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History of Marind Bell-chapter II

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the first part of the history can be found here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11810-history-of-marind-bell-chapter-i/

and now the continuation:

[b]Chapter II[/b]

[b]Ann. 1140 - [2009-11-05 22:03:04 - Alpha 9]
Results for King of Marind Bell elections[/b]
Elections for Marind Bell King are over. The supreme ruler of Marind Bell land is:

[b]King, Lifeline[/b], Probably the most powerful fighter in MD.

Vote stats:
number of votes, Final score

Lifeline: 52, 301
Dst: 18, 120
Shadowseeker: 13, 84
Pipstickz: 7, 49

Between 2009 and 2010, started [b]Page 490 [2009-07-31 07:26:30 - Seeds Of The East] [/b]and ended [b]Page 514 [2010-03-03 00:48:54 - Seeds Of The East - The Escape] [/b]took place the Seeds of the East adventure, adventure that has seen the participation of 3 Marind Bell affiliated characters: Liberty, Lifeline and Handy Pockets

After the elections a plan discussed between Lifeline and Chewett even before the elections was implemented, the forming of Manrind Bell Council. An organization what would help the king in overlooking the well being of the land. The first council was made by: Lifeline, Chewett, Lightsage, Princ Rhaegar , Emerald Arcanix and a bit later on Handy Pockets will join also.

[b]Ann. 1271 - [2010-01-22 22:59:54 - Alpha 9][/b]
Each King and Queen received a Royal Seal Ring that they can use every 3 hours to grant citizenship to someone…… Citizenship is important and i will take it into consideration for current and future features and competitions. You should familiarize yourself good with the principles and ways of a land and also with its current people, before hasting to become a citizen of one.

[b]Ann. 1304 - [2010-02-24 16:51:00 - Alpha 9][/b]
Marind Bell items were dispatched to random players online.
This date is marked as important to Marind Bell citizens because of the 2 items that became iconic to this land, the Ceremonial Sword of Marind Bell and the Sword of the Knight Commander. Because the swords were randomly dispatched they were not in the hands of Marind Bell affiliated players in the beginning. An effort to recover them was made by Lifeline, Emerald Arcanix and Chewett. The one who succeeded in this task was Chewett.
The two items have since been passed from player to player holding the title of Knight Commander of the Bell and King/Queen of Marind Bell but at the time of this document writing the Sword of the Knight Commander is again misplaced, haven’t been passed down to the current Knight Commander, Clock Master, by the former Knight Commander, Lightsage.

[b]Ann. 1349 - [2010-03-13 02:23:39 - Alpha 9][/b]
By request of MB King, Knights of the Bell increased to max 50 seats and The Seekers of Enlightenment dropped to 10. For further details about this change refer to their alliance or land pages (when/if they will get upaded with this info).

[b]Ann. 1367 - [2010-03-19 14:57:22 - Alpha 9][/b]
Kings Council
Kings of the 4 lands are negociating and deciding right now the new regeneration timers and alliance/guild stats for their lands. Results will be announced after implemented.

[b]Ann. 1374 - [2010-03-24 03:37:14 - Alpha 9][/b]
[b]Land settings changed after negociations[/b]
After the 4 kings discussed these settings, here are changes that occured regarding the 4 main land settings and also for players without a land affiliation:

Non-ally/non-citizen players: Max Action Points (AP) dropped from 100 to 90. Refresh interval slower from 10 to 12 min.
Necrovion citizens: Refresh interval slower from 10 to 12min, Max AP dropped from 150 to 110, Exploring points(EP) from 3 to 2, Max EP from 10 to 20.
MarindBell citizens: Refresh faster from 15 to 8 min, EP from 2 to 1, Max EP from 20 to 25
Loreroot citizens: Refresh faster from 25 to 15, 2EP, Max EP increased from 20 to 25
Golemus Golemicarum citizens: Refresh interval faster from 20 to 10 min, EP droped to 1, Max EP from 10 to 30

[b]Ann. 1445 - [2010-04-23 03:41:37 - Alpha 9]
Citizenship Approvals[/b]
Kings can now review and approve citizenship applications from their interface (side bar menu). They can also send a pm regarding the denial reasons or approval congratulations directly from the citizenship application review page. At this point citizenship management should be complete.
- R

With the introduction of the citizenship feature we also got land loyalty that will matter in a number of ways, including voting power and movement in a land, [b]Ann. 2039 - [2011-10-01 19:22:08 - Stage 11] :[/b]
[b]Land loyalty matters for AP[/b]

[b]Ann. 1659 - [2010-11-11 02:42:40 - Stage 10][/b]
[b]King and Citizen rules update[/b]
Rebel Citizens - official way to protest against land leadership
The kings/queens also got the ability to grant asylum and excommunicate([b]Ann. 1519 - [2010-06-08 11:56:01 - Stage 10][/b] )
Regarding rebels Marind Bell only had 2 citizens to rebel so far: Lightsage and Emerald Arcanix.

[b]Ann. 1672 - [2010-11-22 02:58:33 - Stage 10][/b]
the beginning of the GG Cave incident
Lifeline Kingship penalty
An official character, especially a king, commits a big crime if he sets such a negative example of ignorance towards announcements and rules. Cave was closed, officially, and announced, long ago. Lifeline took a deliberate decision to ignore his uncertainty about if he should enter the cave or not. An other condamnable act is that a King of a land cares to develop something in an other land, ignoring borders, and not trying to bring the activiy to his land.

Lifeline Player penalty
Chase spell was removed for Lifeline. To avoid placing unaware players in potentially punishable situation because missuse of what were supposed admin spells, chase spells were removed from inactive accounts that still had them, (Jonn, MRD).

What seemed like an official solution to this incident was posted on [b]24 November 2010[/b] in the forum by Yrthilian, King of Golemus at that time: [url="http://magicduel.inv...ind-bell-talks/"]http://magicduel.inv...ind-bell-talks/[/url]
This event has seen its conclusion on [b]Ann. 1685 - [2010-11-29 00:04:03 - Stage 10][/b]
[b]Four days have passed, Council has decided:[/b]

Lifeline: The chase spell will not be given back. It is an Administrative spell and Lifeline has shown how it can be abused. The council has decided to remove it from all
who do not have an administrative role. In exchange those who lose the chase spell will receive a Wishpoint as compensation. We do not consider the removal
of the spell as punishment. It is just a precaution messure.
All Lifelines GG Drachorns will be reset to eggs (Level 1,0 wins, 0xp, 0 age) as a punishment for desecrating the lair.Existing tokens and other customizations will not be touched.
1 Kingship point will be deducted from Lifeline because his ignorance and lack of interest towards the games rules.

SmartAlekRJ: All RJ's Drachorns will suffer the same punishment as Lifelines's.
RJ remains trapped in the Lair for 1 Month.

Seigheart: Will have 2 weeks in Jail for his disregard of the rules and willingness to break them.

Manda: GG Drach will be confiscated due to this being the second offence relating to this matter. Will have 2 weeks in Jail.

*MasterB*: Will have 2 weeks in Jail and removal of citizenship, with the possibility of being accepted back anytime if GG king decides so.

All the other players: Since most of the other players were brought to the cave unknowingly, and did not take part in planning and organising this, they will be spared this time.

However, Since MdM asked us to consider only lifeline's complaint only his punishment will be changed. This would have been the initial decision taken if indeed MdM had not stepped in.
More details can be found here: [url="http://magicduel.inv...ifeline__st__80"]http://magicduel.inv...ifeline__st__80[/url]

[b]Ann. 1694 - [2010-12-04 22:35:48 - Stage 10][/b]
Coins are now marked with the land they were created in, whatever land you belong to when you purchase the coin from the shop is the land that will be considered as the origin of its minting.

[b]Ann. 1717 - [2011-01-06 11:15:13 - Stage 10][/b]
Lifeline has stepped down from the Kingship.
He decided to let the Council of Marind Bell vote for his position as king telling that if only one member will be against his position as king he will step down. The final vote was not in his favor.

[b]Ann. 1766 - [2011-03-25 23:28:12 - Stage 10][/b]
New king/queen MB Elections have started

[b]Ann. 1782 - [2011-04-12 18:58:06 - Stage 10]
Results for Kingship of Marind Bell[/b]

Elections for Marind Bell Kingship are over. The supreme ruler of Marind Bell is:

Handy Pockets, Queen Handy Pockets from now that is.

Vote stats:

candidate number of votes, Final score

Handy Pockets: 48, 253
Lightsage: 45, 234

Congratulations to the new ruler of Marind Bell, serve her well.

Aelis became a member of Marind Bell Council fallowing Lightsage’s rebellion marking the second iteration of the council.

[b]Ann. 1799 - [2011-04-16 02:31:21 - Stage 10][/b]
[b]Marinds Bell - Coat of Arms assigned[/b]
The new symbol to mark from now on the Marinds Bell mainland is the symbol currently used for the The Seekers of Enlightenment alliance. Additional elements might be added to the symbol for its final form. The final form will be communicated to the land leader when done. The logo will appear in the interface or in places around the real, as needed, over time.
Note: The ally symbol contains colors and details not needed in the clean symbol, just the form will be almost identical. Artists are free to interpret, create flags or artworks based on that symbol but they are requested not to add things that might change its meaning.

[b]Ann. 1861 - [2011-05-31 04:47:45 - Stage 10][/b]
Angien Shrine is partially closed. Further changes regarding Angiens and methods to protect these beautiful creatures are pending to be discussed with MB Queen in later days.
Details can be found here: [url="http://magicduel.inv...angiens-shrine/"]http://magicduel.inv...angiens-shrine/[/url]

Fallowing the rebellion of Emerald Arcanix and steeping down of Aelis from the Marind Bell Council the need for a new and restructured council arrived. The new council will include a voting system for 3 council places, the leaders of The Seekers of Enlightenment and Knights of the Bell plus the land ruler having permanent seats in the council. The other 3 remaining seats was decided to the voted upon every 4 months. After the first elections the new council presented itself like this:
Members of the Marind Bell Council:

Queen: Handy Pockets
Leader of SoE: Chewett
Leader of KoB: Clock Master
Veteran Member: Rhaegar

Youngling Members: Maebius
: Windy
This marks the 3[sup]rd[/sup] iteration of the council, the initiation of the youngling seats being initiated by Chewett and Princ Rhaegar and the members were voted by Marind Bell citizens. The position of veteran member was also put to public vote but only one citizen presented an application so he won by default.

[b]Ann. 1886 - [2011-07-05 23:27:49 - Stage 10][/b]
Marind's Bell Gate requires now 80Ap (initial+whatever visc is) to enter. Exit cost is unchanged.

[b]Ann. 1897 - [2011-07-09 05:32:39 - Stage 10]
Water Dowsers Guild[/b]
The Water Dowsers will gather all sorts of water as a primary resource. Water can be found at lake shores, wells (those that are not dry ofc), ponds but also when it rains. There are many sorts of water. Some of them can't be gathered but will involve processing (distilled water/ purified water, etc) that will be done via other tools unavailable at the moment. The guild is based in Marind Bell and nadrolski was assigned as its initial leader.

[b]Ann. 1959 - [2011-08-04 08:36:49 - Stage 10][/b]
Sage's Keep in Marinds Bell land is no longer locked. All you require to enter are action points.

[b]Ann. 2074 - [2011-11-11 19:01:45 - Stage 11]
Queen Handy Pockets resigns [/b]
Handy Pockets resigns as a queen of Marinds Bell. Reasons and more details you can read on the forum. As a result, MB elections will start within a week time from now.

On [b]11 December 2011 [/b]was decided via discussion between Marind Bell citizens to add the subtitle “Sanctuary of the Seekers” to Sage's Keep Interior after this was proposed by Chewett

During the [b]January 2012[/b] the elections for a Regent of Marind Bell were implemented fallowing the resignation of the kings from all other main lands and no more kings/queens elections being held. The candidates that presented an application were: Princ Rhaegar, Soothing Sands, Chengmingz. Fallowing an election by Marind Bell citizens the elected regent is Princ Rhaegar.
The regent now represent the official highest representative of Marind Bell until the Kingships elections get restored.

[b]Ann. 2204 - [2012-02-17 04:53:54 - Stage 11][/b]
[b]Summon by tag - Marind Bell - Bringers of Light[/b]
The summon by tag item dedicated to Marind Bell will be granted for the "Bringers of Light", initially hold by [b]Maebius[/b]. The following characters will receive the named tag: [i]Nadrolski, Chenmingz, Paracelsus, Ratbert, Guillak, Atrumist, Rhaegar, Soothing Sands, Fang Archbane, Maebius[/i].

The present day finds the land of Marind Bell in a phase of transition and reforming that involve all aspects of the land but with a focus on the Council, Knights of the Bell and integration of citizens.

Edited by emerald arcanix
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