privilege. If your alt that does the bad deed is old or popular enough to absorb the punishment of what he did, the other accounts won't be checked.
Ann. 1436 - [2010-04-20 19:17:55 - Alpha 9]
I am said when i have to announce players with almost two years activity getting baned or in jail.
For abusing the adepts reward system and creating lots of fake accounts to get the 15$ credit reward for each, the following accounts got permanent ban:

" Unknown Entity (419 days), MRI (566 days) and H.

In addition to that a list of 32 alts belonging to them/him were also baned. A secondary list of over 50 possible accounts/alts are under investigation and will be baned without notice for any kind of suspicious activity found during the investigation.

CrazyMike ( 671 days), part of the same fraudulent activity, got 2 month in prison and minus 50.000 max Ve. He also lost 51 of his available credits.
Ann. 1265 - [2010-01-16 22:57:53 - Alpha 9]
Alts are no longer able to fight one an other. This restriction will annoy some of you, but keep in mind it was added to prevent abuse, of course.
Ann. 1226 - [2009-12-26 03:40:36 - Alpha 9]
Trading Advisor - Creature transfer restrictions
This is a change many of you won't like, but its a very important change that will hopefully prevent (or at least make it harder) creature raising over multiple accounts. You no longer can transfer creatures between alts, or between accounts that the new "Trade Advisor" considers. If you shared your account access with someone else, you wont be able to trade creatures with that person, if you are in a school network you wont be able to transfer between accounts within same network and so on. This is probably painful for many of you, but please consider it was never allowed to use alts for such purposes in the first place. The Trading Advisor accuracy will be improved over time, feel free to complain, but no exceptions will be made, even if you are not an alt and TA reported you wrong. I can only improve the system in time, but for now its a desperate need to fix this ongoing abuse.
Ann. 1224 - [2009-12-25 00:15:48 - Alpha 9]
Alts with ridiculous names or created just to get the gifts will get baned. Chirstmas Tree is not a place to pillage, sorry. Those that require a name change will get unbaned after the gifts pass. (I don't like it that you keep such accounts hidden but you bring them out to take gifts with them, sorry)
Ann. 1176 - [2009-11-19 17:37:29 - Alpha 9]
Following accounts baned for alt abuse: 'Clover','Eric','Lockon Stratos','LadyLiliath','Lockon Stratos','MRHardboiled','Rushmore', 'Steve','TaNpA NaMa','Tsunade','furElise','linar','poosie'.
Abuse: using alts and scripts to gather bursts, Location: Labyrinth.

Sanction decision pending for CrazyMike and Unknown Entity (I cant decide between permanent ban and lowering stats).
Reason: at least participating in the crime, if not responsable for it.

Training with alts, is against the rules. Participating in a crime done by others makes you guilty as well.

UPDATE: CrazyMike and Unknown Entity got max Ve cut by half. They will also be the first to experience the effects of the new "curse" spell that will drain huge amounts of stats and do them skilldamage for each lost fight for the next week or two. Next similar abuse gets you permanent ban.

UPDATE 2: Unknown Entity got skills ..adjusted.
Ann. 1147 - [2009-11-08 04:02:29 - Alpha 9]
I am checking alts in many ways, usualy i can tell with a high accuracy if its just same IP because of student campus, school or same network or its a real alt. If you manage to get a "high alt score" that means at least that you people know eachother very well, shared accounts, or similar, which is also somthing to worry when winning eachothers quests, especialy for wishpoints. When it comes to punishments, i am extra careful if you are an alt or not, but if for any reason you believe i did a mistake when checking for alts, you can request a double check. I will recheck even more deeper, but be warned, if i find out everything else points you to be an alt, your punishment will DOUBLE.
For those of you that forgot, the purpose of allowing alts is to allow you to play multiple characters and experience MD from different points of view. The only thing you have to do is to stay away from using your alts to benefit your main or to gain any advantages from one to the other. Having alts its not a crime, as long as they are used right. Checking for alts its done only under circumstances that require it, your relation with your alts will be kept private unless you do something to require it to be announced public, like getting in trouble.
Ann. 977 - [2009-08-22 16:48:38 - Alpha 9]
Random cleanup:
Accounts CarrierA, CarrierB, Rootpower, CarrierC, CarrierD, CarrierE, CarrierF, CarrierG, SoulCarrierA, SoulCarrierB, SoulCarrierC, Pathkeeper and Jareth - BANED, (Main acc Yunain, given one more chance) ,reason "multiple accounts used excessively to support/cheat a main one"
Ann. 900 - [2009-07-03 20:14:29 - Alpha 8]
47 Accounts permanently banned for multiple accounts abuse. Multiple accounts are allowed to be used as different characters, not to support a main account or to cheat head contest. HC is unfair, both for those playing right but as you can see also for the cheaters. Out of those characters, the former top HC leader Kask got part of his alt banned and a ban warning himself. Lightsage got a permanent ban because this is the second time i warn him about using multiple accounts to cheat. I am joking and consider your active days into your favor first time you step wrong, second time you are out without warning. If you know you did stupid things in the past and got without punishment, better use the oportunity not to do those things again..
Ann. 730 - [2009-03-08 23:25:10 - Alpha 8]
You get 15$ credits for each of your friends refered by you that reaches MindPower 5. This is effective from now and will work also on accounts registered so far. The bonus wont be granted to accounts that allready reached MP5 in the past. So start flooding your friends with invitations and get the credits :D You find your link on the free credits or the adepts page. WARNING: Alternate accounts are not eligible for this bonus.

[log=RPC Announcements]
Ann. 1087 - [2009-10-13 21:43:51 - Alpha 9]
A painfully important day
Today i will put in action a terrible plan that became more and more obvious for me over the past period.
No more RPCs.
This is not a mass demotion but a change of concept. The RPCs that deserved demotion were demoted in the first part of the Pain Festival. This change will have major impact on the current logic of MD, on how wishpoints are distributed, how spelldocs become available, secret player logs, rpc authority , rewarding system and so on. More details about how all these issues will be solved will be announced in time as they are done.

Reasons: RPC vs normal player discrimination was to high while rpc still did not managed to keep players respect them. RPC renewal speed was too slow, a lot of people that could have been rpcs never got to be one. A lot of RPCs became inactive too fast while they couldn't be demoted so fast (RPC long lasting was part of the concept). The contribution in quests, roles and overall identity and flavor brought to MD was insignificant from some and too big from other rpc, this causing a big difference between them, while it was restricted by concept to view rpcs as having different importance levels. The development done specialy for rpcs (spells, features, etc) was wasted on a too limited group of people.
There is no one else to blame other than me for not being able to keep the RPC list constantly fresh. I consider that the system has to be more automated and i am doing everything to shift it in such a direction while also keeping its human decision factor that is and always be a critical element of MD
What will happen next, and what the current plans about RPC features are, you can read on this forum topic: here
Ann. 928 - [2009-07-20 04:27:51 - Alpha 9]
Because of the current and planned growth of the wish shop, RPC, the only one who can give wishpoints, are requested not to forget their internal regulations and not to abuse wp rewarding by exchanging wishpoints.
Ann. 873 - [2009-06-17 01:15:49 - Alpha 8]
After a long time of waiting and a long almost never ending issue, i decided on the following action. RPCs are granted a highly authoritative position within the realm. The loyalty towards MD was supposed to be obvious, but it seems it wasn't. Everyone is entitled to its own opinion, i respect that, but opinions and instigations AGAINST MD can't go well with positions of leadership within the realm itself. You can't pretend you love the game and in private meetings to instigate players and make such accusations.
Effective immediatly, .Amoran. is demoted from RPC.
I offered her the chance to argument and discuss her actions open with me and the other rpcs but i was ignored. Amoran, toghether with Logan, can have their opinions on their own, without taking advantage of an RPC position to manipulate players into believing them. RPC immunity is indeed high, but it has its limits too. I was ready to apply this immunity even to these things, but you can not hit and hide and hope you are immune, such behaviour does not fit with what i demand from the rpcs. The image and authority of all RPCs was affected by this incident and its not fair to see the entire group in a certain way just because some can't decide where their place is. As an aditional note, because of some specific accusations, I will no longer accept any kind of artwork or artistic contribution from her as an Artisan guild member from now on (not that they were many).
Anyone concerned about more details can read the full RPC meeting logs here.
Ann. 665 - [2009-02-07 23:21:55 - Alpha 8]
RPC's are kindly requested not to spam clickable objects with ridiculous comments or garbage info. Also please use a descriptive TITLE when placing a note on such an object. Missuse of RPC tools will be bad for you considering the upcomming festival. Ask more experienced RPC's on how to use them if you are uncertain.
Ann. 625 - [2008-12-30 11:19:17 - Alpha 8]
Spell casting of any kind prohibited during heads contest. Main reason: RPC "secretly" helping out some of the lower level players. Change is permanent.
Ann. 618 - [2008-12-26 23:22:46 - Alpha 8]
When RPC spells were created, the things to controll their use was HEAT. With the special spell interface created to make spell casting easyer for RPC's , abusing spells become a habbit. There is no controll to how spells get used and obviously common sense of rpc's cant handle that. Special rpc interface for casting spells was removed today and wont come up, do not send me begging pms or do not try to reason me into putting it back for some of you, that includes team members or people that would normaly realy need it. If you want to cast spells you will do it in public and with a 300 heat cost. This change will defenelty ruin the way you are used to work now but its a change needed to stop what is happening now with spell casting. This will also have a huge impact on role playing situations (i am not saying good or bad) and i am actualy counting on that!
Ann. 548 - [2008-11-01 21:33:43 - Alpha 7]
ALL rpc's received a inner magic spell document to give as reward for their quest. High level docs should be given after a more dificult quest and low level docs can be given for more easy quests. RPC to RPC trade of documents is allowed but RPC's should never give their documents for free to the other players. The exact distribution of the documents will be posted soon on the forum. Just about 50% of the existing docs were distributed, for the rest the game will need more rpc's so probably it will happen slowly in time or with the next festival. Please remember the difference between outer magic abilities and inner magic docs, dont mix them. The actual use of inner magic is still to be documented and presented in more detail so consider these docs more like a personal collection for now.
Ann. 533 - (2008-10-10 15:16:00 - Alpha 7)
RPC with ability to run side head cotests please report to .Shoeps. beofre dispatching heads in the game and also before resetting all of them. Head controll is global and affects all so this activity must be managed and controlled in a propper way. All side head contests started without beeing reported to .Shoeps. will be considered tests and heads will be reset at first ocasion.
Ann. 521 - [2008-09-28 20:24:52 - Alpha 7]
RPC abuse of dream capabilities, summon, chase, or other exclusive abilities during the head contest, aimed to win the contest or help other player win it its forbiden and punished in an extream way.
Ann. 473 - [2008-08-21 04:51:40 - Alpha 6]
Together with the rewards there will be also penalties for those RPC's that stoped creating interesting quest or are simply to long time away from the game, so expect the RPC list to be "cleaned" and some will be moved to PWD.
Ann. 418 - [2008-06-24 04:58:41 - Alpha 6]
RPC rules: unlike hardocded game puzzles and quests, MP level does not matter to rpc given quests and achievements of such quests or progress does not reset when you advance to other mindpower level. Each rpc may give other quests from time to time and in that case you can get an other reward from same rpc, but never twice the reward for same quest. All you progress with rpc (game characters) or quest giving players is recorded and contributes to your overall identity in the game..that can be reflected later in things that will amaze you ;)
Ann. 417 - [2008-06-24 04:45:57 - Alpha 6]
New reward concept: WISHPOINTS. For now wishpoint count will be kept only by rpc's (game characters , playernames that include dots at start and end) . Wishpoints can be given just by RPC's BUT rpc's can and should include as part of their quests the requirement to solve other secondary role giving players quests (players officialy designated to do this only). Wishpoints will be tracked later in a way visible by the player. Wishpoints stand for a general reward , not determined yet, but flexible. They are like a currency of quest solving, you earn wish points and then you use them in several points like getting a wish granted from an other rpc or converting them in credits or getting a free pass to a new land or many other things later in the game. The reward conversion ratio will not be 1=1 so some rewards/wishes will cost more wishpoints to be grated. As from this point on, WISHPOINTS are the official reward given by rpc's at the end of a quest chain, if the rpc wishes so it can give both custom reward and wishpoint. Some rpc's will be able to convert your wishpoints in rewards at a later time. (public request to rpc's to keep a record of these new rules and teach them to next generations of rpc's, or prepare them in detail form, thnx)

[log=Other Technical Announcements]
Ann. 2039 - [2011-10-01 19:22:08 - Stage 11]
Land loyalty matters for AP
Land loyalty matters now for the ap cost when traveling. The more land loyalty you have (time spent as citizen of a land), the less ap you will require to travel across it. This becomes extreamly interesting for the land gates and it is also a way to render viscosity insignificant just for citizens of a land while they are within their land. Land gates will be marked as part of the land they represent and not Nomans Land anymore. As it is now, one loyalty day counts as -1Ap cost, but this might change without notice depending on how things go.
Ann. 1997 - [2011-08-23 04:43:50 - Stage 11]
Shared items will regroup at their original location on every Tuesday, 04:15 on odd dates and 16:15 on even dates of the month (servertime). Try to avoid loading cauldron type items or jars close before that time as they will be taken away automatically even if they are loaded or in use. Do not hoard shared tool and do not use alts to store multiple tools of dame type. These items are meant to be used by as many people as possible so if you don't plan on using them let them there for others to try. You shouldn't sell the items but you can sell services related to them such as heat jar loading or whatever else.

UPDATE: now runs on odd and even dates so it covers more timezones.
Ann. 1966 - [2011-08-09 06:21:31 - Stage 10]
People that somehow escaped jail (have jail tag but are not on jail soil) can now be grabbed by anyone that sees them and hold for 8 minutes in place. Grabbed fugitives become agitated and highly dangerous (do increased skilldamage when attacking and cant be attacked back). If enough people (6) hold them in place they will be put down and sent back to jail instantly.
Ann. 1956 - [2011-08-03 21:06:08 - Stage 10]
Viscosity can now be lowered to -80 (instead of -60). Still grows to same level and changes at same rate.
Ann. 1939 - [2011-07-25 01:14:33 - Stage 10]
Actionpoints bonus for Active Days
The number of active days will influence from now on the total action points you can accumulate. The older you are the more Ap you will have. The way the bonus is distributed is not constant but in the first 6mo matches half of the active days count, later on growing slower. . The exact bonus values are posted on the forum. The intention is to keep newer players in more central areas, while older players will feel more comfortable to adventure in deeper areas of the map.
Ann. 1914 - [2011-07-11 04:54:15 - Stage 10]
Heat based on land works in reversed way than till now. You will gain heat on home territory and lose when outside your land...in general. This can also be reversed back based on location viscosity. Briskness will count only on moving on your own homeland. You will see exact details on each move, below the chat, in the notifications area. This has also some subtle concept implications to why and when heat increases in relation to your surroundings and actions, (I let those for each of you to figure out).
Ann. 1913 - [2011-07-11 03:09:06 - Stage 10]
Viscosity will increase about twice as slow (+4 every 55min)
Ann. 1881 - [2011-07-04 03:37:29 - Stage 10]
Current viscosity test settings:

- A player can lower visc in a location once every 1 hour
- It is lowered by 4 for each player passing through
- Visc increases by 2 every 6 hours
- Max visc a scene can accumulate if unaccessed is +40Ap
- Maximum drop in ap cost if many pass through is -40Ap

Give it at least a day before you share your opinion on these settings.
Ann. 1878 - [2011-06-30 07:32:15 - Stage 10]
Location Viscosity - new concept

NOTICE: This is a presentation of concept. The feature is implemented already but won't be activated till some fixes regarding papercabin/noob area are ready. In the places that it will start to be applied you will see viscosity value different from zero. For now all places have viscosity zero.

Viscosity of a location determines the increase or drop in action points cost for moving or using clickables in a location. It is determined by how often that place is visited by yourself or others. Visited more recently/often, the location memory becomes more fluid and fresh and thus the ap cost is less.This "Viscosity" builds up over time and makes long forgotten places even harder accessible. It is possible that the Viscosity will render certain deserted places fully off limits due to their Ap cost if nobody will visit them for a long period of time/ At the same time it could make other locations, that have a natively high Ap cost, easy accessible when when more people go through them. This value and influence is shared by everyone in the same location. This feature is intended to make the edges of the MD world harder to reach, while keeping more popular places with low Ap cost. It also encourages collaborative exploring of places like the Tribunal for example.
Ann. 1830 - [2011-04-29 01:08:39 - Stage 10]
Any player that wishes to be part of an alliance needs to now be at least MP4 level to join.
Ann. 1829 - [2011-04-29 00:42:10 - Stage 10]
You can no longer become an adept if you have less than 100 active days.
Ann. 1765 - [2011-03-25 00:21:59 - Stage 10]
No more Experience, but HEAT - Concept change
I am glad to announce one of the most important concept changes in the past years in MD. There is no more "Experience", its now the same with HEAT. Functionality at this point remains the same but things will change over time according to this concept. Heat is finally what it was supposed to be from the start and "Experience" as a concept is gone. XP was never too much "MD Style" anyway.

Player XP, Creature XP = Stored Heat
Max XP, or XP cap = Max heat tolerance
You dont gain xp but you store/refill heat
You dont lose XP but you free stored hear

The name changes are already in place and will be followed in time by functionality changes, things like heat burn, a more dynamic system of skill limits and more. This is a major change even if it might not seem so at this moment. The merger between heat and "xp" made heat be the "blood" of all activities in md, its used in some items to power them up, its used in fights, in creatures, in skills, character development and so on. The heat of the "erolin device" (glowing thin in right corner of the interface) is also heat , same heat as your stored heat, only in unstable form. Also from a story point of view, without any current implementation, Heat is the counterbalance of liquid dust and will be later called "negative heat" (as in "minus" not as in "bad", not the same with "cold"). This means a lot more but in the end it makes all perfect sense since the Shades are the counterbalance of the players too. This change fits as a glove on how things were already in MD, it is not shaking too much, but the name change might make you understand more of how things work in md. As usual, opinions about this are welcome on the forum.
Ann. 1757 - [2011-03-05 00:07:06 - Stage 10]
Free credits links give now +2 MAX Ve and Vp each. This might not seem much at all for the vets but for new players it is something especially when accumulated over a longer period. That means free credits give about +70 Max Ve daily and about +2000 Max Ve monthly. Remember to also vote for MD not just to click the links for the reward.
Ann. 1756 - [2011-03-04 22:55:11 - Stage 10]
Regarding the situation of MP3-only dedicated roles and the new changes, i want to say that these roles have indeed to suffer IF they want their role to include fighting. The only thing i am worried about is the "creature collecting" part. For those that see MP3/4 as a stage they want to remain in _forever_, as part of their role, the alternative will come to allow them creature upgrades beyond the limit, however fighting with those creatures will not be an option anymore (maybe organized events, or such, but not normal daily fighting).
Ann. 1755 - [2011-03-04 22:37:24 - Stage 10]
Creatures upgraded over the maximum level allowed by the current MindPower level of the player will become automatically frozen in combat. Creatures requireing MP6 to upgrade will remain usable at MP5, this is an exception for now until the MP6 requirements are clarified. This means MP3 and MP4 will not be able to use in combat the upgraded creatures they might currently have. The creatures will appear in the fight but will not be of any good.
Ann. 1753 - [2011-03-04 14:15:58 - Stage 10]
Creatures require MP level to advance!
Creatures will require from now on a minimum MindPower level do upgrade depending on their level. Some will be upgrade-able at MP3 but most levels will require a higher MP.

Important: MP6 requirement
Some rare last levels of powerful or rare creatures will require MP6 to be upgraded. Currently this is a problem because of fighting at MP6 and because this MP level is currently aimed for an other purpose. Future updates about this are pending, until then, these few creature levels that require MP6 can be considered non-reachable for now.

As usual, your opinions matter, but only if you speak about them, on the forum.
Ann. 1751 - [2011-03-02 21:58:33 - Stage 10]
MindPower 3 players will no longer drop XP from sacrificing creatures, not half, not full.
Ann. 1750 - [2011-03-02 21:38:15 - Stage 10]
Creature XP lowering on sacrifice works now also for creatures that are not upgraded (level 1). This might change eventually. Feel free to discuss this on the forum and share your opinions about it.
Ann. 1749 - [2011-03-02 21:13:30 - Stage 10]
Altar lowering XP change
Creatures sacrified at an altar will lower character XP with their full xp total from now on (not just half of it like until now). Combined with the new transfer change that will allow you to trade creatures while keeping their full xp, less valuable creatures can be now used as trade mules for xp. Trading creatures just to lower xp of an other account is allowed. Farming creatures with this purpose is also allowed untill announced otherwise or restricted by the interface (if ever).

For new players: Lowering XP is needed for when your character reaches its XP cap.
Ann. 1748 - [2011-03-02 21:07:51 - Stage 10]
Creatures no longer losing XP on transfer
Creatures will now keep gained XP intact on transfer.
Ann. 1677 - [2010-11-24 14:15:09 - Stage 10]
Attack times reduced
: - Against alliance from 25 to 12 min
- Against NPC from 4 to 2 min
- Against non ally players from 8 to 4 min

(these new settings are valid immediately for an undefined period but might get adjusted without notification)
Ann. 1645 - [2010-10-28 20:27:08 - Stage 10]
Creatures that have the word "MAGIC" in their CTC will transfer without any age or stats penalty and without downgrading level. After a transfer the CTC resets so the next time they will behave like with any normal transfer. Such CTCs will be given for rewards, special events, auctions but also on various other reasons or opportunities.
Ann. 1625 - [2010-09-28 01:36:41 - Stage 10]
Land score will be from now on tracked on a daily basis. Each day you log-in you gain one active day and also one point for the land you belong to. When you will switch lands the old score will remain tracked and the new points will increment for the new land you belong to, in that way your overall loyalty history towards one or the other land will be remembered. This land score can be seen on your profile page for now, but will become public info. The land score will be counted from zero for old players, regardless of their previous known history. For new players the sum of land points should be equal to their active days. This score will matter for voting power, elections, role and other things where your loyalty history towards a land should matter.
Ann. 1590 - [2010-08-10 22:57:21 - Stage 10]
Byporducts will appear only if you have none. That means for example if you gather lumber with a saw, you will get sawdust, but you wont get any the second time if you already have it. If you transfer it away you will get it again next time you use the saw. Byproducts are like optional products, you could actively cumulate them if you want so by constantly sending them to someoen else, or you could ignore them and they wont increase in count. Importance and usage of byproducts will be according to this.
Ann. 1589 - [2010-08-10 22:57:18 - Stage 10]
Resources will respawn from now on every day at 7:00 server time
Ann. 1547 - [2010-07-01 20:01:08 - Stage 10]
Creature Species
This is a major concept addition that will affect fights and creature collecting. Creatures have now a "species" they belong to. The ritual creation restrictions will be made based on the species of the creature. In this way, more creatures that are similar kind but are different actual creature, will be considered as the same type in the ritual creation rules. The grouping is not based on type of attack or land. The purpose of this grouping is to encourage more mixed rituals and avoid having rituals of the same creature that boost themselves way to much. The maximum number of creatures of a species you can group together in a ritual will also count from now on when considering how powerfull a creature is, becaues it might be powerfull alone, but weak or to few in a group.

The most significant changes are:
- all 3 types of Drachs and the Windy are now same species, max 3 in a ritual
- Snowman, all variations are same species, max 2 in rit
- Aramor, shades (rare) , max 4
- All archers in MD are now a single species, max 4 in ritual
- Nutcracker is mechano species, max 2
- Angiens and tainted angiens are grouped together, max 3

By limiting max number of creature that could boost eachother in a ritual, the boost will also be much lower and will make more sense. Most other creatures are max 3 for that species in a ritual. The new ritual creating rules will be visible with the new fighting interface that is to be released very soon. Other tweaks and changes to these values to better balance the fights might happen unannounced if they are not major.
As usual, feel free to discuss this on the forum.
Ann. 1541 - [2010-06-27 11:00:41 - Stage 10]
It is now possible to abandon your protector.
To do so you must have at least 2 months with them or have gifted 80k heat.
It will take 30% of your loyalty to abandon the protector.
Ann. 1532 - [2010-06-22 17:03:28 - Stage 10]
New fighting rules
From now on you can use at most 3 creatures of the same type within a ritual. Existing rituals that do not fit this rule will be removed, sorry about that. Some creatures will have different limits, like the aramors and the shades, these can form 6pack rituals. Fell free to discuss issues, opinions and possible problems with this new fighting rule.
Ann. 1531 - [2010-06-22 02:55:58 - Stage 10]
Tokens in MD Shop can no longer be purchased if you own less than 8 creatures. The reason for this change is to keep the token distribution random and prevent targeting of tokens on just one creature.
Ann. 1257 - [2010-01-10 00:12:55 - Alpha 9]
Inventory items can no longer be given to people that are not in the same location as you are.
Ann. 1197 - [2009-11-28 19:33:42 - Alpha 9]
Wishpoint repeating reward limit dropped from 50 to 25. A player that can reward a WP will be able to reward same player only once every 25 rewards given to other players.
Ann. 1183 - [2009-11-22 22:35:29 - Alpha 9]
When reseting your principles to equal the MP level, the highest principle values are kept and principles with lower values discarded. This also means that if you drop from MP6 to MP5 you will lose the one principle that has the lowest value, making it possible in a way to change your type of principles.
Ann. 1116 - [2009-10-25 18:24:25 - Alpha 9]
WP reward requirement for getting a Q doc at the document dispatcher was decreased to 3 wishpoints instead of 6.
Ann. 955 - [2009-08-02 19:02:44 - Alpha 9]
Default spell duration (level 1) increased from 4 to 8 minutes.
Ann. 935 - [2009-07-22 21:05:25 - Alpha 9]
Traded creatures now retain 60% of their age instead of 50%. Happy trading.
Ann. 908 - [2009-07-09 04:13:09 - Alpha 9]
MP6 requirements changed. 30 adepts instead of 40 and 100 active days instead of 70.
Ann. 861 - [2009-05-18 20:40:11 - Alpha 8]
Maximum fights that you can lose before the counter stops counting is 1050 difference between lost and won fights. Players that allready have more than that will have to win those fights to recover. The new skilldamage effect for lost fights means also that someone could be desintegrated if a lot gather to keep him losing fights under the 1000 limit. Positive balance is bad for your honor, negative balance is now risky.
Ann. 860 - [2009-05-18 20:26:01 - Alpha 8]
Skilldamage added if you lose more than 1000 fights compared to your won fights. Consider it a lost fights cap.
Ann. 709 - [2009-03-04 09:25:07 - Alpha 8]
Credit purchases for an other account are now possible. You ca send a credit gift to an other player from the credits purchase page. Make sure you type the exact playername of the target account, include lho stars or rpc dots if needed. Talk to the target player before and make sure they confirm they received the gift. Paypal transaction are instantly if payed from your balance or take several days if payed by echeck or alternate methods.
Ann. 694 - [2009-02-22 17:40:15 - Alpha 8]
Login/Logout delay of 20 minutes. You cant login on same account within 20minutes of last login.
Ann. 648 - [2009-01-23 05:10:38 - Alpha 8]
Several people have been marked with a vote tag for "Quester". This vote will count for the MD Festival in march. Any atempt to spam other players for a favorable vote or to advertise yourself to get a good vote, or any other way you will use to attract votes other than improving your personal pages and preparing a good quest will result in the removal of the vote tag and the vote result will be considered negative. Requesting others to vote you is forbidden! Any atempt to create fake accounts in order to vote yourself will result in permanent or temporary ban. The vote talks about your ability to do quests ..so i sugest you prepare one to prove what you can do without the rpc tools. Please do not vote unless you actualy tested the quest and read the persons documents first, this is not a popularity contest. Some old and popular players might not be that good at setting up a quest and story for others while some fresh new players might do it better, so vote for what the vote sais.
Ann. 626 - [2008-12-30 12:12:15 - Alpha 8]
Spells that can be cast without a heat cost: 'hearthepoor', 'banned', 'unbanned', 'key-enable_mp3'
Spells that can be cast during head contest: 'rpc_spellreward', 'key-enable_mp3', 'banned', 'unbanned', 'sendtogazeebo'
(Note: spells can be cast only by players that have them, most of the above spells are for administrative use.)
Ann. 613 - [2008-12-21 01:41:01 - Alpha 8]
Credit transfers between player accounts are not allowed for a while. Please do not request such a thing for the next period, your request will be ignored. Thank you for understanding.
Ann. 608 - [2008-12-20 03:56:10 - Alpha 8]
Gold avatar upgrade is no longer an option. To get a gold avy you will have to get one from the list when such an avatar gets available.
Ann. 587 - [2008-12-01 04:54:57 - Alpha 8]
New Role-playing/Quest tools
RPC players can now edit the content of several clickable items allover the md world. Items support multile content from more rpc's at the same time and also hidden content that can be activated only by using magic words provided by the RPC that made that quest. RPC's are requested to use this new feature to create interactive quests. More updates to this feature and a tutorial on how to use it will be made public soon, untill then you can start experimenting and use it as you can. This new feature represents a step further towards a set of features that i hope it will become sort of a huge "map/game editor" that will allow for unlimited expansion of the game.
Ann. 580 - [2008-11-29 08:28:24 - Alpha 8)
599 md shop resets dispatched to players that needed one. From now on shop resets will be dispatched only to those without one and with available credit and at an interval of several weeks or even month.
Ann. 571 - [2008-11-23 08:05:08 - Alpha 7]
Perpetual ballance now also requires honor over zero. In that way as soon as you drop belo zero you will exit perpetual ballance and will be able to adjust your win/loss ratio to controll your honor.
Ann. 570 - [2008-11-23 05:59:54 - Alpha 7]
Perpetual ballance for alliance members is now possible only after 1000 won fights.
Ann. 530 - [2008-10-05 16:09:12 - Alpha 7]
Please play your roles as usual and talk things along the chain of command in this order: LHO, RPC, Alliance/Guild leaders, Team leaders in charge of each department and the Game Manager. Do not count on tag changes, or interface changes in the next short period, but use your roles with permissions granted from the people in your "chain of command". Social ranks and roles will be given based on what happens in te game world but do not count on interface changes. For a while you will have to adapt to the changes and not the changes to adapt to you. The new admin interface will enable team leaders and some of the people more involved with this to do these changes of social level themselves later. The rights will be given based on the evolution of the game SOCIETY, starting with the most active, loyal and involved people. Thank you all for understanding.
Ann. 518 - [2008-09-27 21:58:58 - Alpha 7]
New voting feature will be used to allow votes for certain players such as LHO, Dojo teachers, and in other situations where a public vote is needed. If a player should be voted for something, you will see the question and the voting buttons on his detail panel when clicking the playername in chat. You can vote only once. Votes are reset from time to time and they count for important decisions such as who does a good live support job or other specific activities. More uses of this new voting system will be implemented in time.
Ann. 406 - [2008-06-08 00:34:48 - Alpha 6]
Several changes made to the way honor is calculated now. negative honor will be reduced 3 times while positive honor will be multiplied 2 times. Rules for victorious fights changed as follows: minimum casualties or regeneration for both players set to +/-15%, minimum difference between players set to 35% (more easy to get victorious fights). "Defeated" fight outcome rules also changed, now you need 85% difference between player casualties to have a counted lost fight (harder to get lost fights). These values will probably change as the new system is fine tuned, please check the help pages from time to time to make sure you are up to date with the latest changes (ballancing fights page and more info page near player list)
Ann. 379 - [2008-05-13 04:55:47 - Alpha 6]
Combat mode change.
There is a difference now between a WINNER and a VICTOR ...both win the fight (creatures get xp and won fights, all benefits etc) but just the VICTORIOUS gets a won fight increment for its fight ballance. This way lost fights will be more often because they will be counted every time and won fights will much harder to get and more valuable. Winning a fight remains unchanged, its just if the fight is counted or not as a won fight that changes. The rules for a VICTORIOUS fight are that the loser loses over 30% more vitality than you do and that both players lose more than 20%, like this, fake fights or loss farming will not generate unwated won fights anymore. Also some situations where the player is absolutly pulverised by the oponent (100% vs 0%) wont result in a victorius fight for the winner and if the fight results are too close the winner will also not have a victorius fight counted. WARNING: This is an important change that its still in testing and it might entirely change the way you got used to play so far.
Ann. 345 - [2008-04-15 02:33:12 - Alpha 5]
All players that are inactive but keep the game interface open will be automaticaly set to idle after 15minutes of inactivity. Active means that you entered a map location, opened a page, or talked on the chat. This will save some server CPU to be used for the players that are actualy playing and not just keeping the window open. Also its usefull to log you out in case you forgot interface open at work or some place else.

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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