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MDA tour.


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I'm going to start giving tours to MDA for beginning players to get their papers. If you are a new player (Or you don't have your papers), and you want to go to MDA you only need to leave a message in this topic or PM me. After you left a message, I contact you to discuss on which time we are both online (the starting place is the GoE). If you're not a new player you could support this, by bringing this under the attention of newer players.

Acces to the underground or the 60 AD achievement.

an 8 shaped odd rock,
And your papers ofcourse.

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I bet not many people agree with me, but I think new players should wait a bit before getting their papers. With the gates as they are it would take them about 100 days more or less to just walk through. If they have some food, maybe half that time. That might be longer than necessary, but i'm not sure. Having to wait might seem annoying.. but i don't think so.

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I'll make sure they get some pickles before walking though the gate, but yes I understand your problem. I want to do it to give them the experience, and to get their papers to develop their characters. To let them feel more that they are part of MD, instead of just a player that plays a game.
What do you think of setting minium of AD you need to have?

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