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Maebius Monthly (mini) Madness #8 - Results


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From this thread:



A bit delayed due to some unforseen situations, and a lack of Sprogling + Camera time, here are the results of the random-names-from-my-Hat drawing for this latest quest!


(results obtained by listing the rewards, and pulling names from The Hat for each list item, until all names were drawn.


All entries have won a Silver Coin, in addition to the SpellStones listed below.  I will try to get these to folks via forum PM or in-game as soon as possible this week.   If your character is an alt that is not on the forum, let me know privately and I'll coordinate another method of getting these to you.  


[spoiler]Lania = 18 Mineral Water (rewarded)

TheRichMerchant  = Toadspeak stone

Gljivoje  = Guardianarmy stone

Petty Dodds  = Boostdefence stone

Rophs  = Weaken stone (rewarded)

Intrigue = Acousticremains stone

*Syrian*  = Guardianarmy stone (rewarded)

tomten  = Prot Defence stone

Acrisius  = Prot Movelock stone

*Sunfire*  = Prot Curse stone  (rewarded)

Soothing Sands  = Prot Heal stone

Yag Nhad  = Guardianarmy stone

Asthir  = Boostdefence stone

Bash Chelik  = Boostdefence stone (rewarded)

Xavax  = Boostdefence stone



edit:  silly me forgot to include the Dowser's contributions of Water to the cause...  I'll save those waters for next month.  :) oops!

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