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Positive and negative votes "value"

Valldore Nal

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While taking a look at the formula for calculating the success of a vote , it came to my attention that with the current one the negative votes carry more weight than the positive ones.

The current formula is the following


Total = Total landscore
Pos = Positive votes
Neg = Negative votes
Abs = Abstain
Null= those who didn't vote anything
p= percentage needed


P * (Total - Abs) <= Pos - Neg <=>
p * Total - p*Abs <= Pos - Neg (1)

But : Total = Pos + Neg + Abs + Null (2)

So from (1) and (2) <=>

p * Pos + p * Neg + p * Abs + p * Null - p * Abs <= Pos - Neg <=>
p * Pos + p * Neg + p * Null <= Pos - Neg <=>
0<= Pos - Neg - p * Pos - p * Neg - p * Null <=>
0<= (1 - p ) * Pos - (1 + p) * Neg - p * Null

As you can see, the weight of Negative voting is greater than the weight of Positive votes and for bigger p the difference increases (for a p=0,5 (50%) the value of negative votes is 3 times more than the value of the positive ones)

I was trying to think of another formula that could solve this in order each ones landscore would be valued as equally as possible.

So here is the best i could come up with :

p * (Total - Abs + Neg ) <= Pos <=>
p * Total - p * Abs + p * Neg <= Pos <=> (2)
p * Pos + p * Neg + p * Abs + p * Null - p * Abs + p * Neg <= Pos <=>
p * Pos + 2p * Neg + p * Null <= Pos <=>
0<= Pos - p * Pos - 2p * Neg - p * Null<=>
0<= (1 - p) * Pos - 2p * Neg - p * Null

For values of p near 0,33 (33%) the weight of each vote is close to equal resulting in each landscore carrying the same value no matter what the player chose to vote for (or almost the same, p can and should be adjusted according to other factors,ones that prob i'm not aware off )


I've made this post first to confirm that i haven't done something wrong in either math or logic and hear other people's opinion on the subject. So please , feel free to comment anything regarding it

P.S to Mods : I wasn't sure where to make the post, if you feel that there is a better place for it , feel free to move it to a more appropriate place.

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To me that's just the spirit of it, negative votes are supposed to play a massive role against the vote that's up. That is the point since Mur introduced the balloon votes, one vote against you mirrored in two lost points. If you have a reason to be in favor of something, you vote for it and create a point for the thing. If you have no reason to vote, that's actually a little point against the thing, and if you have a reason against it, it's a big point against the thing.

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