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"All right then, if you'd quit your random whistling and help me out that would be better," he snaps. "Four more notes on each of these songs would do. I just need to get eight of them worked out, that would be enough for a recital...."

CEFGFEC. . . .
ADFED. . . .
DCCE. . . . 
DEFEF. . . .
DBCDG. . . .
BBCBB. . . .
CDEBC. . . .
EFEDC. . . .
BCDDGE. . . .
"At least 8 more to go," he mutters.

Input the tune you whistle, starting with one of the piano man's sequences and adding four notes. Use all caps and # for sharps (don't use flats): 


I've been trying to solve this quest for a few months now and I just can't seem to get a single one of them. I don't know anything about music, so I have no idea how to even go about solving this. Can someone either explain to me what all the notes are and what exactly a sharp is? Or even link me to somewhere that does explain this. I don't want to be given any of the answers. I just want to know how to go about solving this.

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EDIT: "#" << this is the symbol for a sharp.


I don't know the puzzle, but I can give you an explanation on what a sharp is. Basically a piano has 12 notes: A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G and G#.

Most people see: A, B, C, D, E, F and G as the basic notes. When you add a sharp for example to an A, then you get an A#. You move it up one space on the 12 notes. Note that a B# is the same as a C.

A flat is basically the opposite of a sharp instead of going up you go down on the 12 notes. B flat is the same as a A# and C flat is the same as a B.

I hope that I have explained it good enough, if you have any questions just ask them.

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Alright, thank you very much for the explanation Rikstar. Now maybe I won't just be throwing in random letters and hoping I get something right. You can find this puzzle in the lands of the East in the Piano room if you would like to see it for yourself.

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