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I'm looking to trade a lot of stuff. I hope to keep this system up for as long as I'm active in MD. :) How it works, is you post what you want from the inventory listed below, and what you are willing to give for it. I won't trade if I think that I'll be getting the worse deal. I'm also biased towards owning a bunch of cheap items vs. a few expensive items. The stuff that I get from trading will go back into this 'shop' to be available for someone else to buy. Think of this as a miniature market. I might use some of my inventory to sponsor quests,but I'll mainly be focusing on adding more stock to this 'shop'. I'll occasionally use some of my inventory for other purposes, but my overall goal is to keep my inventory growing. 


I really like owning lots of stuff, yet I don't like stuff collecting dust in an inventory. I've left the few items that I own that are role based or have sentimental value out of here. I definitely don't mind if someone else does something like this as well. I'd encourage it, actually. Hopefully this will help to encourage trade in MD while satisfying my need for owning lots of stuff.


Shop Inventory:

Recently added items/creatures are in italics


- Aromatic herbs (264)

- BMMO Bronze Gift (1)
- BMMO Silver Gift (3)
- Branches (519)
- Bushies (3)
- Cup of Cold Tea (31)
- Flowers (114)
- Gold coin (3)
- Silver coin (72)
- Heat stone (20)
- Locate stone (12)
- Memory stone (10)
- Movelock stone (1)
- Otherarmy stone (2)
- Piece of Cake (3)
- Prot Attack stone (2)
- Prot Bringin stone (1)
- Prot Defence stone (1)
- Prot Freeze stone (1)
- Prot Heal stone (1)
- Prot Movelock stone (1)
- Prot Nomulti stone (1)
- Rainwater (50)
- Sawdust (3)
- Sticky Goop (2)
- Tea leaves (385)
- Teleport Papercabin stone (1)
- Timeless dust (3)
- Toxic plants (77)
- Unidentified plants (78)
- Water (42)
- Weaken stone (1)
- Barren Soul (ID: 807727. Age: 173)
- Barren Soul (ID: 807729. Age: 173)
- Barren Soul (ID: 807730. Age: 173)
- Barren Soul (ID: 807733. Age: 173)
- Grasan (ID: 807734. Age: 173)
- Remains (ID: 808897. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808898. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808899. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808900. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808901. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808902. Age: 151)
- Remains (ID: 808903. Age: 151)
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Completed trades:
- 19 Coloured Paper sold for 1 Teleport Papercabin stone.
Accepted offers:
Declined offers:
11 mineral water, 5 lumber and 6 flowers for 10 memory stones and 3 pieces of cake
Note: The number in brackets beside an accepted transaction shows how many days left the person who made the offer has to complete the trade. If someone offered to give me 30 silver for 2 gold, if I accepted, they'd have 3 days to complete the trade. During those three days, I wouldn't be able to give/trade my gold to/with anyone else. If someone offered to give me 60 silver for 2 gold then, I'd have to decline. After the three days are up, however, I'd be under no obligation to trade with the person. I could then choose to decline the trade, complete the trade anyways, or trade my two gold to someone else.
I reserve the right to break this rule if I suspect that someone is abusing it to inconvenience me or people who want to trade with me. Also, three days is just the default. I might increase it for someone who has earned my trust and doesn't play magicduel much, and I might decrease for someone who I suspect of trying to abuse the system.
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11 mineral water, 5 lumber and 6 flowers for 10 memory stones and 3 pieces of cake works?


Sorry, I'll have to decline. I've added lists for accepted offers and declined offers in my second post. This way, people can easily see if an offer has been accepted without me having to make a post saying that it has or hasn't been.

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