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WTS Spell Stones


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Selling spell stones. Below is the list of the ones I currently have for sale, more of each can be made to order.

Accoustic Remains x 3
Attacklock x 9
Earfocus x 3
Hear The Poor x 2
Help The Poor x 2
Invisibility x 2
Locate x 3
Movelock x 2
Other Army x 2
Send To Gazebo x 3
Send To Lighthouse x 2
Silvertongue x 1
Teleport Papercabin x 2
Toadspeak x 1
Weaken x 1

Please either post here or message me with your offer for the stones. Bulk discounts available, but please offer reasonably, not all the stones are worth the same, after all.

Bids should consist of primarily either Coins, Items, or a combination thereof.
I will generally only accept creatures if they are non-recruitable, tokens and age will not affect my valuation, lower IDs potentially will. Any creatures with IDs below 200k are acceptable as an offer.

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