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Support for Simply Zero


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Simply Zero dove from a high place into what he thought was empty space. He dissociated for a while, then came to consciousness surrounded by dark water. After floating there for a time, he realized he was on a raft with another person. The person claimed to be Simply Zero.

The water may be a metaphor. It seems to represent the barrier between worlds or outer space (or the Aether, which marks the boundary between the material and astral planes). It also may represent the barrier between the inner and outer worlds - that is, the inside of Simply Zero's unconscious mind.

In such a setting, one expects to encounter shadows of one's self. Shadows are aspects of the self that ordinarily don't have a voice. They make themselves felt through dreams, Freudian slips, inspirations and rash actions.

When confronting such a shadow, know that the more one resists it, the stronger it gets. The best course of action is always to embrace and integrate the shadow. Acknowledge its qualities, for good and bad, and see how they fit into the totality of the person.

My advice: agree with the being that it is Simply Zero but deny that you are not Simply Zero. Find out what it wants you to know. Then find out how it wants to behave, and see how its behavior might benefit you int the future.


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Well the topic is called 'support group for simplyzero'... Right now, as I see it, just by having these topics in the local legends area, we are making them into a local legend. Or indeed we have to make a real suggestion of making them a true local legend, if they weren't already.

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