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Relation between ve, vp, ap, and ep

The MoM

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Okay mainly this will be my 'refelection' or sorts on this, but I will add ideas in the end, and I want anyone who agrees/disagrees/has something to say to discuss it as well. I know that it'll probably never be implemented, whether it's good or bad, but I've had it on my mind, and want to discuss...

Also, all suggestions I'm making are not because I feel it would make the game better, but rather, it'd make it more... logical and less 'game-like'...

[u]Definitions :[/u]
[*]vital energy : it is your essence, your power, your energy, your... health?
[*]value points : this, I can't get. If it is some type of currency, why does it regenerate with time? my closest guess is that it is a value that shows what you are worth...
[*]action points : the ability to do an action
[*]exploration points : the ability to see or understand something new and explore.

[u]Reflection :[/u]
[*]ve and ap... It just doesn't make sense sometimes, to have a person full or energy and power and health... unable to move. The only case I can think of that is like that in real life is a disabled person, but then, how does he suddenly gain the ability to move and then loses it in about 10 minutes? if he really wanted to go somewhere, he could have probably crawled there, using his 'power' and depleting his 'energy', so here comes suggestion 1 : if, when a person loses all AP, but still wants to/has to move, he can, but each AP he replaces will be replaced by about 2% of his max ve (maybe..)
[*]ap and ve... Something else makes no sense, if you have no energy at all, and are beat, your essence is depleted, how can you move? Idea : when a person is below a certain level of ve, each move he makes will cost double or triple AP (because he's tired and it's harder to move) and something about sanctuaries (just a random though) when a person reaches there, he becomes relieved... so if he has less ve than the safe level, he WON'T want to leave, but will be relieved. In game interpretation : lose all ap but gain some percentage of ve...
[*]an issue of balance... and mainly here it's between ve and vp. I don't think I'm the only one who often runs with full vp but no ve, and also, suppose your vp ran out. You won't care much, it'll regenerate, and you don't NEED it. Now, suppose your ap or your ve ran out. Much bigger problem, right? I don't really know what can be done to fix the balance issue, maybe something like trade all your vp for a small boost of ap or ve (non-permanent and resets at timer) or anything else...
[*]as I have not gone into the details of MD, I'm not sure how useful/useless ep becomes later on, but if it becomes void (almost only being used for creatures) I think it needs to be fixed also...

All comments are appreciated. Try not to mock, please.

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You can't link ap and ve that easily, because a strong fighter could essentially perma-movelock his victims, while move at top speed all the time himself. That'd break stuff seriously. If you're beaten, you can run, and if you run fast, you can outrun people who want to hurt you, that's why vitality and action are completely separated.

Value is some kind of money if you wish. You can find some on the road, or lose some if you're unlucky, you can win some in combat, and you gradually earn some just by being around. Think of it like that: Your mere presence adds something the realm, and the realm pays you for it. The only thing that matters is the size of your purse, that's what limits your buying and upgrading activities. You'll find that you can also be in debt to the realm, with lots of negative VP. Then you'll see how dearly you need your VP, when you have to delay all your upgrading for weeks because you need to get back into money first.

I must say that the idea of healing in sanctuaries has some appeal, though. Maybe 100% AP converted to 10% VE or something... You can't turn sanctuaries into quick heal stations, that's totally not the point of MD. We move slow and steady, and we don't bring our critters to the poke-center and have them all back to full health in 5 seconds :))
But it could work to let people heal themselves by coming online while they are in a sanctuary and spend their AP to heal up, it'd probably make the sanctuaries a little more lively... Back in the days, when i still needed health, i caught myself quite often staying offline all day long because i couldn't help my healing by being online anyways. If you could heal quicker by being there, you'd probably interact with the people who are hanging out, too...

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There's always the option of getting a badge for Land Citizenship too, which influences your AP, and VE, and such in various ways. Linking AP and VE would rather befuddle that functionality too, in potentially very unbalancing ways.
That's all I'm going to say about that topic though. :P

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@Maebius, hmm you have a point... but you can be offensive :) I don't mind it from you. I'll flag it under 'constructive critisim'

@Burns, we agree on the 'sanctuary' idea, but in that case, vitality isn't you life-power, but rather the power or life-force you can give up or you're ready to part with for your creatures? and then when it's done, your creatures can't be used, and you're defenseless...? If so then I suppose I agree.
I also have something to add on vp, I'll edit this post.

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