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So what been happining


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Not much difference.

You probably noticed the voting for citizens system already, it's in Tempest Fort for us. Grido and Al (mostly) are working on some kind of government, i got the drachorn master role, otherwise we're just hanging around and waiting for new people... Like all the others :))

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oh congrats on the role well deserved and no one better suted to it.

so can i gets a drac :P


yeah i seen the vote system been asked in the past to login and vote for peope :D


Al ?

wait there is still no goverment?

hmm well i am around again and will be working on my role so if i am needed just shout :D

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Welcome back, Yrthilian, it is good to see another one returning to his roots.



Golemus...weren't some locations sealed to the public?  Or was that in yrth's time?


There are still some locations restricted from all of us, but a few exceptional people of Golemus, such as Burns, Grido, Yrthilian, Akasha, Shadowseeker, Alyon and possibly others. If we are talking about the locations that get you to the laboratory and inside the Cannon.

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