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Documentation of the 2009 MD war

emerald arcanix

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Documentation of the war

Factions Involved:

defenders: Necrovion Sentinels(leader Jester) and Children of the Eclipse(leader Tarquinus)

attackers: Knight of the Bell(leader Liberty) and Guerilla Golemicarum (leader Yrthilian)

premises of the war: Jester became leaser of Necrovion Sentinels and following his aggressive politics and talks of war Liberty and Yrthilian in defence of Marind Bell and Golemus Golemicarum against a possible armed aggression from Necrovion and launched a preemptive strike to maintain peace.

Details can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5093-the-new-reign-of-the-sentinels

Procession of events:

-date the declaration of war was made in 20 September 2009 by Liberty, details to be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5142-war/
-date of the invasion 18 September 2009, 2 days prior to the declaration of war
Location: Well of Tears
factions involved: Knight of the Bell and Guerilla Golemicarum, the Well became the : Knight of the Bell and Guerilla Golemicarum forward base
-Prince Marvolo of the Khalazdad dynasty captured at the Well and thrown into Well
- Guerilla Golemicarum was taken over by Peace, alliance disbanded
-the defenders were waiting at the Deathmarrow, attackers at Caves of Torment, Fighting Grounds were the Gates of Despair, day of battle 24 September 2009:

details about the battle can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5156-cr-from-war

-defenders win, Knight of the Bell taken by Necrovion Sentinels as spoil of war

Conclusions of war:

-after negotiations between Lifeline and Jester, Knight of the Bell returned to Marind Bell
- Guerilla Golemicarum returned to its former members , details can be found here: [url="topic/5302-gg-alliance-returned"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5302-gg-alliance-returned[/url]
-Grido rebelled against Yrthilian vote was called for a new Golemus Golemicarum king, Yrthilian wins the vote, details can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/5216-diposing-yrthilian-as-king-of-golemus-golemicarum
- Guerilla Golemicarum becomes a triumvirate jointly lead by Grido, Burns and Metal Bunny

-[2009-09-26 18:14:36 - Alpha 9]
Clarification: Long ago, Khalazdad put his good half of his soul in a cube and gave that cube to Yrthilian (current king of GG) to hold. Recently, during the escalating war situation, Necrovion took over the GG alliance and pillaged Wodin (to be analyzed later). Hoping to get the attention of Necrovion and force them to give the ally back, yrthilian started to burn sides of Khals cube in the fires of the Stone of Twisted Souls. Very little attempts were made to stop this process, most present Necrovian players looking at it as to a show they had nothing to do with, Yrthilian continued to burn pieces from the cube. A conglomerate of shades, also known as the Summoned Army, assembled and started to attack all non-necrovion people close to the Stone. Not only that it was defeated repeatedly by Shadowseekers (GG fighter) army, even it had 80k attack and huge defence, but also it was attacked by Necrovion people it was trying to help. Being attacked by its own people and defeated by the enemy, the Summoned Army retreated and, again, no other atempts were made to stop Yrthilian from his actions. When all except one of the cube sides were burned in the fire, Khalazads good soul became bound to Yrthilian and his slave to control. Therefor, Khalazdad the White, is now under the control of Yrthilian and Khals zoul becomes unballanced. The reason i am writing this here is to remind you something you forgot, namely that you can change the course of actions, and that next time you should not complain when you don't try to do anyting about it in the first place.

-details about the burning of khalazdad soul can be found here :

Players involved in the battle at Gates of Despair:
Allies: Knights of the Bell.
Metal Bunny
Jtz Champion
Handy Pockets
Death Ring

Necrovion Sentinels:
Guybrush Threepwood
Jinta Shook

Children of the Eclipse:
Falen Angel

For conspiracy theory lovers:


ps: any additions and suggestions to improve the fidelity of the data concerning the events presented in this doc as well as any comments and questions should be adressed to a member of MB council and they will correct or add/remove data as needed ...please dont post directly here

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