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[Results] MD X-mas fest 2012


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[size=5][size=6]Participants rewards:[/size][/size]

[size=5][b]HelpXmas!!! (darkraptor)[/b][/size]
[b]First place:[/b] Santa (high age)
Second place: Nutcracker
Third place: Bloodpact

[size=5][b]How MD creatures saved Christmas(*Nimrodel*)[/b][/size]
Ten rewards, to be assigned to the ten winners by Nim:
2 imperial aramors, 3 joker, 3 pimped grassans, 2 heatstones

Winners: Esmaralda, dst, Valldore Nal, Ignnus, AmberRune, tankfans,*Peace*, *Clockmaster*, Sunfire, Dark Demon

[size=5][b]Time to heat up xmas! (Falronn)[/b][/size]
Firsts & Second place: Bloodpact --- Ignnus & darkraptor

[size=5][b]Christmas Scavenger Hunt (Kyphis)[/b][/size]
[b]First place: [/b]Santa (low age) --- darkraptor
Second and Third place: 5sc @ --- *Nimrodel* & AmberRune

[size=5][b]First Challenge[/b][/size]
First place: Nutcracker --- *Nimrodel*
Second place:Santa (low age) --- AmberRune
Third place: Bloodpact --- Valdore Nal

[size=5][b]Second Challenge[/b][/size]
First place: Santa (high age) --- dst

[size=5]Third Challenge/[b]Eagle Eye Race[/b][/size]
[b]First place:[/b] Santa (high age) --- Ivorak
Second place: Nutcracker --- Valdore Nal
Third place: Bloodpact --- *Nimrodel*

[size=5][b]Fourth Challange[/b][/size]
First place: Santa (low age) --- *Nimrodel*

[size=5][b]Fifth Challange[/b][/size]
First place Santa (low age) --- Valdore Nal
Second and Third place: 1 GC @ --- Stavaroiu & Tal

[size=6]Creators rewards:[/size]

darkraptor - Rustgold
*Nimrodel* - Rustgold
Eagle Eye - 2 gold
Kyphis - 20 silver note
Falronn - Bloodpact

These are the rewards decided upon by BFH and myself which will come from the TK stock. Some quest creators have chosen to give rewards in addition to this sponsorship.

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