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WTT or give away a TS


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I have a Tormented Soul that is taking up space. Age 72, ID 775353

But I'd rather not just post the CTC around and wait for it to disappear; I want to see if I can do something interesting with it, as a little experiment.

I want you to offer one reason why you should have it. A quest reward, a gift for a newbie, a bloody sacrifice, anything.
Of course, if you offer a material good, like silver, flowers, or wiiya, that is fine too.

I'll keep a notice of whose bid I consider "higher" edited into this post. Note: I will generally value nonmaterial things higher, for the purpose of this experiment. Bidding will close if there are no new bids for 24 hours.

Current best: Dragual

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I believe I should keep it as a Necrovian quest reward possibility. I think it is fitting that this rare creature be returned to the hands of my fellow Necrovians, but I believe it should be earned by them. I will later be holding quests related to my role as a Historian and I believe creatures such as this should add to my reward supply.

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