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Quest: Make new friends!


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This is basically a raffle for gifts, but with a twist. (I'd have preferred to put it up earlier so I could reward today, but times interfere I guess.)

Every person that wishes to enter has to talk to some people outside of their usual friend circles. I won't go and try to do my best to force you to do it, but that's the idea of doing it, so if I see someone just asking his friends for referrals, I reserve the right to disqualify you.

Every person who wishes to enter into the raffle has to bring me 3 referrals, one of each from a player with AD in the category of 1-300, 300-1000 and 1000+. Every person can only recommend someone else once. I ask that people who give their recommendations let me know privately in addition to the nominee listing them, namely using forum pm- or ingame if you can catch me there. I would also request that the people nominating do not do this because they were bribed with gifts, coins, etc, but because they actually got to know someone else more than before and thought he deserved a try for something awesome.

Prizes I will scale upon seeing how many enter, but I intend to be generous with at least one drachorn- this is why I ask that people who are capable of acquiring these or already possess one let others have a try, in the spirit of christmas. Minimum will be at least a santa though.

Edit: People can receive more than 3 nominations, but of course that will mean less chances for others to enter. So to prevent someone from getting 10 before anyone knows, I ask that once you have all 3 you need you post here (and only get those 3 first), and then you are allowed to get more, to a maximum of 10.

I will add a small bonus prize for whoever also takes the most enjoyable screenshot of some of the chats they had with the people. That is not limited to the sponsors, anyone you talked to in the process counts for this bonus.

Deadline I intend for this is the 31st of January, a little over a month.

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And with this, deadline is over. I ask that each of the 3 people taking part once more confirm the people who sponsor them and their AD categories (sorry, usually I'd do it myself, but am busy with life at the moment).

I am however happy to announce that with 3, the bare minimum for the drachorn is met.

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I'll roll in the following manner:

DD came first, so he gets 1, 2
Tom Pouce came 2nd, so he gets 3,4
Change gets 5,6

On the random dice I am going to roll, I intend to use a shared tool one, but they are all gone right now. I'll try to grab one next reset, if that fails too and nobody who has it is willing to let me roll it once, I will find one in my house or use an internet roller, or just use my 7 sided and only use the first dice or something, with 7 meaning I use the 2nd value instead.

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Okay, as Tarquinus and Lone Wolf happened to see, I rolled the dice and got a 2.


Congrats to Dark Demon.

I actually had a santa+nutcracker package ready for whoever would send some interesting screenshots of themselves talking to other people...but since nobody did it, this prize is unclaimed. Thanks for participating.

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