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WTT scouter and pimp

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Lore Scouter(Sammy ) 

Age 688 (day 144)

Stored Heat 2 KK

tokens :[claw1],enlightning,[osirisbelt],[claw3],[darksky],[stardust],[antifreeze],[sunshine],[firedrop],[jewelshards],[blackdiamonds],[blooddrop2],[blooddrop1],[claw2],[emeraldglare],[blooddrop3],[kellethafire] (total 17)



Age 561 

Stored Heat 1,5 KK

Tokens:stardust,[darkshield],[onyxfangs],[claw3],[sunshine],[claw1],[emeraldglare],[blooddrop2],[blooddrop1],[osirisbelt],[jewelshards],[purpurfog],[firedrop],[antifreeze],[blackdiamonds],[claw2] (total 16)


I m looking to trade them for  archers with the same tokens number 

if they have more tokens ,, ill throw few coins and vice versa 

if there are no offers that i like ,, i ll sell em for coins 


A nutcracker and B/w joker added .both around 600 old

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