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Monthly Maebius Madness #4 - again?!


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(Sorry for the 24 hour delay, been out of state travelling unexpectedly, and just returned last night)
[b]tl;dr ... [/b]Go to [b]Heresy Lane[/b] and say "[b]Vital Lights[/b]" again at the hut.

Once again, it's time for M3 Quest time!

This month is a bit of an evolving 'Sequel' to last month's, which can be found [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13104-maebius-madness-mini-monthly-3/"]here[/url].
The battle you helped the fading knight is still going on, and now you can help more directly.

Start at the Heresy Lane, inside the hut again, by using the familiar phrase "[b]Vital Lights[/b]".

Initially, you may not see the exact method to "win", but after a few days, more information will become visible.
Also, the types of fires are not nearly as 'random' as before, and there are no unfriendly spirits.
As for the choice of initial card? That's your story to decide, not mine. :P

Can you win the war?
Good luck!

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To clarify, or not....

The winning condition is a bit intentionally vague. As is the nature of the different Fiery Spirits.
Part of the challenge is to figure out what happens with the numbers shown as you win/lose and such.

Also, initially you may need to close/re-open the Park signpost to see the flames, which it should say at the bottom of the 'welcome' text in the Park after you attune to your creature. :)

Sorry to be a bit less specific this time around. There's a reason for it, you'll hopefully understand as you continue in the next few days and the interface shifts a bit for you.... (anyone who did my Tour of Sorts may already understand Patience required for some things to happen).

I also freely admit the "winning" is not 100% accurate to MD combat mechanics in proper PvP rituals. Think of them more as Rock-paper-scissors, using crit names instead of scissors or paper or rocks. It's close enough for symbolic reference. :D

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Perhaps a bit more than 24 hours before the shift in the battles is needed.
(I miscalculated the seconds and added a zero. They aren't that important are they? Just a zero?!? :wacko: )
I edited it for folks who have not started yet who should just need 86401 seconds or there-about... and the current quest peopl will catch up "soon". (they were all just set to zero-day again, so will see the change in under a day too)

For those at the "end" for now, where it asks to tell me something.... try the clickie again in a day.
But it will still keep prompting you to "tell me something" so that's important too! :D

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