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Maebius Monthly Madness #6 - ?


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It's that time again, the Moon outside MD is dark, and I want to see it brighter and full.
....So, you get to go questing for me!

This one's a bit different, and more philosophical. Hope you enjoy it though.

Start at the [u][b]Marble Dale Park[/b][/u], no password needed.
[color=#800000]The clue is intentionally vague.[/color]

Winners at the end will need to send me something, which is described at the last step of the quest.
I'll have a few judges to help narrow down the finalists and pick what I feel best represents it.
(there is also the potential of a Lottery in the case of close ties, by my usual method of kid-name-drawing)

Prizes include a WP for the luckiest person, quite a few colourful crits, and a good selection of spellstones.
(sponsors welcome, but I may have enough things to share, unless there are LOTS of participants)

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Excellent submissions so far! Thank you.

(also: To answer a question I received, if you sent me something but suddenly feel inspired with a different Answer, before Jan 26th, feel free to send it to me! I'll gladly accept new ideas as long as the quest is running. )

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  • 3 weeks later...

Quest Closed.
I have had a lot of really cool submissions, and will tally them up as soon as the Flubonic Plague going on in my local area has passed and I can think coherently again. :wacko::blink:

I'll be posting the results for forum judgement (in case of a tie from the other two, and to let you see them all) ASAP.
Sorry for the delay.

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