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Summer Fest - The Treasure Chests


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Summer Fest?! Magic Treasure Chests?! Horray!

The signpost in the Marble Dale Park now has a bunch of strange enchanted keys hung from it. Grab one (only one!) and see if it works in one of the 16 magical treasure chests that have also been hidden across the realm, under the password of "[color=#b22222][b]Summer Treasure[/b][/color]". (they keys require no password)


[b]There is a trick though! [/b]
Each treasure chest has two locks.
You may only unlock one of the locks yourself, so teamwork is a must.
If you try the wrong key, it will vanish from your hand and reappear on the signpost.
Using the right key will keep it in your hand to try elsewhere. (some keys are used more than once)
Some treasure chests [u]also[/u] require a certain resource to be in your pocket, where it can feel the energetic essence of the material. (this chest needs water)
(those keys shown are NOT the right ones for that chest)

Each team has their own set of keys (unaffiliated peoples also are considered "team 4") and their own chests, so each group can open each chest on their own for points.

Opening a treasure chest awards that team one point.
There are 16 total chests scattered around.
Have fun, with the [b]SUMMER TREASURE[/b].

For those who want coordinates, a Little Bird told me the following locations where these treasure chests have been spotted:

[size=2]This quest brought to you by "Team Two". :)[/size]

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The treasure chests have started to flicker in and out of phase with the realm. Can't be long now before they vanish again.
(I'll be removing them in a day, so now's your last chance to open as many as you can!)

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The Keys have vanished from the signpost, but if any are still held in-hand, they can be used for a while longer, since the chests are still active.

(semi-)Final results?
Team one scored 3 points
Team two scored 0 points
Team three scored 13 points
Team four scored 7 points

I can break down individual character's number locks opened if necessary, but the overall winning team is fairly clear. :)

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