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WTS Creatures


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- Heretic Archer

Age: 515

Tokens: Emerald Glare


- Pimped Grasan

Age: 618

Tokens: Stardust, Fire Drop, Purpur Fog, Sunshine, Gold Belt


- Revolted Skill Vampire

Age: 1014

Tokens: Blood Drop II, Claw III, Stardust, Dark Shield, Jewel Shards


- GG

Age: 969

Tokens: Claw II, Blood Drop I, Stardust, Blood Drop II, Jewel Shards, Fire Drop, Claw I, Black Tear


- Angien


Tokens: Emeral Glare, Purpur Fog, Onyx Fangs, Black Diamonds, Claw I, Dark Shield


- Pope

Age: 756

Tokens: Blood Drop I, Gold Belt, Claw III, Jewel Shards, Emeral Glare, Black Diamonds


- Pope

Age: 1015

Tokens: Emerald Glare, Stardust, Blood Drop III, Dark Shield, Dark Sky, Kelletha Fire, Purpur Fog, Black Diamonds


- Reindrach

Age: 805

Tokens: Blood Drop II, antifreeze, Fire Drop


- Reindrach

Age: 802

Tokens: Stardust, Jewel Shards, Gold Belt, Blood Drop II, Blood Drop I, Claw I, Dark Shield


- Rusty

Age: 470

Tokens: none


For these creatures instead if possible I would trade them for the same creature without tokens plus something for all tokens on them (I accept also other offers):


- Windy

Age: 834

Tokens: Emerald Glare, Blood Drop I, Purpur Fog, Onyx Fangs, Stardust, Dark Sky


- Windy

Age: 969

Tokens: Blood Drop II, Claw II, Emeral Glare, Gold Belt, Claw III, Dark Sky, Blood Drop I, antifreeze, Claw I, Osiris Belt, Onyx Fangs


- Santa

Age: 614

Tokens: antifreeze, Dark Shield, Purpur Fog, Enlightning, Kelletha Fire



I will sell creatures when I will get offers that will satisfy me...

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