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KoB short history

emerald arcanix

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as said in the title this is a short overview of this alliance main events and is a work in progres, it will be updated as
needed when relavent events take place concerning this alliance. please keep this post as clean as possible and direct any questions and info that can improve this post to Clock Master or Aelis

[b][2009-06-30 19:34:30 - Alpha 8][/b]
Knights of the Bell is the new millitary alliance of Marinds Bell Land. Leader of this alliance is Liberty. This is not a guild so leadership positions are the one with the most loyalty points. The Seekers of Enlightenment remain as the innermagic guild of MB with leadership and structure change pending.

-started the war with Necrovion, 20 September 2009 date of the declaration of war

-lost the battle for Necrovion , day of battle 24 September 2009

-alliance lost to Necrovion

-after negotiations between Lifeline and Jester, alliance returned to Marind Bell

-Lifeline becomes Knight Commander of KoB for a short time

-Lightsage becomes the new Knight Commander of the alliance

[b][2010-03-13 02:23:39 - Alpha 9][/b]
By request of MB King, Knights of the Bell increased to max 50 seats and The Seekers of Enlightenment dropped to 10. For further details about this change refer to their alliance or land pages (when/if they will get upaded with this info).

-Due to the exchange of the number of seats between SoE and KoB, the military alliance is restructured now having three sections, two military oriented, the Knights representing the military elite of the land, Squires aspirants to knighthood and the Pilgrims that have a much larger focus “A pilgrim will stand for sociability, charisma, friendliness, benevolence, creativity and uniqueness. They have a strong connection to the land and its citizens.”

-5 june 2011 Clock Master becomes the Knight Commander of KoB

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