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Maebius Madness #6 - voting on Wings



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(The edit was to split the post into two chunks, and format the poll better, no real content was changed)

This quest was very interesting to me, and I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for the delay in posting this "vote". I have two judges who were reveiwing the submissions, and I'd like the "third" judgement to come from the community here.
[b][u]Vote for your Favorite[/u][/b] and I'll use the final tally to weight against the others.
[size=2](as always, please don't alt-abuse, or vote for more than 1 somehow. There's a WP on the line, so I don't want to have to send the mods after anyone here. :P )[/size]

Senses Enabled, Expand Knowledge.
Solitude Everywhere Around, Reverberating Cries Heard.
Challenges here, Our Options show Enlightenment.
Another Shade Killed.
Another Choice Taken.
To Return, Yes
Knowing Now Our Way
Finally Loving Yourself

[b]Seek, Search, Choose, Ask, Act, Try, Know, FLY. [/b]

One more task for you, the most important.
Find Maebius, in PM or forums, or however, and answer the question:
[size=5][color=#DAA520][b]What are your Wings?[/b][/color][/size]

What makes you fly in this realm or outside it.
Write me a picture, draw me a song, or play me a poem.
What are your Wings?

[log='Entry #1'] boundless imagination

lift me up to the clouds
the wind whispers
the floor moves away
the city as a Christmas tree shines
with infinite lights going
like a sea of ??stars
I raise my face
no more fear
freedom awaits me
when imagination is unrestrained
its limit defines the size of my wings
everything becomes possible
even fly.


[log='Entry #2']
His new life comes with utmost pain and agony,

Still, he seeks for the reason of him being beastly,

For his true purposes are both Golden and Infernal,

He was presented with the options of life or denial.

* * * * *

“So the legend is true, he was reborn ~hic~ by the Demon of the East”

Speaks the drunkard in the Lorerootian mist

“Ah well mate I don’t care at all, he could have just stayed dead!”

Replies the Old Man with a neck hued in fleshy red.

“Where am I?” [name redacted] asked himself while looking

at the floating stone with the Shades surrounding.

Still adjusting to his newly found life, his mind and body is terribly unstable.

“Evelei, you put me in here” [name redacted], accusing the Shade.

The Shade didn’t respond. He kills it with his staff, and walks off to the Toiler.

[name redacted] thinks of what had just happened,

He realized he killed an inhabitant of the land,

He chose a Grasan and stabs it in the neck on the toiler,

The sacrifice for his crime of the forbidden murder.

“But what do you think ~hic~ the reason behind his decision?”

Speaks the drunkard with the Old Man that’s his minion

“No idea, to kill my Shade? I am an old man with blurry opinion!”

“Look there he is! He’s returned to bring forth ~hic~ his dominion!”

[name redacted] slits the throat of the drunkard and the Old Man,

realizing it is indeed them who killed him and broke his Angienic wings.

Now that he had avenged himself, he has a very clear path to take;

the dominion of the dark lands and the enslavement of mankind.

All will bow to him, and all will praise him, and he will be in paradise of the damned,

flying like a wingless bird, and all of his disciples spreading his dark agenda,

spreading his words to the worthy and taking lives of the unwilling.

He is in mid air of satisfaction.

* * * * *

His lifeless body, with flesh decomposing,

His will indeed choose life over the denying,

He gained consciousness under the black haze,

He had dreamt all along under the Stone’s blaze,

“Where am I?” [name redacted] asked himself while looking,

At the floating stone with the Shades surrounding.


[log='Entry #3']

http://www. youtube. com/ watch?v=uyd6OLyhPJo

[log='Entry #4'] What gives me my wings, you do ask?
Well I'll play you a poem if that's my task.
To start on the twenty-fourth, a bit late you might say.
That's because I've been procrastinating all week and all day.

Sometimes this is madness for I lose my life,
For a game I love so much, it brings me great strife.
But I'd not quit and lose my life here you see?
Though to remain, I have no chance to be me.

But different mes are what I can find,
In this box to which we are confined.
Some might find the relation quite hazy,
Others would be quick to call me crazy.

But there's a shade and an angien within us all,
And this realm lets us hear their call.
So this realm is what makes me fly,
Because without it, I'd surely die. [/log]

[log='Entry #5']
My wings:
Virtue in realm transcends , used everywhere. [/log]

[log='Entry #6']
"What are your Wings?"
[b]Fast Skycal![/b]
[size=2](maebius notes: the app @ [url="http://www.2ndsegment.com/skycal/"]http://www.2ndsegment.com/skycal/[/url] :P )[/size][/log]

[log='Entry #7']
A really nice picture:

(second half below)

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[log='Entry #8']
"What are your Wings?"
link to picture: [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5805"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=5805[/url]

[log='Entry #9']

My wings - are ignorance.
Only if I allow myself to forget everything I know, only then I can feel as wind fills the wings If I become naive, then nothing is impossible for me. And I can fly easily, without doubts.
Because with knowledge comes doubts, and they starts to crowd in mind, prohibiting to move freely and fly. So sometimes, ignorance is virtue. At least for me.

Three times folded
Wings of crystal gray.
Leaves that are under snow -
All of them are sleeping.

[log='Entry #10']
[color=#008000](Maebius Note: the file linked at StoreNow below is a zipped MP3 of the recording sent to me.)[/color]

My wings are my ears. Not that they are that big (:-p), but since I was a child, music and sounds really made me fly. With eyes closed and all other senses expanded, gates to otherworldly realms can be opened at the tiniest vibration.

Sound as the primal spark, the OM.

Imagination as the fuel, Transposition (as in synesthesia) the mechanics allowing me to "play a poem". For your quest I let madness flow as well and tried to "play" the poem outside Sage's Keep.
"Scrolls of every size and shapes - that may lead to the world's demise"

So here we are: first of all I recorded sound samples. I took papers, scrolls and books and recorded page flipping, paper ripping, paper crumbling etc.

I assembled "page flipping" sounds in the space, I added a chirpy and airy synth sound as a flying carpet, because Marind Bell is (also) a realm of Imagination, because of Wind's Sanctuary, because of Wings of wind etc. I wanted this sound to be Brian Eno-esque, ambient music, something vast yet minimal, in order to display a realm full of possibilities. An open space.
The pages turn always at the same pace to create an hypnotic effect, or... isn't it just you falling asleep?

Wake up! After around 2' something happens. The sound of page flipping is replaced by a harsher one, scrolls are now ripped, crumbled.. Together with the scrolls, the very structure of sound is ripped. Time is stretched until it reveals its essential components, its "nerves".

It's the world's demise. Papers seem to be whispering while ripped.. The music changes too: the initial synth sound changes into a minor key and then degrades away (the effect I used actually reduces the sample rate of the original sound, hence it acts in a Entropic way... 3'45" - 4'15").

In the meanwhile, an old church organ emerges to play what once was Chopin's "Funeral march". Even this has been Time-stretched and reverberated as to assume cosmic proportions (it is, in fact, unrecognizable: from a cosmic perspective, or a detached plane of existence, even the world's demise can be accepted :-p).

From 4'30", the church organ is dubbed by a detuned sound, which used to play the same piece as the organ but without being synchronized. Both the detuning and the a-synchronization represent to me clues of Entropy.
Music and tuning are all about Syntropy, but musical instruments - being subject to Entropy - tend to go out of tune.

The cool thing is that I learned to play a brief excerpt of Chopin's funeral march specifically for your quest. The execution (on keyboard) was not perfect because I'm really not a key-nius; but that was functional to the feeling I wanted to express.

Recording crappy music and trying to make it sound good through electronics is the 21st century alchemy! :-D



[log='Entry #11']

I have written a number of poems, each describing a different aspect. They may not be as classy as your own, but then again, I'm no poet :P
So yeah, it took quite some time.


This first one shows how wings are a little related to creature fighting:

Come to me, my little angiens,
My prodigies, my cherubins.
I seek thy wisdom! Thy knowledge! Thy power!
Rise, my angiens! Let the whole world be known!
Protect me, my angiens! As I have raised thee!
Endowed thy purposes with words and made them known!
Share my feelings, my angiens!
Avenge me at betrayal!
For thee, and thee alone, make my wings.
Wings that allow me to be free,
and experience the greatest ecstasy!

This next one is on how my wings are a symbol of freedom:

I rise into the skies,
enjoying the light breeze against my face.
They take me anywhere,
Feeling free, I scream.
But not with fear, but delight!
The delight of being free!
Oh, the sweet bliss that liberty brings along,
The sheer unending joy I've waited for so long!
I soar over the seas, gazing at the horizon.
Flutter over the forest, to see what nature has gifted me with.
Rise over the mountains, and see the world, with wings!
Knowing now my way!
Finally loving myself!

Last one, which shows wings as a symbol of guidance:

Prithee, my wings!
Show me the light, the world behind the trees!
Show my the light, which wisdom's eye sees!
Prithee, my wings!
Show me the path I seek,
not one so bleak!
Guide me towards the right way,
and lead me not astray!
Prithee, my wings!

Hope you liked them! =D

There is a deeper, inner meaning inside each of them, if you close your eyes for a moment and Seek, Search,

Choose, Ask, Act, Try, Know and Fly.

Thank you for teaching me that, Maeb :)) [/log]

[log='Entry #12']

What are my wings? I guess I never got an easier question! I am using them every day. As soon as I wake up in the morning I stretch them, stroke them, dust them, so that they shine again…and fly. Every moment they support me, give me strength when I am weak, hold me when I stumble and carry me away when I get into trouble.
I look more gracious having them; I would be the most miserable creature losing them. But that will never happen because they are a part of me.

Maybe, reading all that, you are moving on your chair impatiently waiting that I actually say WHAT they are. I am not going to torture you any longer:)

Those wings started growing the first day I saw HIM at the Maple Road. It seemed HE didn’t even notice small and unsure girl, standing in front of big and mighty Guards of Loreroot. Or did he? HE suddenly started speaking and I felt something like a wind carrying me softly away…I looked around, not fully understanding what was happening. The next moment I realized that there was an utter silence…he looked at me, waiting for the answer to some incredibly difficult, tricky question to the unknown and complicated fighting system, the question which I haven’t even heard. I smiled…and HE smiled in return.
From that day I realized that something is changing, something is growing in me, making me see the world from another perspective.

One day I woke up and realized I have wings.

So WHAT are they? My Friend, I almost sure that you know the answer if you already had the precious privilege to love and be loved in return.

[log='Entry #13']
I will understand it as "what makes you tick".

Thirst for cognition, to understand the world we are in and the very existance, escaping the feeling of mass pointlessness.
Moments of pleasure and joy, even tho I always feel an urge for them, pass, and the feeling of their pointlessness comes.
How do we feel comfortable about ourselves, how do we feel human, without understanding our 'mission'?
If there is no realm for our 'souls' after our deaths, is it our task just to help the future generations by sharing our experiences, just for the whole race to stumble some million years later, rather than now?
How do we escape the thought of us being someone's programs in a virtual world, that will die out and vanish, like our computer ones do?

Seeking I see as an only legitimate way to counter this madness given to us by the very existance. Can one really call himself a human without a thirst for seeking an answer?
Wouldn't he just be a simple animal, ignorant in their beauty?
Even though the final answer may be horrifying, wouldn't that still liberate us?

"Earning your wings", you once mentioned to me in fun. Earning by understanding? :)

There was a thought in ancient philosophy, about virtues being tightly related with understanding. One would, and only then could, become brave if he would understand the essence of being brave.
Conclusion is that there is only one true virtue - understanding.

Although I get a feeling of becoming trapped. My greatest stimulation for being alive makes me 'die'. As much understanding you get, you tend towards the status of the observer, who passively observes and does not interfere.
It is a known comparison of action being life and passive state being death.
How do I preserve my wings that are slowly wearing out?

[log='Entry #14']
I'd have to say that my friends are my wings. They lift me to places I've never experienced, new heights of

joy and wonder, and they also glide down with me when I am lost and disconsolate. Without my wings, I'd be

alone in a large and wide world, unable to move on and find my next roost. Without my friends, I'd be dejected

and gloomy all the time; with my friends, I can soar on wings like eagles' to peaks and places of wonder. My

wings lift me up and set me down gently. My wings get me where I want to be. My wings push me on to new

heights and new goals. My wings let me fly.


[log='Entry #15']

What gives you wings?
what makes you fly?
what brings
that sparkle in your eyes?

It is not an item
no, to me it are my friends
aye, I’d follow them
to whatever ends

They’re always there for you
they support you when you’re sad
they’re people to hold on to
they worry when you’re feeling bad

I don’t know what I’d do
without them by my side
there’s so much I’d lose
and every day I’d die a little bit inside

[log='Entry #16 - INELIGIBLE as it's an old poem I wrote that semi-inspired this quest]
In times of quiet desperation, I turn to seek the storm.
For in that tempest-tossed fury,
in the twisting of the world around me,
I am lifted up.
I lose control.
And then,
I am truly free...[/log]

(The edit was to split the post into two chunks, and format the poll better, no real content was changed)

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Forgive the delay in replying to this, but it seems the results of a public poll quite well reflect my own thoughts and the other secret judges. :)
Though it was a much closer call in my mind.

Congratulations to #7 (PLIX PLOX) for those winning wings!

I'll be organizing prizes for every submission this week.

(just back to MD today, after another sudden work trip, then vacation... so catching up a bit today. :P)

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