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Question on artwork


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I understand that this game was started on 2005 but I just entered last month so I am curious that as there are so many drawings in each locations, are they all drawn by the creator of this game, or when it started, he just finished a few locations and then for other new locations, other players joined and submitted their drawings?

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Almost the entire artwork concerning scenes, weapons and story scenes was done by Valy. That guy also drew the majority of creatures.
A few scenes were added to the collection Valy drew, but all in the same style that he created for MD.

The avatars were formerly made by a few artists who happened to play the game (mostly Glor, Morrel, and Blackthorn), and with the current system, everybody can upload avatars.

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In continuation from what Burns has said, the accessible area when the game opened was about a quarter of the size, and has been expanded upon since.

If you look at each of the lands, some have distinct style differences, there was more than just Valy who drew at the start (though he drew the most), some location images have been removed, others replaced.

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dont forget glor drew few locations (east wing and basement) in mda mansion during the "event of expandin the mansion"

anyways on mainpage there is [url="http://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=staff"]link[/url] where some old ppl are mentioned who contributed to md development (think that ppl mentioned there are up to 2009/10 anythin later aint mentioned), and ofc i have no idea who are 75% of them XD even though me is here since summer 08

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