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Chalice Ritual / Dream [record]

Phantom Orchid

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[04/07/12 01:27] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid approaches the table and places a candle in each of the four directions[/i]
[04/07/12 01:28] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid lays out her wand, a bowl of water, a pinch of Timeless dust, and her Book of Dreams[/i]
[04/07/12 01:28] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid leans down and touches her pendant to each of the candles to ignite them[/i]
[04/07/12 01:28] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels in front of the altar, facing north, pulls out a small wand and gently places the tip into the bowl of water[/i]
[04/07/12 01:28] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I exorcise thee, water spirit, and call out all impurities contained within.
[04/07/12 01:29] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid sets down her wand, places a pinch of Timeless dust into the bowl, and then picks it up with both hands[/i]
[04/07/12 01:29] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I bless thee, and mayest you aid me, Timeless one.
[04/07/12 01:29] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid sets down the bowl[/i]
[04/07/12 01:29] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid stands and bows to each of the four directions, and makes a conjuring motion with her hands[/i]
[04/07/12 01:29] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid walks over and opens the chest, then looks up as radiant heat presses warmly upon her skin[/i]
[04/07/12 01:30] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Before the Lady of the Night, I bring the moon chalice, a symbol of hope in her dedication.
[04/07/12 01:30] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid holds it high above her head[/i]
[04/07/12 01:30] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]By air and its power, may it, and all those present, be purified. May their thoughts and intentions be unfettered.
[04/07/12 01:30] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid passes the chalice over the flame of the candles[/i]
[04/07/12 01:30] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]By fire and its power, may it, and all those present, be purified. May their passion and fury fly true.
[04/07/12 01:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels, dips her wand in the water and lets a few drops drip onto the chalice[/i]
[04/07/12 01:31] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]By water, dust, and their powers, may it...
[04/07/12 01:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid 's head suddenly drops onto the altar as she loses consciousness[/i]
[04/07/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi looks concerned[/i]
[04/07/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][i]Tal moves to poe to see if she is alright[/i]
[04/07/12 01:32] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid 's hair, caught by a sudden, furious wind, begins to flow chaotically over the altar, some of it becoming singed by the candles[/i]
[04/07/12 01:33] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid 's small book is thrust open by the wind, pages flipping, holographic scenes moving within each one[/i]
[04/07/12 01:33] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:33] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The wind relents somewhat, stopping upon a page wherein a shadowed figure of a man is depicted inside of a tent; the sound of carnival music is heard.
[04/07/12 01:33] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:34] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He felt a faint glimmer in his eyelids. He could not say whether it was the first light of dawn or the waves of resurgent sparks from his waking life. He did not know: was it light or was he awake?
[04/07/12 01:34] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He saw no light, but he felt it, and he felt his possession despoil him into a dark world. But one in which there was light.
[04/07/12 01:34] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He was dreaming.
[04/07/12 01:35] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He dreamed of lying next to her on Fenth's beach. He woke up and was resting by her side. He slept and lived by her side. He closed his eyes and tasted her presence.
[04/07/12 01:35] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]As they enjoyed the relentless sunlight, he smelled the scent that wrested the heat from her skin, and he could hear the sand mold to their heels.
[04/07/12 01:35] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]A stronger crunch caused him to open his eyes, briefly.
[04/07/12 01:35] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:36] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He looked at them and laughed. Up and down, back and forth they went, as they did when they first went to the sea. It was pure joy, as it was then.
[04/07/12 01:36] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Their joyful chants mingled with the roar of the surf. He clambered up a nearby cliff in order to better observe them from the height.
[04/07/12 01:37] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Beloved," the sound that emerged from the intersection of their sounds with the sounds of the water penetrated unequivocally, that one word, to him, "beloved."
[04/07/12 01:37] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He could not resist it. He rushed down to her in his arms and came to a halt.
[04/07/12 01:37] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It surprised him that he was not surprised to see them so aged. Her joy was greater than ever before. Everything about her was maturity, abundance, density.
[04/07/12 01:38] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The graying temples resembled foothills of the miraculous, dreadful depths of the sea, the silver streaks in her brown hair braided into the impenetrable darkness of seemingly endless movements of
[04/07/12 01:38] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Time
[04/07/12 01:38] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Sun, moon and stars were together not able to shine brighter than the light in her eyes - lush green islands in an ocean of homelessness.
[04/07/12 01:39] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Her brown body clung to the shadows, the sky, sea and land; movement and laughter grew out of this love-match of nature.
[04/07/12 01:39] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He coveted the old woman. She was born timeless and carried a stone dagger in her right hand.
[04/07/12 01:39] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]But the couple touched him gently by the hand, drew him toward themselves, pulled him - sinking down - enveloped him with arms and legs,
[04/07/12 01:40] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]crossed their feet on his back and told him without saying a word of the play of nature and the ever-returning, crashing waves of love.
[04/07/12 01:40] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The wind was blowing desert sand to his lips, sticking to his mouth as it kissed extended fingers to hands that caressed the trees bent to arms branched to the pelvis and legs, and wrapped around.
[04/07/12 01:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The sounds of water and wind voted to duel, culminating in moaning and praying. The reefs softened, opened into caves and granted admission.
[04/07/12 01:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]This hallowed ground heated up Mt. Kelle'tha to an indelible glow and celebrated.
[04/07/12 01:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The more he had craved the old woman, the younger his life became. The ever-young life was the old life.
[04/07/12 01:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]The old woman was the young woman. In his heart, he was given the world; in it beat the pulse of creation.
[04/07/12 01:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He became aware of nature. He touched each woman, each man. He understood the despair. He paid tribute to the joy. He survived the merger. He sank into it and let himself be led by it.
[04/07/12 01:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Once poured, then floated, once raced, they whirled away, and yet he felt her movements as they were always on the spot.
[04/07/12 01:43] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]They circled continuously in two ways. They turned, with one another, as the Sun and the Moon. All he saw was always the same and always different.
[04/07/12 01:43] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He was a fellow of Time and space, looking at the world through a kaleidoscope.
[04/07/12 01:43] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]His rapture, with her so completely interwoven within it, suddenly stopped.
[04/07/12 01:43] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"What is it? Why do we not continue on?"
[04/07/12 01:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"See there! What do you see?"
[04/07/12 01:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Now, our Gate. This Time, bathed in purple. Sunset or sunrise?"
[04/07/12 01:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]She kept a straight face.
[04/07/12 01:45] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"The call of the Night, beloved. The eternal Gate is not open yet clear, but thicker and darker. To be robbed of the people all the light would go out."
[04/07/12 01:45] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"But they miss the Night. Though each have experienced it, they too often forget. But the ones who remember tell stories to rekindle memories against forgetting."
[04/07/12 01:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Your dark light comes out of each body. You may also see, hear, touch, smell and taste it with your whole body.
[04/07/12 01:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It may become faded, but you can only die temporarily, for death is just a break for a few months or years, because one always may wake up again and again -
[04/07/12 01:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]dead without being dead, wandering about in search of redemption and atonement for guilt until grace is granted.
[04/07/12 01:47] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Is there no salvation for the faceless, he said, "and those who remain with the carnival?" He snuggled up close to her.
[04/07/12 01:47] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]She was silent for a seemingly long Time.
[04/07/12 01:47] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"But. If we want to take it ... "
[04/07/12 01:47] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"What?"
[04/07/12 01:47] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"As we embrace the night..."
[04/07/12 01:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"What do you mean?" He leaned closer to her again.
[04/07/12 01:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Everyone can. To exist in such a way that they forget themselves and each other. Then the folds of the purple sky will open, and in twilight they could hunt.
[04/07/12 01:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Then the "faceless" would regain the ability to face her. The sight of a warm embrace and the view from a warm embrace, they could encourage, though not overwhelmingly, to put thought into praxis,
[04/07/12 01:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]words into action."
[04/07/12 01:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"What action?"
[04/07/12 01:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Now, she hugged him tightly. "They would regain their faces only if they spoke their names once again. And with it face their mortality, identity and hope for the one final resurrection."
[04/07/12 01:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"Well, what shall it take?" He idealistically asked.
[04/07/12 01:50] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"The drive that we could: love. Because the sight of love, imagination, and willpower could salute and draw down the moon.
[04/07/12 01:50] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It could also come down to making a final decision about the unbearable question that one is invariably tempted to answer… with... denial.
[04/07/12 01:50] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]And this, as you can imagine, would mean death. But what the lover wants must be no less than the death of her lover. There remains, then, the question: when?"
[04/07/12 01:51] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He broke the silence and said nothing.
[04/07/12 01:51] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]She was as silent as he.
[04/07/12 01:51] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:51] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He pinpointed much shimmering between his eyelids. "Yes, when?" He could not help but admit that to him the morning light began to fade.
[04/07/12 01:52] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"You know it, sweetheart?" Now he saw the light.
[04/07/12 01:52] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"What do we know, love?" It is day, it has to be.
[04/07/12 01:52] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"We know more than we see."
[04/07/12 01:53] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He opened his eyes, made a mental note to hold the dream, and then rose a little less disgruntled than other mornings, strolled into a bathroom, looked into a mirror and ...
[04/07/12 01:53] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:53] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He felt a strange gleam between the eyelids. "What?" He tried to determine if this was the first light of dawn or the waves of resurgent sparks from his waking life.
[04/07/12 01:53] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"All I know is what I see."
[04/07/12 01:54] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]His eyes - that do not tell if he is the light or if it is him the light is forced upon - opened with difficulty.
[04/07/12 01:54] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He rubbed them, and as if teaching small children what they should not do he growled softly to himself - "and what about the mirror?" -
[04/07/12 01:54] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]winked one last time and squirmed a little, confused, but in a better mood than most other mornings.
[04/07/12 01:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]"They call me again, my love."
[04/07/12 01:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]He stumbled into the bathroom, lifted her eyes to be able to check off the inevitable daily torture of the first mirror image, and saw...
[04/07/12 01:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] The Moon.
[04/07/12 01:56] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]She stood before the mirror and stood in it. She looked at it and looked at him. He saw them. "Good night!" They were called together at the same welcome.
[04/07/12 01:56] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid [/i]
[04/07/12 01:57] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid regains consciousness as the wind flips the pages in the small book on the altar[/i]
[04/07/12 01:57] [b]:[/b][i]Tal looks at poe with a worried look[/i]
[04/07/12 01:57] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid reaches over and closes the book, forms a swift banishing symbol with her wand, and blows out the candles[/i]

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