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WTB waterbeing/barrensoul - tokened


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[size=4]oke folks... me is lookin to buy followin

barren soul with 10k heat minimum
water being with 20k? heat minimum

lookin to buy up to 3 of each type

MUST HAVE REQUIREMENTs: followin tokens:
[kellethafire] [sunshine] [firedrop] [osirisbelt] [jewelshards] [purpurfog]

from left to right are tokens i value the most, with purpurfog bein least valued token but still...desired... ofc any additional token itself even if its one nut mentioned is still valued by me, but those mentioned are "MUST" (nu need to have all of them if creat has few of those or even just keletha fire i am still interested)

if ya have above mentioned type of creat/s with some combination of mentioned tokens, pm me and we will discuss :D[/size]

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